Top 10 Best Cities In Nepal

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1 Pokhara

Kathmandu is more well known, and historically more attractive, with the malla temples and whatnot. But it's lost its appeal. It's crowded, dirty, and you can't see the mountains that much anymore. Butwal, Chitwan, Dharan is way too hot, Terai cities like Birgunj are just worse. 30C is hot weather in pokhara and 35C+ never happens. It is right in front of Macchapuchharre (mt fishtail) and within 50 aerial miles of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu, which are 10th, 8th, and 7th tallest mountains in the WORLD. And yet it never drops below -2C. Absolutely everything about this city is so appealing

2 Kathmandu

The Kathmandu valley has many nicknames like " K-Town", "City Of Event", "Cherry On The Cake". It is the most developed and populated place in Nepal. The majority of offices and headquarters are located in the valley making it the economic hub of Nepal. It is popular with tourists for its unique, rich, culture and architecture; including the highest number of jatras in Nepal. The valley itself was referred to as "Nepal Proper" by British historians.

Kathmandu known as city of temples different devotees visit Kathmandu from India to South Korea.
City with enormous opportunities of travel agents and hotels.
One of the oldest and most important place of the world.
Gateway of India and China.
Kathmandu a place where tourist can enjoy it's dirty wonderful smell..

3 Butwal

Butwal is the 1st business center in Nepal. It is a business hub of Nepal.
It is safe from many natural disaster. It is worthy to invest in Butwal rather then investing on other places.

Well Butwal is number 1 place to live in Nepal. siddha baba temple,gitgadi killa,global peace park etc is also an attraction of Butwal which let the world know that the Butwal is also one of the finest city all across Nepal. Butwal also became one of bones of contention leading to the Gurkha War.

Butwal is number 1 city of Nepal to live in...

4 Bharatpur

In Nepal I think Bhartpur is best in all way to's also known as medical centre for all's a heart of Nepal...gifted with Narayani and rapti river...good transport facility...connection with major cities of Nepal by roadways,airways and very soon Nepal's first ship is going to start on Narayani agriculture sector I think chitwan Bharatpur is a supplier to all parts of in future definitely it will beats every other city of Nepal...Many tourist place for visit...Many holy place to visit...etc etc

5 Lalitpur

Patan is the third largest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara. This city is known for its tradition, heritage, architectural monument, Jatras and people they live in.

Lovely greenery environment, rich in culture, different kinds of culture heritage, friendly people, best place for trekking

6 Biratnagar

It is the industrial city of Nepal. It has the historical value from the age of Mahabharat, since the name came from the King Birat of that time. You can find the ashes of palace that was made in his time, located in nearby Budanagar, Biratnagar. But, no government officials are interested for its exploration.

The City wit the pride # the city wit the historic value # the city which alys been the symbol of positive change # Proud to be part of biratnagar.
The city which has the tolerace among all the religion cast ethics # Biratnagar forever

7 Birganj

It is a sub-metropolitan municipality with a population of 2,85, o11 (2011 AD).
It is the biggest city in Narayani zone and the headquarter of Parsa district.
More than 60% of the custom of the country is collected from here, making it one of the biggest and developed city of Nepal.

It is the major destination for education, health facility, trade and business, etc for the people living in the Terai Region.

City that's going to surpass all the cities of Nepal.
Currently 4th largest city of Nepal.

8 Dharan

Honestly Dharan should be right beside Kathmandu. DHARAN is cleaner than all the cities in Nepal.

Dharan also has the famous ghanta ghar were you can go on top and discover the beauty of bustling Dharan bazaar.

Dharan is also cooler than most of the cities in this list making it ideal to visit in summer as well.

Dharan is also known as a fashion city as it has a lot of stylish and fashionable people roaming around.

Dharan was the first city which was modernised Comparing other cities from fashion,music,housing,public parks,education, healthcare, transport etc.
As Dharan is a city mostly populated by Ex-Gurkhas. Gurkhas brought a huge change in the Nepalese society.
People from Dharan have a western mentality/ideology which still challenges the Man dominated society of Nepal.
When it comes to modern lifestyle and gender equality Dharan comes top in the list of cities of Nepal.

9 Bhim Datta

Many good places to see around and near by India too. Tourist attraction like suklaphanta wildlife reserve, Mahakali bridge which was constructed at the time of british rule in India., Dodhara suspension bridge, Jhilmila taal (lake) etc also for religious visitors there are some famous temples too. Shidda baba temple comes under Nepal Heritage site. Various ethnic group people live here and make the city more colorful and excitement. Shouldnot miss this place if someone visits Nepal.

