Top Ten Gravity Falls Unsolved Mysteries

The Top Ten

1 What is Dipper's real name?

This is the most that is interesting we don't even know the real name of the main character!

His real name is Gable! Search it on YouTube people

Yup this one is the biggest unsolved mystery - Music101

The main character most biggest mystery

2 What's the deal with Gompers the goat?

Again! Search it on YouTube, the goat was Bill

3 Who are Dipper and Mabel's parents?
4 Why is there a picture of Bill in the Northwest Mansion?
5 Why does the town Gravity Falls have so many monsters?
6 Where is the dimension that Ford has visited?
7 Who is Soos's father?

Another big mystery of a main character

8 What's Bill's last words?

This is not a mystery! Play his last words backwards.

9 How does Stan's memory return so easy while the other town people lose their memory because of the Society of the Blind Eye?
10 Will there be a season 3?
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