Top 10 Best Cities in Pakistan

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1 Lahore

I think this list has been made by people in Lahore, Lahore is nice city but there is no comparison to Karachi in Pakistan then Islamabad and Lahore. There is no fight between Karachi and Lahore or Islamabad, it is just the list has wrongly made or taking into account what. But no offense to Lahoris of course they love their city and Lahore is also pakistan, I'm from Multan but I have to be honest Multan comes after Islamabad but in this list Multan is before Islamabad and even Peshawar and Faisalabad are before Islamabad which is completely wrong.

2 Karachi

This city should've been on Number One. The educational hub of South Asia as well as the port city of Pakistan, our country is incomplete without Karachi. Karachi has everything which Lahore has like culture, elite lifestyle, high rise buildings but Lahore is deprived of some things which Karachi posses. Examples are Beaches, Port, and the bearable climate itself. I agree that 'Lahore Lahore Hai' but a person who hasn't seen Karachi hasn't seen Pakistan.

I recently visited Pakistan and its major cities from England, I found Karachi truly full of life maybe one of the most lively cities I have ever seen in the world,. With the security situation is so good now that If you have not seen Karachi you have not seen Pakistan. Karachi is truly the heart of Pakistan full of all cultures from Pakistan living in one city, there is no Pakistan without Karachi.

3 Faisalabad

I am a Lahori, which makes me a resident of city that has a everything. But once you visit Faisalabad, you feel something that you've never felt before. Faisalabad has something which no other city has. That is its unique culture. The people of Lahore and Karachi have forgotten their true cultural identity but Faisalabad strongly retains it today. The people are very hospitable and the city itself very charming. Ghanta Ghar and the eight bazaars are worth visiting. Faisalabad might not be of that standard like Karachi or Lahore but it is place that's worth visiting.

4 Multan

Multan has many popular historical locations, such as the Multan Clock Tower, the Multan Fort and the Delhi Gate are attractions for both locals and tourists alike. The architecture of these famous landmarks are enough to make visitors become permanent residents.

Multan was the city that my college use to be in and I loved Multan. It was so beautiful and the most safest city and I had old memories in there but then sadly I left there. I will never forget my old memories and good times that I spent there.

5 Islamabad

It is a pity seeing my Isloo on number 5! It should be on NUMBER ONE! It is the second best capital in the world. Islamabad offers everything. It has five star hotels, high rising buildings, broad avenues and a unique architecture. On the other hand, Islamabad is locked in the natural beauty of Margallahs. Islamabad is truly a glimpse of heaven. No matter if Islam and is a boring 9 to 5 city...The nightlife can be enjoyed in the neighboring city of Rawalpindi. Above all, it is our National Capital.

Islamabad is the most beautiful city among all green places I have ever seen in my life. it's the capital of Pakistan. They can make it better +There should be towers, skyscrapers and good roads like we have in Dubai. these things will make it look more beautiful.

6 Peshawar

I have lived in Peshawar a for three years. I feel no hesitation in saying that when I heard the news of our transfer to Peshawar, I was shocked and was very upset. I would prefer living in the wild than in Peshawar. Might it be the terrorist incidents or the city's conservative nature, I didn't wanted to go to Peshawar. However, my opinions changed once we were settled. The People were extremely hospitable, the city offered anything you required and the land of Peshawar felt very protective. Despite many bomb blasts, once I heard that we were leaving Peshawar, I literally cried and didn't wanted to say goodbye. I always have desire to visit Peshawar once again and wish all the best for its people whom I witnessed sacrificing their life for our country. Such a sense of Patriotism Iis deficient in another place in the Country. LOVE YOU PESHAWAR!

7 Hyderabad

A calm and cool city but offers anything which residents require

It's a beautiful country because I am a Pakistani and at least it is better then America

8 Rawalpindi

This should be on number one. Rawalpindi can offer anything. It has large shopping malls (e.g. the ones in Sadar), large hotels (PC, Flashman, Shalimar), parks (Jinnah park) and everything that a modern city requires. For a traditional touch you can go to Murree Road Commercial Market or Raja Bazaar. On the other hand the city is very near to Islamabad. Pindi has a marvellous nightlife but at the same time is very peaceful. In addition, Pindi is a very secure city (although Crime activities are not rare but the city is free of terrorism) cause there are three important military setups here.

9 Sialkot

Why Sialkot is the most peaceful city? Because it is not on GT road, and most of its citizens are natives, with very few outsiders. But that doesn't mean we are not welcoming.

There is a lot to explore, like Iqbal house, the peaceful Chanab River at the feet of the Himalayan range. Moreover, the sports, surgical, and leather industry is at its peak, and most people here are very hardworking and talented.

The famous things of Sialkot city are the historical Qilla, Gao Shala Temple, Sialkot International Private Airport, Imam Sahib Tomb, and Sialkot Cantonment.

