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21 Saw lV
22 Saw VI
23 Dredd
24 Tenebre
25 The Beyond
26 Final Destination 3

Most goriest and delicious hot girls flaming m

27 Alien

Pretty gory but not very scary there may be a few scenes that are relay gory but most are just awesome acting deducted by ridley Scott

28 Saw
29 Quarantine
30 Piranha (2010)

1000x more gorier than every movie on this list. - idolangelx13

Yeah I think it is - samicus

31 A Serbian Film
32 Hobo With A Shotgun
33 Live Feed
34 Wrong Turn
35 Carrie
36 Rambo (2008)
37 Eden Lake

Had me squirming in my seat DX - daecla

38 House of 1000 Corpses

I don't know why this is on the list because 17-32 minutes of footage that was considered to be "too graphic" got taken out due to grossing out universal, pissing off mgm, and losing all the footage that was deemed "too graphic" (which I still highly doubt), so yeah, A LOT of the blood and gore didn't make it into the movie, I really hope Rob zombie releases the uncut/unrated/NC-17 version of this movie with ALL the extreme graphic footage restored. watch the devil's rejects instead, that one is more of an 70's/80's/90's style action movie but it DELIVERS on the blood and gore, and it's A LOT more extreme than house of 1,000 corpses

39 Kill Bill - Volume One

The scene were the bride kills 88 yakuza members had to be filmed partially in black and white to please the censors

40 Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
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