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1 Megadeth - Rust in Peace

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Hanger 18, Take No Prisoners, Five Magics, Poison Was the Cure, Lucretia, Tornado Of Souls, Rust in Peace... Polaris, Dawn Patrol, My Creation... I bet no other metal albums got the songs like this.. - deadlydawn

Man, this album is so unique and far different than similar band or heavy metal general.
"Marty Friedman is the secret weapon on this album" Dave Mustaine.

Absolute best heavy metal album ever made. I see some people saying Master of Puppets should be number one but honestly this is the best metal album. Rust in Peace is just so much more dynamic, intense and intricate which is so important in metal. From tge chromatic

I bought this album on my first salary in 1990 and have listened to it since that day. About some weeks ago, my son, who is now in college and an amateur guitarist, thanked me for having him exposed to this metal album since teenager and said he would have ended up listening to garbage if he never heard this album prior to picking up his guitar.

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2 Metallica - Master of Puppets

Has the best of all worlds. James's lyrical composition is pure genius, and Cliff's Orion is an absolute opus that meshes sounds that should not sound good together. Kirk nails it with his solos in songs like MOP, Damage Inc, and Battery. This album was foreshadowed a little by songs like fade to black from Ride the Lightning, and Orion and MOP also speak of what is to come with the amazing composition of...And Justice For All. The lyrics are deep, and meaningful, unlike popular rap music of today with only *talks* about drugs, sex, and money. I think that this is definitely the greatest album, not only in metal but of all time. Keep on headbanging, everyone.

How is this being topped by rust in peace?

One of the best albums ever made, for me the number 1!

1- master of puppets
2- rust in peace
3- powerslave
4- heaven and hell
5- raining blood
6- vulgar display of power
7- paranoid
8- ride the lightning
9- iowa
10- seventh son of a seventh son

Why is rust in peace above this? - CygnusX99

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3 Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

A true disappointment, really that this album is not number one.

Invaders is that mad, yet brilliant album to start it all off.

Children Of The Damned is a great song with a powerful chorus.

The Prisoner has some epic vocals and a great chorus.

22 Acacia Avenue stepped a little too far and the content is suggestable.

The Number Of The Beast has such a great opening, along with the best scream in metal history. Such a misunderstood gem, alas.

Run To The Hills has one of the greatest riffs of all time with an addictive chorus.

Gangland is full of awesome screams.

Total Eclipse has some hard vocals for Maiden.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is the greatest of all. Like 4 or 5 great riffs in there, amazing opening, stunning wordplay and the best 7:14 you will ever spend in your life.

This should really be number 1. I mean, Hallowed Be Thy Name is like Bohemian Rhapsody of heavy metal, The Number of the Beast is a killer song, The Prisoner, Run to the Hills, Invaders, 22 Acacia Avenue. Not a bad song on this album.

owns master of puppets
2.children of the damned-10/10
3.the prisoner-10/10
4.22 acacia avenue-9/10
5.number of the beast-10/10 to the hills-10/10
7.gangland-5/10 eclipse-7/10
9.hallowed be thy name-100/10 - wolphert

Does not own Master of Puppets. Listen to Orion once and there goes your mind. - lilrocketman

its not just hallowed be thy name run to the hills and tnotb it also has children of the damned 22 acacia avenue and the prisoner - diego14344

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4 Metallica - Ride the Lightning

Best Heavy Metal Album ever, bar none that includes Master of Puppets. Fade to Black and For Whom The Bell Tolls is superior to anything in Puppets and James Hetfield's vocals are better in RTL.

