Top Ten Greatest Chocolate Bars

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21 Wispa

Some one put laugh out loud just put lol

Laugh out loud these are the best

This is the best you are dumb

Uh this is disgusting

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22 Mint Aero

Aero and mint aero are the best! Too bad they are not sold in america.

Good and at Publixes - Rayman56

18? SERIOUSLY BE NUMBER1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1!

23 Reese's

I love rees's. It's really good chocolate. Best chocolate ever

I love this. Yay

This is number 1 in my book - Sabbath

Yes! Literally I was saying out loud Reese's better be on here and boom! 😝

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24 Lindt

Lindt is the definition of perfection


Salt+Caramel - kate_evdokimova

25 Caramello

This is number one because we all love tasting the nice rich carmel in this particular bar. It also has great rich chocolate along with your creamy carmel you got your self a great choclate bar!

Man Caramello's are the best I don't even like chocolate but I'll eat those all day. You should have trried id

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26 Galaxy

Can't believe this is so low on the list. I'm from England, so I understand that some of the chocolates are different in America, but seriously I can't believe no ones put this higher on the list. I love every flavour of galaxy, caramel, bubble, cookie crumble, hazelnut and honeycomb, it's amazing tops my list any day

It's so tasty all of them it's so good in my class we are making an advert on it so tasty galaxy for all

27 Dove

This should not be so low, dove is so creamy and smooth you can eat the whole bar is seconds and not realize it, and still want more

28 Heath

YASS. Toffee+ chocolate is unbelievable. The low ranking is probably because many people haven't tried it. But you gotta.


29 Almond Joy

Almond Joy is best!

Almond joy! - Orlemley

30 KitKat Chunky

By far one of the best chocolate bars in the world

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31 Maltesers V 1 Comment
32 Caramac
33 Krackel
34 Peppermint Patty

Was worried this wouldn't be on the list with being more of a patty than a bar. Tastes amazing and has a pleasant texture.

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35 Bournville
36 York

Mini York peppermint patties are the creme de la creme (ahem). Bold, refreshing and intensely sweet in a way that doesn't overpower you like caramel or nougat. - hortenzia89

37 Boost

When eating this bar you can tell it has been perfectly engineered and Taylored in order for it to be satisfying in every way possible. The core is a delicate, light, solid chocolate that is airy and delightful, wrapped around this are alternating layers of crisp wafer and chewy caramel, dotted with various small balls of crunchy, rice goodness and all this is wrapped in the wonderful flavour and joy that is cadburys dairy milk.

Nothing can compare to this most wonderful of chocolate bars and should be number one.

Every moment of this thing is satisfying. I agree that this should be #1.

Whenyou eat it you taste the carmel and it is sooo taste isay it is the best

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38 Coffee Crisp

Good chocolate but I get sick when I eat those chocolate bars!

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39 Zero Bar
40 Double Decker

The best chocolate bar

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