Top 10 Gangster Rap Songs

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61 99 Problems - Jay-Z V 1 Comment
62 F*** You - Ganksta Nip
63 Deep Cover - Dr. Dre
64 Thugz Mansion - 2Pac
65 Cigarettes - Fort Minor
66 Survival of the Fittest - Mobb Deep

This is easily one of the rawest, most gangsta songs in Hip Hop. Mobb Deep run gangsta rap music.

Took the hood to another level

67 Streiht Up Menace - Mc Eiht

Soundtrack of Menace II Society. 1 of the best gangsta rap songs iv ever heard

This song is just awesome! Mc Eiht spittin some lines about ghetto life in Eihthype style!

V 1 Comment
68 Pac's Revenge - 2Pac
69 You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube
70 Kalameye Oboor - Reza Pishro V 2 Comments
71 How We Do (Remix) - Eazy-E & Tupac

Best gangster rap ever

Wish both of them was alive to hear this

72 Straight Gangstaism - Geto Boys

Greatest Gangster rap record ever.

73 Money and the Power - Kid Ink

This is an awesome song! I SO LOVE THIS SONG!
I got the MONEY AND THE POWER once you get a lil they just wanna take you down cause, I got the money and the power..

74 Khoda Nazdike - A2
75 La Raza - Kid Frost
76 Hellrazor - Tupac
77 Ante Up - M.O.P.

In my opinion this song is #1 by far. It will make you hyped out of your mind anytime any day when you listen to it, also the #1 workout song or if you really just wanna punch someone in the face

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78 My Life - The Game V 2 Comments
79 Lose Yourself - Eminem

This ain't even gangsta rap fools

This should be higher

Here is another great song which must be in top ten best gangster songs ever.

80 What Would You Do? - Tha Dogg Pound

These guys kill it in the first album, should be way up there

This should be in top 30...

Awesome song tupac an the dogg pound hell yea butt real muthaphukin gs is better

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