The best Metallica album in my opinion! - MetalMilitiant

This album is perfect. Every track track is great (even Escape). For Whom the Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, the title track and The Call of Ktulu are what make this album the greatest metal album ever, on par with MoP. On an unrelated note, I love it how every person on this website who votes for anything related to Megadeth can't restrain themselves from saying that Metallica is the worst band ever and Megadeth is awesome and its a proven fact that Megadeth is better and blah blah blah. Grow up, Megafans. Quit trying to rewrite history. Metallica has always been the biggest, most influential, and best known metal band ever. If Megadeth is so much better, than why do a vast majority of people prefer Metallica. Because Metallica has better songs that more people like. Megafans always say "all true metal fans listen to Megadeth. " What do you mean, "true metal fans? " Is someone better because they listen to "better" music than someone else? Seriously Megafans, shut up and let people ...more

Your right. Megadeth never did and never will beat the old school Metallica. - Sabbath

Metallica in their prime. No bad tracks on this and the guitar tone is as lit as it can get. Megadeth is good, but Dave’s voice prevents me listening to them, although their instrumention is great. - Userguy44

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5 Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Although there is albums more commercially successful than this one in the massive metal genre it should be number one because it's the most important metal album, whether you think this is black sabbaths best album or not it got metal on the map with classics such as: war pigs, paranoid and iron man. There are other awesome tracks on this album that get over looked such as planet caravan, electric funeral, and hand of doom. Without this album metal most likely would not be prevalent and a formidable force in music or even a genre really. This album is responsible for inspiring many people to pick up the guitar and go for that metal sound. If there was no paranoid or Sabbath, there would be none of the bands we enjoy such as Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Judas priest, Metallica, slayer, megadeth, anthrax, overkill, opeth etc. Think of all these artists are remember that if it wasn't for sabbath they would not be around and than you will vote for them to be #1

What!? Number 14!? This is the best album in the world! Without this album, there wouldn't be any Metallica, Megadeth, Nightwish, Judas Priest, or anything. This album is just legendary, just listen to it! Iron Man, Paranoid, War Pigs, Hand Of Doom, Fairies Wear Boots and so on... And Death Magnetic is higher? Yes it is the best Metallica album for last 15 years but there isn't any song, which could become a metal legend if recorded in the 70's. Black Sabbath is also the best band, not because they make the best music, but they invented whole heavy metal. Without bands like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath, there wouldn't be metal!


Snap, brilliant

I love Black Sabbath, I love their influence and legacy, so I mean no disrespect when I say this: but don't you think that a climate would have appeared anyway, at some point, to create a heavy metal band? What inspired Metallica to make progressive Tech Thrash? It was the zeitgeist of the times. Like all the greats, there's only one of them.

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6 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Priest classic heavy, aggressive release with grinding heavy riffs, Scott Travis brilliant drums, and of course the master of metal HALFORD whose voice no one can touch! Metal gods forever

What? Metallica's MOP is the 1st? What the hell is doing Paranoid or The Number Of The Beast here? Have you even listened to something different than Metallica, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath guys? Painkiller would destroy your ears and kill your brains and after that he would rip out your hearts!

Can't stop the Painkiller!

Master Of Puppets, Number Of The Beast or Rust In Peace are great, but Painkiller is the quintessence of Heavy Metal. The most powerful album of all time. Pure perfection!

In 1990 those grunge kids were trying to take the throne, but Uncle Rob made the Painkiller album and put them back into their place. - SoldierOfFortune

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7 Slayer - Reign in Blood

Do you want to know what it feels like to have your ears bleed and be shredded to pieces? If you answered yes to this question then listen to Reign In Blood. It is easily one of the most intense metal albums of all time. It absolutely mutilates you in under 30 minutes. It all happens so fast that you won't even be able to make sense of what you just heard. Violent, frenetic, and brilliant.

If an alien from outer space asks,"What is metal? " You have to play this.

Are ya crazy greatest metal album is 4 sure Slayer's reign in blood. I mean In Every Metal Magazine this LP is Nr 1, This Album set new rules for metal. Is The New World Order in Metal History - copkiller

Kreator's Pleasure To Kill is just as brutal, and beat Slayer to the Death Metal punch. Reign In Blood is great Slayer, but so is South of Heaven, Hell Awaits, Show No Mercy and Seasons in the Abyss. They hung their hat too much on Reign in Blood - as great as it is.

