Top Ten Greatest Chocolate Bars

This top ten will show you my and maybe all of your's favorite chocolate bars and only chocolate!

The Top Ten

1 Kit Kat

Always has been my favorite. They're best when you leave them in the fridge for a few hours or more.

Kit Kats are amazing! One of my favorites! Definitely deserves the #1 spot.

From age 3 to age 16 now, Kit Kat's never left my home! Really tasty chocolate indeed.

If there's any Japanese Supermarkets near you or if you're in Japan, try buying some of the weird flavors because its really interesting. I personally love the green tea one.

2 Snickers

Snickers is the best! I used to think they were pretty average. But for some reason I recently came to absolutely love them! The saltiness is perfect. - TheHabsFan

The best chocolate bar in the world! I mean the mixture between the nuts and the caramel it's just amazing!

Simply the best. Brilliant combination of chocolate caramel and nuts!

Snickers are just mood pills! They are the best, when it comes to Caramel and nuts! - srishti15

3 Twix

so awesome

Both twix should be the best cany in the world

Is this for the Left Twix or the Right Twix? - Rpemk

Best chocolate bar ever

4 Hershey's

The Best with its Special Dark flavor... Their chocolates
Are of high quality cocoa. Check out its Chocolate World, could be the best trip for chocolate ever...

Hershey's rule! Hey, I am so calm about Hershey's chocolate, I am not even using capitals or extra exclamation marks. Wait a sec... what fun is it not to?! HERSHEY'S RULE! Also, if you see any comments with extra punctuation and capitals, THAT'S MINE! Read it! All mine are GUARANTEED to be funny!

I suppose this chocolate bar is better than most American chocolate, but Oreo is my fave American chocolate. Did you know Snickers was originally called Marathon (early 90s) and Starburst was originally called Opal Fruits.

I knew that Starburst was originally called Opal Fruits because mum told me that but I never knew that Snickers was ever called Marathon! Well, now I've learned something today. - kittygirl2

This is ok but too much chocolate is not always good but I still love the taste of the rich creamy milk chocolate!

5 Crunch

The crunchiness is bangin

UNDERRATED - Mesmerize

No duh, the best

The best crunchy chocolate ever so sweet.

6 Mars

mars bars are the ultimate chocolate bars
how could you say no to the most amazing bar ever! - bysonman

Mars is the basically a Milky Way bar taken to the next level. The textures are complex but pleasing, and one could devour a dozen in minutes.

They are good chocolate but the taste after you eat a lot I'm tired of the taste.

What I mean Mars was the very first chocolate bar and is the very best chocolate bar

7 Milky Way

Greatest of all time


I fall down in my chair it's so good

So mouth watering in every way...M... perfect for kiddy winks

8 Reese's

When I eat reese's I day dream about about myself swimming in some

Yeah my teacher asked the whole class what their favorite candy was, the results, are 75% of the class said Reese’s

Reese's eggs are on a different level then any chocolate out there

I love rees's. It's really good chocolate. Best chocolate ever

9 Hershey's Cookies and Cream

Creamy and Chunky, Smooth and tasty! I like eating it so much I could eat like 5 at once! (my weight)

Amazing. Beats their milk chocolate by far... the milk chocolate tastes waxy and is way to sweet.

Its oreo and chocolate, what can be better!

YES why is this not higher up on the list?

10 Cadbury Dairy Milk

This is so sexy

Best chocolate, so smooth and can't get enough

Tastes so good - ElSherlock


The Contenders

11 3 Musketeers

I love it so much!

I eat this and Milky Way - TheAwesomeDude54

For so long I thought mars were the best but as soon as I bought 3musketeers its been my favorite but you can't find them and I often have to resort to twix coffee crisp mars but 3musketeers is my no1

milky way- yum
3 musketeers-delish
choco m n ms-cool
- powerpufflover

12 Crunchie

Honeycomb is the bomb.


A rich honey comb centre contained by drizzled chocolate that has ripples


13 Aero

This should be #1!

The only kind of bar I've bought for at least 2 years. Aero bars are a mouthwatering, very high-quality cocoa carefully cultivated by their pro-human rights factories in Switzerland, the chocolate empire of the world.

I love Kit Kats, but this really should be #1. They're incredible. - truckturner

Are you serious like he said these taste AMAZING he's right it should be in the top 3!

14 100 Grand Bar

This should be first actually

This is very good because it has the greatest crunch and carmel together! Any one would love this great tasting bar!

Doesn't anyone eat these? This should be #1 easily. Crisped rice and caramel is a perfect combination!

So sweet and crispy gooey

15 Butterfinger

Best ever

These are ' amazing - KalloFox34

Needs first place - KalloFox34


16 Toblerone

Amazing my favorite

Boku no Pico

This should be at the top along with snickers taking the place of twix. Some chocolates are underrated.

Its not crunchy is soft and kind of crunchy the best chocolate bar eveeer

17 Almond Joy

Nah,this tastes disgusting in my opinion.

