Top Ten Best George Henry Lewes Quotes & Written Works

George Henry Lewes was an English philosopher, biographer, novelist, & literary and dramatic critic.
The Top Ten
1 It is not by his faults, but by his excellences, that we measure a great man.
2 No deeply-rooted tendency was ever extirpated by adverse argument. Not having originally been founded on argument, it cannot be destroyed by logic.
3 Among the many strange servilities mistaken for pieties, one of the least lovely is that which hopes to flatter God by despising the world, and vilifying human nature.
4 The moral nature of man..more sacred in my eyes than his intellectual nature.I know they cannot be divorced..without intelligence is..tendency of our gaping,wondering dispositions to give pre-eminence to..faculties which most astonish us
5 Instead..of saying..Man is..creature of Circumstance..would be say..Man is..architect of Circumstance.It is Character which builds..existence..of Circumstance..From..same materials 1 man builds palaces,another hovels,1 warehouses,another villas
6 Strength of character seldom, if ever, astonishes; goodness, lovingness, and quiet self-sacrifice, are worth all the talents in the world.
7 No man ever made a discovery (he may have stumbled on one) without the exercise of as much imagination as, employed in another direction and in alliance with other faculties, would have gone to the creation of a poem.
8 Many a genius has been slow of growth. Oaks that flourish for a thousand years do not spring up into beauty like a reed.
9 To some men popularity is always suspicious. Enjoying none themselves, they are prone to suspect the validity of those attainments which command it.
10 The great desire of this age is for a Doctrine which may serve to condense our knowledge, guide our researches, and shape our lives, so that Conduct may really be the consequence of Belief.
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