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8 Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

Powerslave should be first but this album for sure should be second as its just awesome. The riffs are great and the vocals are right. Dabbling in politics and even a boast song(walk, if you didn't know, was a song saying "Ha we best band in texas"). It's truly a great album that then helped lead the way for bands like machine head, korn and other great bands.

No contest

Heaviest and most in your face album at the time.

When we're talking the best *album*, Vulgar Display of Power takes the title. Master of Puppets had epic songs front to back, but Pantera put together a listening experience that flowed like none of these other entries. It hits hard and takes you for a vicious ride, but it does it with style... angry, angry style. You can't listen to This Love without expecting to hear Rise blast in right after! And Hollow leads back into Mouth for War so seamlessly you never thought the album ended!

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9 Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Best album ever!

So much better than the stupidly overrated Number Of The Beast.

This is killer my fave album of all time maybe

Classics like Aces High, 2 minutes to midnight, Powerslave, and Rime of the ancient Mariner all in one. - metalmaiden

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10 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

It all starts here: the attitude, the visual, the mood and the METAL!

This album is Bible of Metal, the ten commandments of metal, the darkness. It's the album that gave birth to all other great Metal recordings, father of Metal.

This is #1 heavy metal album of all time. Deal with it. Iron Maiden and Metallica are better than Sabbath NOW, but Black Sabbath just invented metal.

this definitely should be #1 because this album symbolises the birth of Metal music! - OzzyVanHalen

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The Newcomers

? Ira Dei - Mago de Oz

Best album of 2019 and one of the best metal albums if not one of the best albums period (at least in my opinion). Ira Dei is a masterpiece with something for everyone: folk metal with Celtic influences, power metal, symphonic metal, amazing vocals (particularly the female vocalist), complex compositions, catchy tunes, synths (genius, fight me, they are; one song has an EDM-like intro for a few seconds), epic solos (from guitar solos to violin solos to flute solos to even synths solos), and brilliant lyrics. I know I've been obsessively raving about this album too much, but it's that amazing, which is why it deserves its place on this list, even though it was only made almost a month ago (as of 4/5/19). It is also incredibly underrated (so is all of Mägo de Oz) and deserves more praise than the overwhelming praise I give. I added this by the way. - PhoenixAura81

The Contenders

11 Dio - Holy Diver

Dio did heavy metal genre a favour! What an epic singer / composer and an astonishing band of his - the evolution of his back catalogue is phenomenal RIP

What the - is this doing down here? Metallica is way overrated, this should be 2nd, Number of the beast should be 1st! This is so underrated!

I love Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Priest, Testament, and Anvil. Dio nailed something here. It should have it's own category! Holy Diver is special. No disrespect to the other artists or voters. This album is important.

Best album of all time. Every song is a five star masterpiece. Get this to number one instead of voting for the overrated Sabbath, Metallica and Iron Maiden

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12 Opeth - Blackwater Park

Bleak has a mid-eastern rhythm and it is so good to use in metal

I'm shocked to see this album so high, I thought Opeth was much more underground!
For a relatively underground band, having an album so high means A LOT.
My #1 before Rust In Peace.

This Album is an experience.

We have entered winter once again

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13 Metallica - ...And Justice for All

Hammer of justice crushes you, all the power!

Metallica's finest hour without Cliff Burton (rest in peace, buddy). The volume of the bass in this is not as horrible as most think. I feel the bass is just perfectly audible with the guitars ripping through the air and the drums smacking like there isn't a tomorrow. Eye of the Beholder is one of the most wicked songs along with Blackened and the title song. Dyer's Eve is one of the most incredible closures of any Metallica album. One was really great, too. Frayed Ends of Sanity will drive you positively insane in a positively positive way. What are the other two songs? If you're a huge metal fan, you know what they are. ;) I'll give you a hint, The Shortest -----, and Harvester of ------. And there is also an instrumental linked to Dyer's Eve. - Z-Rocker

AND JUSTICE FOR ALL is metallica's greatest album
this album has no beat, though the base is slightly inaudible but other than that this album leaves great impact on everyone
The moto of the album is to show that how currupted this world is for money and justice is selled at the price of nothing
man u'll get to know what is GIFT OF GOD!

