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21 The Portal Leads to Hell

Alex said it leads to the kind of places Bill and his pals like to hang out. (Does Bill like to hang out in hell)

Considering how the Author (Spoiler) destroys the portal, and refers to it as dangers. And the countless references of chanting, summoning circles, posessions, etc. I'm sure Alex Hirsch is willing to go as far as hell and demons spilling into our realm.

Yep this theory is right. Bills world pours into ours in the latest episode. And his friends,


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22 Gravity Falls was supposed to happen differently

If you think about it...

So, things would have never happened in Gravity Falls if it weren't for time travel. Soos would have never worked at the mystery shack. Wendy wouldn't be friends with Dipper. Toby Determined would have been successful. Soos would never love his birthday. Robbie might have turned out different. Mabel wouldn't know how to open the vending machine. Here's why.

When Dipper and Mabel go back in time to the past Gravity Falls, they leave behind things. Traces of them.

Toby doesn't become successful because the twins told him that his dreams went nowhere. Perhaps if that hadn't happened, Toby would have become a Broadway performer.

Soos wouldn't have worked at the Mystery Shack. He would have never returned the screwdriver. He also would never have met the genius (Mabel) who tag ht him how to open the vending machine. It gets confusing here. I'll go back to this later.

Wendy wouldn't have made good friends with Dipper. When does ...more

23 Gideon Works with the Government Agents

They both have the same USA flag tag on them and its strange that Gideon has all these powers and he's only a kid.

Stop watching bad Vailskibum videos
Plus he talks like he's foaming from the mouth

24 Dipper and Mabel Will Drift Apart

Dipper and Mabel will fight in a upcoming episode they will probably have a similar thing that happened with the Stan twins happen to them.

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25 Bill's Twin

There is a theory that Bill has a Twin brother, either a square, circle or upside down triangle!

It might be a girl called Jill Cipher.

It could be a girl named Jill Cipher!

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27 Mayor's Upcoming Death

There are several codes in the Gravity Falls book stating the mayor doesn't have much time to live. Another code being that Bud Gleeful wants to become mayor.
My theory is that Bud will eventually become the mayor of Gravity Falls, which is of course not good, at all.

I think that the mayor is the one that was supposed to die.

This one's true just watched a new episode

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28 McGucket Knows More Than Dipper and Mabel Think

Uh proved already

29 The Father Knows About the Journals

He might know because he knows about Stanley so he must know Stanford and the journals

How does Gideon know about the journals.
Also,the father of Gideon hypnotize the accident?

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30 Robbie Was Possessed

Robbie was a cute little kid until one point were he turns almost demonish. It was shown when Mabel delivers him pasta to his bedroom, he had photos of him in his hallway. Also, in the episode where Mabel and Dipper time travel back to find out why Soos hates birthdays, Robbie looks like a mini him, even though I'm the hallway pictures, he looked much different.
Maybe it was an animation error but he must have a big part in the plot to be on Bill's wheel.

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31 Stanley and Stanf are the same people

This doesn't even make any sense...

That is so wrong

32 Stanford will die at age 92.

Bill did once say to Ford "Don't have a heart attack, you aren't 92 yet," when they first met. As Bill knows pretty much everything, Ford will probably die at age 92 from a heart attack.

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33 Bill is Gompers

Whenever Bill posses someone their eyes get dilated. Gompers eyes are dilated. Also when Dipper first finds the journal Gompers tries to bite it. Bill wanted the journals gone.

It wont be after they sprinkled the magical spell he would not be able to get near the shack

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34 Gideon is his parents' dad.

There is a theory that Gideon is his mom and dad's dad. The evidence:Gideon's parents are afraid of him. Reason:Gideon got trapped in the portal and it made him younger after having kids. That's why he wants the journals to go into the portal, find the thing that made him young, and get old again.

No, wait- THIS is stupidity at its finest.

AND the fact he has white hair

35 Robbie's Secret Clone

This is a well thought theory because in Gideon Rises he is almost at 2 places at once

36 Dipper Will Die In Season 2




37 Stan Will Die In Season 2

It have to be Stanley that dies, remember when Stanford meets Bill, Bill says, "Don't have a heart attack you're not 92 yet."

38 Pacifica Was Adopted

Well I mean Dipper even pointed out that her blonde hair is "probably fake." She most likely had it dyed.

It kind of makes sense. I mean, she doesn't look anything like her so called "parents" and she has a different hair color then them.

39 The Blind Eye Helps

The blind eye is against bill cipher.Have you ever noticed on the page the blind eye there's a eye with a line crossing it.

40 Everyone But Mabel Will Perish

I agree with the previous comment, which states that only one of the Pines will survives. So it's either Stanley, Stanford, Mabel, or Dipper.

As I see, Stanley Pines was trapped and made into gold by Bill Cipher, so it isn't likely for him to survive and I don't think Bill Cipher will resurrect him back.

As for Stanford Pines, I think he is gonna die because
(1). In the "Take Back The Falls" flag, there's no symbol of Stan,
(2). All of his models have been "murdered", mostly by fire. Maybe he will die with the same cause,
(3). He mentioned about his death somewhere in Season 2, and
(4). He's just too old for this.

Do you know that Alex Hirsch said that there will be no Season 3? Well, it probably is because Dipper dies. Dipper will also protect her sister (Mabel) from any kinds of danger, and I think that one of the scenes of the last episode will be Dipper saving Mabel from her death, sacrificing his own life. That leaves us with Mabel surviving and ...more

In weirdmaggedon part 1, the end code states "GAME IS OVER, AND I WON. NOW IT'S TIME TO START THE FUN. I ALWAYS LOVE CORRUPTING LIVES. NOW LET'S SEE WHICH PINES SURVIVES" which is saying only one will survive. and so far, Mabel is the only one without a death foreshadow.

So you know the events of Weirdmaggedon, yet you can't even get Stan and Ford's names right?

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