10 Dhangadhi

Dhangadhi is one of the booming city of Nepal.. Most of the people here are engaged in agriculture. Now we can see many industry which are efficiently and effectively operating in dhangadhii.. The hotel devotii.. Rubos.. Are the some example of it

Dhangadhi is best and beautiful city of Nepal, Dhangadhi is one of the
Economic Hub of far western Nepal.

It will be on has all the need to become top city of Nepal...good education and business center for all Nepalise

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11 Hetauda

The cleanest and the greenest city of Nepal. The main junction of all trade routes and highways, economic power house and a perfect climate to live in.

The centre for industrial revolution, the cleanest one, and being the junction of whole Nepal, Hetauda is emerging to become the best city in Nepal.

Winter is the best place to visit far western city bhimdatta.. Cheap hotels.. Food and beverage. Casinos and clubs.

12 Birtamod

Slow development but got potential for being one of the best city in comming 10 year...

Birtamod is upcoming biggest city.

13 Itahari

Itahari is the hub station of eastern Nepal connecting major cities like Biratnagar, Dharan, Damak and many more. Itahari is a clean city providing every day to day services like education, drinking water, health service, shopping mall, department stores, multiplexes, pubs, bars etc.

Itahari is the most beautiful and green city of Nepal. It is the major city of Eastern region after biratnagar. Itahari is a junction point and road link to major towns of Nepal like dharan biratnagar damak and inaruwa.

14 Janakpur

Being capital city of Mithila, carrying unique identity of Mithila culture, heritage, hundreds of ponds and in step towards modern development; Known globally for Janaki temple and birth place of Sita.

A religious city which invites about half million pilgrims just in few days

15 Damak

It is beautiful place to live in..a place where locals get happiness of living in hometown.
Even if it is not such developed as Kathmandu and Pokhara, it gives happiness and enough services to locals to be happy.

Damak grows fast and doing best trade in eastern region because of Bhutanese refugee,. Credit goes to them "salute"

Damak is the biggest trade center of Nepal... It is the clean city..also it has highest literacy rate

16 Tulsipur
17 Nepalgunj

It is the biggest city of the Mid-Far west part of the country.Strongly developing..

18 Syangja

Syangja well developed district of Nepal. Very clean and green.

Clean nature weather and peaceful people are live in syangja...

Naturally ornated city with long river side low plain and hub of evergreen and fruits. If u travel along with siddhartha highway in fall and winter season, you will get the feeling of joy not only happiness.

19 Siddharthanagar (formerly Bhairahawa)

One of the major economic and trade centres of the country. The only international airport outside the capital is under construction in this rapidly growing city. The city has a lot of future prospects. Big companies and entrepreneurs are eyeing here to make huge investments. Experts have assumed that if the development here goes in the expected manner without any interruptions, the city might well even overtake Kathmandu in the upcoming one decade!

I was stationed there as member of USA Action Peace Corps, 1974-75. Mission was to feed people in manner acceptable to religious restrictions: raised Common and Chinese Carps in ponds dug or in fallow rice fields. Developed many successful projects in local area. Enjoyed friendly villagers and spectacular scenery. Area appears ripe for expansions in culture, society and business.

20 Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur - Old and silent roaring with culture and remains of our ancestor masterpiece creation.

Bhaktapur should come at first...

21 Tikapur

Number 1 planned city in Nepal... All of the house doors are cnnected with huge size road.. It will be a top city in Far west region in near future

City with broaden roads and most open spaces.

Better than others. Well planned city

22 Daman
23 Tamghas

Most beautiful city ever for me...Just visit once then you'll know it deserves to be in top list of beautiful cities of nepal

Beautiful resunga hill and you can see city of tamghas and up to india on clear day from view tower.

24 Damauli

Fastest growing city in Nepal (estimate population 2013: 55,000). Well-planned and very clean. Major problem: Lack of enough drinking water.

Damauli is one of the best and planned cities in Nepal. It was a dream city created by visionary Late Meghanath Kaini and Tarapati Bhattarai in the late 2020s BS when the headquarters of Tanahun was moved from Bandipur to Damauli. It is well connected to major cities such as Pokhara (45km, 1hr+ drive), Kathmandu (155km, 4hr + drive), and Narayanghat (70Km, 2 hrs + drive). Damauli is also known as the birthplace of Vyas. It is well-equipped with small private hospitals and colleges. It is also surrounded by hills, and the bridge over the Madi River is very unique. Additionally, two well-known and big rivers, Madi and Seti, provide a great sense of natural pleasure.

25 Ghorahi

Ghorahi still needs central focus and coverage.I think the municipality is working good.I was amazed to paved roads through out the city. Quite impressed by the roads.

I visited ghorahi once. I think it is the best city interms of climatic situation. Still it needs to progress though

Ghorahi is the best city to visite once in your life with all friendly people and natural beauties!

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