Best metal album ever released due to it's complexity and ridiculously heavy rhythm riffs and intricate solos. The bass is inaudible, but with the bass in there it makes it sound even more godly. Metallica is the greatest metal band in history, and one of the most influential, along with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. This album is surely the greatest metal album ever released. Master of Puppets is up there, though.

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14 Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

It seems that this masterpiece is really underrated.
It has by far the most melodic and epic songs of the whole series of Maiden albums.
Seventh Son of a seventh Son looks like the update of Somewhere in Time to me and I like it much better.
And finally, there is no really bad song on this album.
Right now, Seventh Son of a Seventh son is my favourite Maiden album ever,
Even better than the almost unbeatable 'Powerslave"

Ist just so epic listen to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Infinte Dreams, Can I Play with Madness, or The Evil That men do

This is my Top Ten :
1. Master Of Puppets
2. Ride The Lightning
3. The Number Of The Beast
4. Rust In Peace
5. Painkiller
6. Seventh Son of A Seventh Son
7. Powerslave
8. Reign In Blood
9. Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
10. Screaming For Vengeance

All mega-classic Albums that are just Awesome

Come on, you Metallica is not that good, yes those albums are awesome but Rust In Peace is the most perfect metal album, please listen to it again. - rportah

Es una obra maestra de principio a fin. Es maravilloso.

I am so disappointed in all the metalheads who chose other albums over this. This is Iron Maiden's best album so far. Even the worst song in it the prophecy is still amazing, and compared to number of the beasts gangland, it is vastly superior. This is Maiden's brightest hour

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15 Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz

A master piece in metal. This will always be entertaining even after the end of time. Mr. Crowley and Crazy Train first appeared in this album I believe. And this album is extremely heavy especially if you listen to the copies with the original bass and drum tracks. - Z-Rocker

The late great Randy Rhoads. One of the greatest guitarists in metal history... - ch153

This is definitely one of the greatest music masterpieces in world history. This is also probably the only album of metal (Guns n Roses Use Your Illusion II is hard rock) that I am literally crazy for every song. Younger Ozzy with the guitar legend Randy Rhoads is nothing less than perfect. - benhos

This is one of the greatest guitarists ever's masterpiece!

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16 ...And Justice for All - Metallica


I do think is really really really really amsomme

17 Metallica - Metallica (The Black Album)

Best metal album

As a fan of Metallica outside of the US, I think it's important to look at the Top Ten metal album list on the opinion polls, because they cover the opinions of Metallica's albums globally. This album is now regarded as better than Ride The Lightning. The world is finally starting to understand how great it always was. The so-called sell out album is now gaining the reputation it recognition it deserves.

It's all academic. Metallica's first 5 albums are already the greatest in metal history. It is simply a matter of waking up, scratching your private parts, and deciding which of their albums you want to listen to.

This is not metal. - rizzo824

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18 Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance

Not too crazy, not too mellow, amazing intro song "The Hellion", and all of the songs on here are a masterpiece. the best heavy metal album ever because it's music is suitable for anyone to love it.

Priests biggest seller filled with awesome riffs from the classic hellion intro taking you to a future not so unlike our own until you soar through the heavens riding like the wind... honestly I think defenders of the faith is even better don't get me wrong though, I put screaming for vengeance, defenders of the faith and painkiller in top 20 metal albums of all time - hagabeast

The 4th best metal band must be here. - metalmaiden

The greatest metal album start to finish ever made. Definition of metal.

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19 Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time

Every song in this album is great in my opinion, especially sacred worlds

Wow I didn't expect to see this album so high on the list it deserves the top 10 at least - christangrant

20 Metallica - Kill 'Em All

Amazing Sound, pure Speed Metal, best Metallica Album in my opinion!

From start to the end album bring great energy.

What in the world how are is Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning so high up and this is at 59. This shot be in the top 3 with them, this album was so influential to thrash and is one of the most celebrated metal albums to ever be released. This album is legendary!

