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21 Moscow, Russia

Mumbai is over Moscow? 40% of Indians (not just in Mumbai) are extremely poor! Moscow is the most luxurious city in Russia! How can Mumbai be OVER Moscow?

Moscow used to be under construction everywhere, but now they built all of these big magnificent cities and cleaned everything up, much better than Rome and Paris for sure, but still different from London for sure, definitely deserves to be in the top 10

It's to cold but I do agree Moscow is good it's the Russian capital so there's a lot of rich people, and the Kremlin was cool

Moscow is definitely in top10, nowadays it has more supertalls(>300m - 7)than any other city. The city with it's 10 lines motorways lives 24hours and everything is in move. +huge cultural scene and restaurants are among the best in the world. As a strong geopolitical and financial center of Eastern Europe and Middle Asia it must be ranked 6 after NY, Longon, HK, Tokyo and Singapore.

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22 Honolulu, U.S.A.

Really New York is good that city is crowded and too many Yankees (i'm not racist just hate how they talk real loud good god) honolulu is paradise

Here is some reasons why Honolulu should be number 1:Weather, safety rank
And many other reasons. HONOLULU RULES!

23 Melbourne, Australia

Better than New York- it is greener, the people are kinder, better architectural style here, more parks, more modern Skyline, better places around, nicer landscape, beautiful beaches, amazing culture and awesome shops. Very safe too.

The best place in the world to live, some others may be better to visit but there's no other place I'd rather be

Most livable city in the world 6 times in a row and sporting capital of the world finally most happy people in the world should be number one

Awesome place

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24 New Delhi, India New Delhi, India New Delhi is the capital and seat of government of India. It is also a municipality and district in Delhi and serves as the seat of Government of Delhi.

Delhi is a great city... no words to describe!

I wonder how other cities even stand in the competition!

The Taj Mahal is in Agra you cretin.

The history of Delhi is 9500 year old search bhirrana Indus valley civilization.most demografic city. This was the capital of so many world empire's you can't count in fingers.

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25 Manchester, England

Great history, music and sport, should be higher

The Smiths, Oasis, Factory Records, The Haçienda, New Order, The Fall, The Happy Mondays, Bez.

Point proven.

26 Venice, Italy

Living here is the best thing I could ever wished.

27 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It is really the most beautiful city in the whole world. The mountains, the forest, the beach, lagoons and a big city all together. The real local people are very friendly. Do not forget there are people from everywhere too. This is a place to feel joy.

Awesome! Most beautiful city in the world! Very nice people

The best usage one could ever give to a window!

I'm from São Paulo, and I've always dreamed of visiting Rio. It's such a beautiful city, and it deserves way more than just 26th place. If you ever think of running away from you problems, just come to Brazil. People will make you feel comfortable, and you'll make a lot of friends. We may or may not speak your language, but I know for sure that you won't feel like an outsider on Rio de Janeiro or any other city in Brazil *especially the ones in the North-East*

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28 Beijing, China

Pollution however is intolerable. They have to buy clean air in bottles from Canada! Clean air is basic need.

Beijing is the BEST! The food here is AWESOME and theirs always something to do, but it can be very polluted

Fact breathing the air in Beijing is the equivalent of smoking ten cigarettes

Beijing or China is not perfect, but to be a local, I still love the city with no reasons.
There are so many haters hate China or the Chinese people.
Please come and check us out by yourself. We are ready to welcome you.

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29 Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Best forever

Home of the president it will always win

Washington Dc is great. It isn't too crowded like New York or La and has amazing monuments and luxury there

30 Athens, Greece

Birthplace of Civilization, fantastic vibe, ever so hospitable people, virtually no crime and without doubt the best city to party, love the music, the food and of course is there a building more impressive than the Parthenon still standing after 2,500 years. Oh and there are great beaches within 20 minutes, classical sites everywhere and some of the most chilled out and happy people I've ever seen

Athens is one of the most historical cities. Athens deserves a better place.

So beautiful, and many historical sites.

Athens! what beautiful people

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31 Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has spent quite a bit of time being the world's most liveable city. We have a beach, we're close to the mountains and near to a great ski resort, and a good film industry as well

Should be first. Vancouver is amazing. Amazing!

We have everything from beaches to ski resorts

I was here for 7 and a half months! So nice! My neighbors were nice, it's beautiful, and my apartment was well decorated! - MidnightGolica2017

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32 Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Dublin is also the only city in the world where 3 Nobel prize winners for literature we're born.

Should be no2after London

It's good and awesome better than all

U2 live here.

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33 Karachi, Pakistan

The most diverse and lively city on the Asia, despite of its problem its still one on the lively and cheapest cities in the world.

Karachi should be at top 2 best city. It is better than New York

City Of lights Amazing City in whole World


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34 Munich, Germany

Nice people
Beautiful surroundings
Good quality of life
Amazing buildings
Good infrastructure

The best city in Germany. Just spend a day in the English Garden in summer and soak up the beautiful atmosphere. Munich stands for Gemuetlichkeit!

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35 San Francisco, U.S.A.

I love San Francisco. It's very vibrant and exciting. The culture is very diverse which means you can always be yourself, no matter how weird, and crazy you are, you'll never be a misfit here. There's no wonder why San Francisco is as well know and regarded as cities ten times its size. Anywhere you go in the world, they know the city, our reputation precedes us. If New York is the pot of coffee and London is a cup of coffee, then San Francisco is a triple shot of espresso.

This city has everything whether great or ugly; together combined washes out. Overall a great city due to its cosmopolitan ascetic.

I was born here. It is the heart of the world go sanfran

SF is still a nice city except the Tenderloin.
Has cool landmarks even!

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36 Taipei, Taiwan

One of the most vibrant and high standard of living yet safe and everything is still within reasonable budgets.

37 Glasgow, Scotland

The most BEAUTIFUL city in the world

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38 Osaka, Japan
39 Milan, Italy

Rome sucks! Milan is super awesome!

40 Stockholm, Sweden

For those of you who haven't been there! There is no more beautiful place you can visit. Period!

A GREAT city I must say

A really nice city

Fell in love since the moment my plane landed, every one is so lovely and the city gorgeous

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