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21 Dookie - Green Day

Why is this no. 28 when it has more votes than some in the top 10. Can't the program designed to place the albums in order count?

This has more votes than the number 1 on the list Guns and roses! What is going on with the votes man? Time for someone to sort this problem out please.

Should be a lot higher than 18. One of the albums of the year in 1994. Breakthrough album that that is still significant today.

BEST ALBUM EVER! - rowie855

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22 Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

It was really good how Jimmy Page and John Jones did all of their guitar stuff in the record; I really liked the one riff on black dog, where it goes up and then it goes down, like a spectrum (CIS scum), and then when the levee breaks was so cool how the drums fed off of the guitars and the screech from Robert was just so intense. Best guitar album of the year: all years

Love it, but um, IV is already on the list, currently has the top spot.

23 Revolver - The Beatles V 2 Comments
24 American Tragedy - Hollywood Undead
25 Led Zeppelin ll - Led Zeppelin
26 One Day Remains - Alter Bridge
27 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

I can listen to this album over and over again... The vocals are awesome... you think the singer has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time

This album is overrated - Disturbedpotato


28 From Death to Destiny - Asking Alexandria
29 Abbey Road - The Beatles

The greatest albums of all time.. Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper, Revolver, Dark Side Of The Moon, Rumors, Nevermind, A Night At The Opera, The White Album, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Wall, Led Zep 4, The Stranger, Exile On Main Street, Born To Run, Rubber Soul, Band On The Run, Imagine, Tug Of War, Pet Sounds, Captain Fantastic, Songs In The Key Of Life, Plastic Ono Band, Frampton Comes Alive, Venus and Mars, Boston, Tommy... - frank

Your 100% right, Beach Boys Pet Sounds on most of the top albums of all time list is usually in the top 3. Most rock groups praise this album as the best for pure musical genius.

This album is the best thing to sex

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30 Van Halen - Van Halen

This album is much better than #25, At least top 15 - VanHalen

Best debut album of all...oh wait...OK 2nd best debut album of all time.

31 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
32 Dirty Work - All Time Low
33 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

The votes are for albums where there are no throw away songs. Highway to Hell, and really High Voltage are both in that category.

Highway to Hell is one of the best albums in the history, why is 40th?

Why is it 33? It's One of the best albums ever - Disturbedpotato

34 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Black Stone Cherry
35 Deep Purple In Rock - Deep Purple

I'm shocked that this album wasn't even on the list let alone not in the top 5. So many average albums listed here and yet this breakthrough masterpiece is totally ignored. Speed King and Child In Time would have been enough to make the album on their own, but the raw intensity of the music and vocals leave most other albums in the shade. No Machine Head on the list either. Another great album but In Rock started the ball rolling and was more in yer face.

The very first hard rock album (no blues, but not metal either) it's so dynamic and raw you put it on and you are practically in the room. Put down more or less live, limited overdubs and finished within weeks. That's how they did back then. Nearly 45 years old too, a genius band.

THIS is the BEST Hard Rock album of all time! (way ahead of Sabbath, Led Zeppelin & Co. ). Shamefully underrated!

Best hard rock album of all time? That comment hurt me.

36 ...And Justice for All - Metallica

Wonderful album. I love to live is to die

...And Justice For All - Disturbedpotato

37 Absolutely Live - The Doors
38 Until We Have Faces - Red
39 Escape - Journey
40 The Wall - Pink Floyd

How can the wall be 27? Come on people! Another brick in the wall, in the flesh, young lust, etc...

It tells a great story, better than Linkin Park any day

This should be at least in the top 20, it gives you a meaningful history with a great message, all of us have a wall that we have to take down before it consumes us.

Pink Floyd's best album. Tells a story and very engaging music. Should be much higher on this list

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