I love Death Magnetic, but why is this below that? This is classic thrash at its best! Great album by the four horsemen!

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21 Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?

Megadeth's second best work, and it deserves a spot in the top 10. At the very least, I think it's better than Killing Is My Business. I liked Killing Is My Business, in particular Mechanix and the title track, but it's not as good as Peace Sells. Peace Sells is much more consistent. Only Megadeth album it loses to is Rust in Peace in my opinion. - Metarock

The great Peace Sells. You won't regret listening to this. I love how the drums are on this album (loud and heavy). It's a great piece of history no doubt. Good Mourning/Black Friday is amazing regardless of the sinister lyrics in it. Peace Sells is one of the most well-known songs of metal to date. The Conjuring is mysterious and crazy. Overall, I recommend this to anyone, especially Megadeth fans. Oh, the remixed/remasterd edition is not bad at all (I love the intense bass), but be sure that you don't miss out on the original press (the drums on the original are way more booming). - Z-Rocker

Lol. Like Metallica's sophomore effort, this album is Megadeth's gold standard and is now officially inside the top 5 Thrash albums of all time. Where we are, we didn't pick sides and bought absolutely everything great - and some duds.

It is definitively Megadeth's best album, officially Megadeth's album, but Mustaine didn't market it well. He actually refuses to play some of it because of the subject matter on it. And that is one of the best tracks on it.

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22 Ride the Lightning - Metallica

It's a duplicate. The album is in the top 10 - Metal_Treasure

People, check the list before you post. - AdamDestructorJr.

This is on the list already! It came in at number 4!

This one is better than master of puppets.

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23 Symbolic - Death

Number 1, easily. I haven't come across a more complete, influential, well-written and overall perfect record

Greatest death metal album by the greatest death metal band. Should've been higher on the list.

Amazing album, very technical but it also contains a lot of feel, Chuck knew perfectly what he was doing here, he knew he was creating a mastepriece!

This is on par with Master Of Puppets in terms of catchy riffs, Rust In Piece in terms of technicality, AND The Number Of The Beast in terms of pure epicness. This album is really should be in the top 5. I think the only reason it's not is because many people haven't heard it before and think just because it's genre is "death" metal it will sound like cannibal corpse - but it doesn't. If anything, it's more like progressive thrash metal. It really is sort of like a mix between the three albums I stated above, with VERY LITTLE actual death metal in it. At least that's my opinion.

If anyone here is new to Death and this album, you should listen to Crystal Mountain, Empty Words, and Without Judgement first, as those are (in my opinion) the best songs on the album. But they are all great.

R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner

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24 The Mantle - Agalloch

Makes metal transcend into something else. Something beautiful.

Absolutely stunning. Just listen to "In The Shadow Of Out Pale Companion." It destroys every other song ever made.

Simply calling this metal is an insult to it. Hell, even calling it just music isn’t apt. This is just art. - FromScytheToSceptre

I like your emotive touch.

25 Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What!

The production on this one is a little thin on the ground, but it's still quality.

Critics Very underrate this albums but this is very good - pruvet

A brilliant album

An underrated album hurt by a poor recording and mixdown. too bad, some of the songs are quite intricate and unique. - hagabeast

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26 Exodus - Bonded by Blood

Of course it's a thrash masterpiece. Don't argue with idiots because they'll beat you with experience. A Lesson In Violence, Piranha, Strike of the Beast - you name it - are great.

Lol at the guy saying this is power metal. This is pure thrash metal at its finest. Only flaw is that it's the only good Exodus album.

Yes, Pleasures of the Flesh, Fabulous Disaster and Impact Is Imminent are all excellent. Zero was rocking his excellent Bon Scott-esque vocals big time! And let's not forget the unforgettable Tempo Of The Damned.