Almond Joy is best!

Almond joy! - Orlemley

18 Lindt

Soothing in me mouth

I think Lindt should be the winner

Why is Lindt not in the top 10

favorite - Yoshiandaglover

19 Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel

Best chocolate and rich caramel combo ever!

It's great and I'm loving it.

Taste and love it

Cadbury is yummy. Godiva is overrated and expensive - MLPFan

20 Mr. Goodbar

Hard to find sometimes because they are all gone so fast. The best.

I have a cat named Mr. Goodbar! - Solarx

21 Dove

This should not be so low, dove is so creamy and smooth you can eat the whole bar is seconds and not realize it, and still want more

Its soap. Who eats soap?

22 Coffee Crisp

Best taste and I love the layers! The other best ever bars are Crispy Crunch and Wunderbar! Canadian, eh...

I'm so surprised that its all the way down at 23 if I was rating them I would say thet it is #3! not #23!

Good chocolate but I get sick when I eat those chocolate bars!

Let vote more

23 Caramello

Love it!

This is number one because we all love tasting the nice rich carmel in this particular bar. It also has great rich chocolate along with your creamy carmel you got your self a great choclate bar!

Man Caramello's are the best I don't even like chocolate but I'll eat those all day. You should have trried id

I love these candie bars

24 Baby Ruth

The best

The choice of Sloth, Chunk and myself. Amazing bar!

25 Kit Kat Chunky

By far one of the best chocolate bars in the world


26 Heath


I don’t really like these but my neighbor likes them

YASS. Toffee+ chocolate is unbelievable. The low ranking is probably because many people haven't tried it. But you gotta.


27 Hershey's Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate in general is better than milk chocolate (except when combined with peanut butter) - KalloFox34

28 Mint Aero

They are very good and I can stop Eating them

It is so great with the mint and the bubbles

Aero and mint aero are the best! Too bad they are not sold in america.

Good and at Publixes - Rayman56

29 Payday

Criminally underrated which can only mean that fewer people have ever tried one. Do yourself a favor and have a payday

There is nothing like this in England and it's my second favourite american chocolate bar after a whatchamacallit

30 Twirl

Is the perfect chocolate bar!

I just love that mixed up chocolate inside!

It so nice x

Who could not like twirl it is so chocolaty all the chocolate twils in your mouth M... Delish :D

31 Flake

It literally melts in your mouth!
You can have it with hot chocolate, ice cream and so much more. The only thing s the fake ones are DISGUSTING! I wonder why it isn't in the top ten at least :( but everyone has different taste :D

32 Boost

When eating this bar you can tell it has been perfectly engineered and Taylored in order for it to be satisfying in every way possible. The core is a delicate, light, solid chocolate that is airy and delightful, wrapped around this are alternating layers of crisp wafer and chewy caramel, dotted with various small balls of crunchy, rice goodness and all this is wrapped in the wonderful flavour and joy that is cadburys dairy milk.

Nothing can compare to this most wonderful of chocolate bars and should be number one.

Every moment of this thing is satisfying. I agree that this should be #1.

Amazing bar tastes delicious

33 Time Out

Whats a time line?

34 Oh Henry!

The name sounds a bit weird, not gonna lie


Good! '!

35 Violet Crumble

I remember my friend came home from the royal show and he let me have a bite... heaven.

36 Galaxy

This is bar far the best bar the world has ever seen

Melt melt mel;t in me mouth

I was honestly expecting this to be at number 1

Can't believe this is so low on the list. I'm from England, so I understand that some of the chocolates are different in America, but seriously I can't believe no ones put this higher on the list. I love every flavour of galaxy, caramel, bubble, cookie crumble, hazelnut and honeycomb, it's amazing tops my list any day

37 Krackel
38 Maltesers

These are great if you like eating chocolate balls lol just find a dude if you wanna eat balls


These are so yummy! The chocolate is so smooth & creamy it just melts in your mouth and then you get the delicious crunchy center! This definitely be in the top 10 because there is nothing like them.😋

39 Caramac
40 Mounds
41 Bournville

I love dark chocolate and I also love Cadbury's, this is heaven!

42 Milka

Best thuing in the snow cold cold hard

The best chocolate in the world.


Milka is the best

43 Cadbury Caramilk
44 Kit Kat White Chocolate

These are good ones - AbduZine

This should be in the top five up up up

45 Turkish Delight Chocolate Bar

Turkish Delights are my favourite chocolate bar - ChelseaPurnell

46 Bubble Chocolate Bar

! Bubble chocolate is a good name for it! It has bubbly yum ness in every bite!

47 Wispa

Laugh out loud these are the best

Some one put laugh out loud just put lol

Uh this is disgusting

I love these

48 Cadbury Fruit & Nut
49 Godiva
50 Toffee Crisp

Although the CEO of Nestlé said "drinking water should not be a human right." These are delicious

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