Greatest Punk Songs of All Time

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301 What Do I Get - Buzzcocks

Great punk anthem. Very underrated band. This is real punk!

302 High Regard - The Story So Far
303 Die Mauer - Ebba Grön
304 Abolish Government/Silent Majority - T.S.O.L True Sounds of Liberty

This is true Punk

305 Everything Sux - Descendents
306 Religion - Slime

Even if one doesn't understand German, the message is still clear or just watch the video, full of powerful images. And the music speaks for itself. ANTHEM!

307 Outsider Artist - Paranoid Visions

What a brilliant combination! Two punk legends, T.V. smith and Steve Ignorant,plus arguably Ireland's best Punk band ever. Great track!

308 Bored Teenagers - The Adverts

"We're just bored teenagers, looking for love or should I say emotional rages. Bored teenagers, seeing ourselves as strangers."

309 Heart Full of Pride - Gimp Fist

"I've got a flame in my heart that never dies, I've got a heart full of pride."

Originally by Perkele, but Gimp Fist's version is better. Shame, they just did their "last ever gig" at Rebellion.

310 Looking for Glory - Argy Bargy

One of the best punk songs written in the last few years.

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311 A.C.A.B. - Slime
312 Given Up - Linkin Park
313 Rock the 40 Oz - Leftover Crack
314 Orgasm Addict - Buzzcocks
315 Butcher Baby - Plasmatics
316 One Chord Wonder - The Adverts

"The wonders don't care - we don't give a damn"

317 I Believe In Anarchy - The Exploited
318 Psycho - Goldblade
319 Fighting In the Dancehall - Goldblade

With its sing-a-long chorus, it should reach a lot of non-punks too'

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320 The Murder of Liddle Towers - Angelic Upstarts

"Who killed Liddle? Did you kill Liddle? Police killed Liddle Towers."

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