I think it's kool this old power metal album is 18 but it doesn't quite belong there musically. I could put it there for nostalgia's sake though. kirk hammett left this band to join Metallica after dave mustaine was fired. it's a raw power metal album with paul baloff, who had a punk influence, on vocals. the rhythms are decent and and the lyric content that of an angry young man like I was. pleasures of the flesh and fabulous disaster are both much higher quality musically. - hagabeast

27 Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

One word:

Raw hard and fast... a very good sophomore release after regrouping from being fired from san fran ciscos new thrash band Metallica. when mustaine sings killing is his business and business is good I believe him the riffs and rhythms seem designed to shred your brain into a juicy pulp from the compulsive headbanging and thrashing that occurs - hagabeast

It deserves a top 10 spot. Just listen to this album and them I'm sure you'll agree with me. Just speed and speed. I loved it.

How is this album just 22? And moreover it's below the black album and and justice for all. It is the fastest thrash metal album on Earth.

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28 Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath

THE best heavy metal LP ever

This is perfect should be number 1

I'm baffled at the fact that this masterpiece isn't at least in the top 20s...

29 Judas Priest - British Steel

You know it is good when several sources call it one of the best metal albums of all time, and why shouldn't it be, every single song was a hit, and it officially put Judas Priest on the map.

All songs of this album is a hit. Simple perfect 25 years after too.

It's okay. - Zysoth

30 Anthrax - Among the Living

This is a thrash metal classic. In my opinion, it should be at the top 10.

Should be much higher!

My top ten. 1/...And Justice For All 2/ MoP 3/ Number...4/Deception Ignored 5/ Black Album 6/ Masters of Reality 7/ Vulgar... 8/ Spreading 9/ Ride... 10/ Piece of Mind

It's great, but it's humorous. Is that a good thing? Actually, yes, perhaps it is. Perhaps we all take metal too seriously.

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31 Rising - Rainbow

Power,Neo-Classical and Speed Metal origins here. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Such an amazing album, Dio sings fantastic and Blackmore shows once more what a great guitarist he is. Stargazer, A light in the black, Starstruck and Tarot woman are the best songs - DarkSideOfDragons

Classic Dio and Blackmore.

32 Opeth - Still Life

Just listen and it will take you to another world

33 Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings

The title track is pure awesomeness. Dantes Inferno is their best song. Love this album. - IronSabbathPriest

This makes no sense. This album should be in the top 20 greatest metal albums - Sabbath

I have this on cd/replica mini vinyl and it reminds me of Sepultura's Arise production with Kisser-esque solos.

34 Blind Guardian - Beyond the Red Mirror

I ear this album everyday, everything is just perfect, I got eargasm every time!

35 Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss

Where do I begin... The best Slayer album is so down. Alone with "And Justice for All", "Rust in Peace", "Paranoid", "Reign in Blood", "Tomb of the Mutilated" and "British Steel", this is the best metal album of all time. Or at least for me.

I agree. Too much Reign in Blood and not enough of this.

Should be way higher top 30

Dead Skin Mask
War Ensemble
Blood Red
This album is the most rounded, complete SLAYER album. And they are "arguably the most metal band of all time" (Brian Poseins "Fart and Weiner Jokes" - hilarious bit of stand up, download it now).
Oh man, just every track takes over your mind. Reign/Rain in Blood has the 2 best Slayer tracks, but SITA is the greatest album of all time.

36 In Mourning - Shrouded Divine
37 Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

The best heavy metal album of all time, other than Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Ronnie James Dio is my favorite metal vocalist, and this is his best album. The best song is Lonely is the Word, followed by the title track. Metallica is overrated and long live Dio!

I have the answers to the two persons who are surprised of the position of this album:it was in position 101 a year ago and higher than Mob Rules. But this album was selected by a magic wand and dropped...

Just a very good album

Why is this 442 and below mob rules?

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38 Death - Human


Best death album

Top metal album of all time:
Death - Human, Symbolic, The Sound of Perseverance
Dark Angel - Darkness Descends, Time Does Not Heal
Testament - First Strike Still Deadly (re-recorded best of Legacy & New Order)
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind.
Honorable mentions: Powerslave, Master of Puppets, The Gathering.

