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1 The Day After Tomorrow

I want to work in Geography because of this film. F'ing amazing. I am literally the biggest fan of this film ever.

Yes I opinion this

This movie had a really interesting plot. - ethanmeinster

Fab film. Really engaging!

2 2012

It's the "mother of all disaster movies" as the late, great Roger Ebert said. As a movie it's one of the best of its kind and a really entertaining ride from start to finish.

It's the be-all, end-all of disaster films. - Zordon2010

I love to way they made the movie... yeah

Yes mother of all disaster movies

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3 Twister

I watched this in 7th grade for science - Ajkloth

This is a long time favorite of mine.
I wish I could have seen it in the cinnema but I was 1 year old when this movie came out. - DUTCHlioness

4 Independence Day

The uh uh spaceships uh uh are going to uh uh going to uh possition themselves all uh over the uh uh world and uh uh than uh uh than uh... CHECKMATE! - Jeff Goldbloom (

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5 Titanic

No other movie showed this kind of distruction ever. People cried for it.. What else it takes to be an overall no. 1 movie of all time. - redgedawson

Titanic is so good because the story and acting. It shows very much of titanic.
Just see the movie and you will understand what I mean.

No movie and mean no movie has ever made me unable to explain how amazing Titanic is. James Cameron has made a movie so well made and unforgettable as Titanic. Dicapreo and Winslet played as some of the most memorable characters in motion picture history and will never be forgotten, and I mean never.

Highest grossing movie of all time, ingeniously written, beautifully performed, skillfuly acted, engaging plot, unforgetable moments, shocking special effects, beautiful music, expert cinematography, a strong and thought provoking message about class discrimination and arranged marriage, brings history back to life and, on top of it all, had something no disaster movie has been able to include before or since, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

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6 Deep Impact

This film is well written and really lets you connect emotionally with the characters. It has some quite emotional scenes and that's even before the comet has hit. Unlike other disaster films, the audience is not invited to revel in the end destruction, instead it is invited to experience it from a real-world point perspective as if it was actually happening and you were stuck in the middle of it. Amazing film.

For some reason people don't find it sad its impact in the emotion is bigger than the meteor itself

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7 San Andreas
8 World War Z
9 The Impossible

The fact this is so low when it was Oscar nominated in multiple categories will make me never understand average people - u_maddox_bro

Seriously? This movie ranks below category 7 and deep impact? Did you see this movie? It needs to be near the top of your your top 10 at least.

I would rate this movie at the top of the list emotionally very powerful movie. realism too close for comfort.Brilliant

10 Dante's Peak

I love this movie. I've seen it a bunch of times and it never gets old.

Best volcano thriller movie ever done!

Next to twister and deep inpact is this also a high favorite.
I love this one. - DUTCHlioness

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11 Category 7: The End of the World

the effects may have been fakish, but this movie (for a TV miniseries) is really awesome. I bought it on Blu-Ray instantly once i knew it was available on it. - BKAllmighty

12 Armageddon

By far the best disaster movie, you don't see Bruce Willis any better than in this. It's a action, heart pumping movie with a sad tearful story. Everything that you could want! - stevenshanemorgan

It has everything you want in a movie, story line, action, romance, humour, great chemistry amongst the awesome cast, love this film

13 Vertical Limit
14 Earthquake
15 The Poseidon Adventure

An absolute classic. Should be higher on the list! How is Category 7:end of the world above this?

Terrific film. Add THE TOWERING INFERNO, and you have the Twin Titans of the disaster genre.


By far the greatest disaster movie of all time

16 Godzilla (2014)


17 I Am Legend
18 Volcano
19 War of the Worlds (2005)

The remake is a success, and Tom Cruise has great acting. It really shows the emotion and fear of the movie. I still fear tripods coming out of the ground. - ethanmeinster

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20 The Towering Inferno

One of the two best disaster films ever to make it to the screen (the other being THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE).

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