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41 Everyone But Mabel Will Perish

I agree with the previous comment, which states that only one of the Pines will survives. So it's either Stanley, Stanford, Mabel, or Dipper.

As I see, Stanley Pines was trapped and made into gold by Bill Cipher, so it isn't likely for him to survive and I don't think Bill Cipher will resurrect him back.

As for Stanford Pines, I think he is gonna die because
(1). In the "Take Back The Falls" flag, there's no symbol of Stan,
(2). All of his models have been "murdered", mostly by fire. Maybe he will die with the same cause,
(3). He mentioned about his death somewhere in Season 2, and
(4). He's just too old for this.

Do you know that Alex Hirsch said that there will be no Season 3? Well, it probably is because Dipper dies. Dipper will also protect her sister (Mabel) from any kinds of danger, and I think that one of the scenes of the last episode will be Dipper saving Mabel from her death, sacrificing his own life. That leaves us with Mabel surviving and ...more

In weirdmaggedon part 1, the end code states "GAME IS OVER, AND I WON. NOW IT'S TIME TO START THE FUN. I ALWAYS LOVE CORRUPTING LIVES. NOW LET'S SEE WHICH PINES SURVIVES" which is saying only one will survive. and so far, Mabel is the only one without a death foreshadow.

So you know the events of Weirdmaggedon, yet you can't even get Stan and Ford's names right?

42 Bill has trapped Mabel and dipper in a world where he keeps winning in a loop

Cause bill can make world like when he had trapped Mabel

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