The most Technical album in this list. - GREYBOYY

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39 Slipknot - Slipknot

This should be nearer the top of the list. Why is all hope is gone ahead of this?

This album had few good songs - Disturbedpotato

A masterpiece

40 Dream Theater - Images and Words

Was my path to the huge Field of Progressive Metal und Rock in General... But still one of the best Albums ever!

I would have to say that operation mindcrime by queensryche was my first album introducing me to a progressive style. that being said this album images and words would be my 2nd. a very solid work by all musicians involved. I first became intrigued hearing what I would later discover to be a hacked up radio version of pull me under. Ha d to have the album so I immediately went and bought the cd images and words. fan ever since amazingly taleted musicians I'm sure all would agree. their next album was even better - hagabeast

Much better than say, Dr. Feelgood which isn't even metal, or SoaD

Should be 3, after Master Of Puppets and Rust In Peace.

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41 Motorhead - Overkill

Umm this is a classic and is the best motorhead album

Great album but bad production

42 Stained Class - Judas Priest

In my opinion a defining album in the development of heavy metal. Black Sabbath is openly agreed upon as being the grandfathers of heavy metal and laid the groundwork for later bands, but this album by Judas Priest defined heavy metal and in my opinion is the GENESIS of modern day heavy metal. Listen to the whole album and keep in mind that this came out in 1978.

43 Dirt - Alice in Chains

Falls under the radar but this album is absolutely spectacular, there is not one track on here that I skip, always here this all the way through absolutely fantastic, if you don't have the time to throw on the track rooster and if you have already heard it throw on sick man, kinda what the overall feel of the album, very dark and mercy and downright depressing. But there are moments that just send chills down your spine. - superluke10000

If it's not metal, then why does Phil Anselmo state that Pantera fought off grunge metal? Them Bones is definitely metal, as are Soundgarden. They were just ahead of their time. Lemmy didn't think Motirhead were metal, but they were. Disturbed think they're a hard rock band, and Bullet For My Valentine think they're a hard rock band with metal influences.

Alice in Chains are grunge which isn't a metal subgenre. Alice in Chains themselves don't see their songs as metal. - Metal_Treasure

Would? Enough said

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44 Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory

Was going to vote for Rust in Peace, but then I saw this at 44. This masterpiece should be more recognized.

It is the greatest progressive metal album in all of history. Great lyrics, storyline, and obviously instrumental by the gods dream theater. Listen to it, and you'll forget any other band exists :P. Truly deserves a top 10 spot.

Before you vote. Make sure you listen to this album as well. - IronSabbathPriest

MASTERPIECE! Nicholas, Victoria And The Hypnotherapist, Such A Great Story

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45 Lamb of God - Sacrament

Best lamb of God album and should be higher on the list

Ok this needs to be a LOT higher... Not saying Top 5 but Top 15 at least!

Vote it up, NOW! - gemcloben

46 Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

I thought this was widely considered to be the greatest metal album? What is wrong with the voters here? How is it not even in the top 20?

Oh come on. Nothing beats this legendary album.

Master of puppets over master of reality? I think not. Not even close.

4 stars for the play on words. I'd give you 5 but then you'd be overrated.

47 Operation: Mindcrime - Queensryche

I checked the top 10 several times to come to the conclusion that this album really isn't in there. Which is hard to believe. Like Metallica, lately they have made fools of themselves. In my opinion, this is the best album ever made.

Rage For Order is more experimental, more rewarding, and Queensryche did wear spandex and make-up.

One of the best albums ever. - ActOfGenesis

The best album ever made.

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48 Tool - Lateralus

Best album ever created

This honestly deserves to be higher.

This really should be way way higher

Schism is my favourite song by Tool. - IronSabbathPriest

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49 City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold

My hand is on the trigger, I'm ready to ignite, tommorrow might not make it, but everything's all right! That was my favorite lyric from both bat country and on the whole album! It's so dark, but in a way I like! And no, I'm not suicidle!

Good album. - Metarock

Best a7x album

50 Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
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