There is also a lot more to explore. I would be a proud tour guide if any of the readers visit my town.

10 Gujranwala

Gujranwala is now Pakistan third largest industrial city after Karachi and Faisalabad
Gujranwala contribute 5% GDP
Sialkot, Guitar and Gujranwala forms golden triangle of industry. Gujranwala founded in 18th century it was state of Maharajah rangeth singh. Gujranwala 5th most populous city proper.

I'm also from Gujranwala, Pakistan.
I love my city.
It's very beautiful, clean & nice city.
Every Pakistani wants to visit this city because of its popular wrestlers.

Brave person, happy talking persons, foody people, food shops and street open all night with full booking.
Open hearted and kind hearted people.
Taste of food is better than any city of Pakistan and Cheap price.

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11 Bahawalpur

If you want peace with all facilities nearest to your doorstep then it's the only city in pakistan where you can find all that. The city is so beautiful and the people are also very humble.

Bahawalpur is the best in Pakistan. It is not only Punjab's largest by Area but also beautiful. It has many palaces,tombs,and heritage. It has great architecture. Beautiful parks,peaceful and loving people,best educational departments and many other facilities makes it the best to live in Pakistan.

This is peaceful, neat and clean city. Good municipality and administration. More is that, this is division and remain unit in Past. Every thing is avail. More than 4 universities are spreading knowledge including QMC & UCET of IUB which make Doctors and Engineers.

12 Quetta

Quetta is best city because quetta wheather is awesome and there people are really hard working and it has its natural beauty there so many mountains which you feel like wow! There are many resources like gas,electicity and water etc...
I think Quetta is the best city to live.

It's a very historic city they should improve this city
It's a proper valley surrounded by mountains

13 Sargodha

It is a very beautiful city.Sargodha mainly comprises flat,fertile and plain roads although here are a few small hills on the sargodha. It has well as well educational institutes'playlands and shopping centers So I lOVEMYCITY very much

Ideal place to live because of its suitable area facilitated with hospitals,educational institutions,and agricultural lands.

I live in Sargodha. It is also a center of Pakistan Air Force. I also love PAF.

14 Abbottabad

I born here and if you want to live in Pakistan its best because of beautiful nature. Its not a big city so it is quiet and peaceful.

A city known for its best educational institutes, Scenery, Weather, Pakistan Military Academy, Tourist Destinations!

Lived there for 9months best place ever, clean, peaceful and beautiful scenery. Well mannered people too.

15 Bhera

A great historical city on the bank of river Jehlum. Famous for Mehndi (Hina) production.
Land of Saints and Scholars. It is being funded by the Pakistan government to protect its history and heritage.
I have visited it few times, when I visit Pakistan (from USA), as it is the city of my ancestors - as such have special place in my heart.

Best city to live in having advance educational and health services...

16 Gujrat

The air is very clean as well as the tremendous scenery. The agricultural developments are ever expanding and had the potential to add immense value to the great country of Pakistan

A beautiful city with helping people.

Powerful city and helpful people's.

17 Jhelum

In my opinion Jhelum is the best city of Pakistan. and not just because it's my hometown. but also because it has almost everything which makes a city perfect like, mountains, greenery, hospitality, Safety, Conservative people, Liberal People, literacy rate, GDP per cap., river, history. etc. on top of that living standard is much better and yeah of course I love my beautiful hometown Jhelum. Love From Dubai.

Jhelum is beautifull and very hospitable- has everything you need- very kind community.

Jhelum is more educated and wealthy.Good city of Pakistan after Islamabad.

18 Mirpur

I love my beautiful city of Mirpur and it's noble inhabitants. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas at a historic invasion route into kashmir the city has saw many hardship, bloodshed, Invasions, occupations, resistance & freedom. The inhabitants of the city are known for their simplicity, hardwork, resistance, resilience, bravery, biraderi (patriarchal clan system) & the large expat Mirpuri community in the UK who have very strong links to their homeland.

Mirpur is an awesome place to live and visit, the scenery in Kashmir is breathtaking and the food is delicious.

19 Sahiwal
20 Rahim Yar Khan

It is the one of the safest and secure city in Pakistan.

I think its ranking needs to be updated.

One of the beautiful city of pakistan.

21 Sheikhupura

It's the city among all, because my girl live there.

22 Swat

There are so many beautiful places in Pakistan Swat is one of them. No doubt it is Switzerland of our beloved country. I love my forefathers native place.

23 Gilgit-Baltistan

What a beautiful stunning scenic place to live your life in, I mean really living. I have a dream to live this paradise on earth, I have visited it numerous times and I am sure by the grace of Almighty I will live there.

24 Murree
25 Okara

Okara! okara! best and most beautiful cantonment but so much hot weather in okara

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