Greatest Rock Songs of the 21st Century

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In the End - Linkin Park In the End - Linkin Park Cover Art

To all rock bands out there, IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY, you can't make a better rock song

More than one meanings, perfect combination of multiple voices, Pacesetting music

Awesome song!
The First time I Heard it, it blew me away, Listened to this over and over again! SIMPLY AWESOME!

Had heard it before, not usually really my type of music; while drunk after a cousin's funeral however I heard it and played it over several times. Seemed very fitting, glad I found this site to remember the name of it.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day Cover Art

Very good song one of the best rock song in the present century. In the end is not so nice song but is on top AMAZING!

An inspiring song. The world has become a very complex place where every one is required to struggle in order to achieve the summit of greatness. Hence, this song tells us of the fact that its our struggle, only we can complete it. No one can spoon-feed you always. You have to learn to be self-dependent.

One of the greatest songs musically and lyrically! It didn't get a grammy award for nothing...

I never understood why people liked music I thought it was a huge waste of time and effort that is of course before I heard this song the best song in the universe

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence Bring Me to Life - Evanescence Cover Art

I think it's the best song of all genres, not just rock

Amy Lee and Ben Moody are the great job. Best song ever.

When the best female rock voice Ame Lee combines with best rock band Linkin Park, "bring me to life" is created. One of the bests.
My top 5 are
1. Linkin Park-In the end
2. Linkin Park-Numb
3. Linkin Park-New divide
4. Evanescence-Bring me to life
5. Alter Bridge-Black Bird

This song is just plain AWESOME.

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes Cover Art

I don't think it's the best song on this list but it's the only song on the list that both is near the top and so could get to the top in the future and that deserves to come anywhere near the top (apart from Boulevard of broken dreams, but 7NA edges it for me). It's a shame that there's a disproportionate representation of nu-metal pop-punk emo garbage in comparison to indie and alternative rock because the people voting on this poll are (mostly) the sort of degenerates that listen to Linkin Park et al. Songs like "No one knows" and "Reptilia" are far better than every song on this top ten and aren't even on the list. Glad that this song is third though, because while I believe that it is overrated and there are better garage rock songs on the list like "Take me out" (which is down at 56), at least garage/indie rock has some representation.

What an amazing song, the issue is not many people know that it is by the white stripes or what its name is they just know the riff

You know how groups of people around the world song this song. It's become an anthem. Only the best songs become anthems and I don't see another song on this list become one.

What a joke of a list. Linkin Park, more linkin park, and yep, more linkin park.

Numb - Linkin Park Numb - Linkin Park Cover Art

The best song not just by Linkin Park but any other band or a ever made artist it's better than in the end or any other rock song ever made this song has a deep meaning an we can all relate to it simply the best song deserves to be at the top

I agree this song is the best song ever made if a person doesn't like this song then I have to say he's definitely

This is simply the greatest SONG of the 21st century.. PERIOD!

Meteora was the perfect album, because it was both heavy and soft at same time. love this song

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance Cover Art

This song is an incredibly powerful and emotional anthem. An iconic song from an iconic album. I've always felt like I wanted to scream along with Gerard and surrender to the euphoric sensation this track creates. My Chemical Romance has been extremely influential to millions and I think they deserve a lot more recognition to the amazing music and messages they have shared. This album was one hell of a process for the band. This was made after Gerard got sober so I think it's obvious how his artistic talents came out. Although their music had a darker image and lyrics, they represent the light in the darkness as they literally fought their own demons, creating absolute beauty in death. I recently read a fantastic biography about the bands career. All the boys from the band have gone on to continue producing music which is the best result after they broke up. Gerard has also been writing and illustrating comics, which has been his childhood dream! My Chemical Romance is still so ...more

This song has so much complexity to it, yet is structured perfectly. The lyrics and the meaning behind them (whatever you may portray that meaning to be) are beautiful. It's one of those songs that can be played over and over and over again and you never get tired of it because it's so complex that you feel you discover something new about it each time. It is an extremely stirring/powerful anthem that tells that even in the hardest of times there is always hope and there is always a reason to keep going.

As with new divide a brilliant use of electric guitars that simply isn't seen nowadays. The part where he screeches the same verse down the microphone again is fairly stupid but aside from that this song is simply brilliant in every way. When it comes to my funeral I ain't havin' none of this "always look on the bright side of life" crap. All my friends and family will know that "though I'm dead and gone believe me. My memory will carry on! " And so will this brilliant inspiring song for generations to come. Though "My Chemical Romance" will soon be "broken and defeated" too their weary fans march on!

So beautifully complex. One of the greatest songs ever written. It's a shame that My Chemical Romance gets overlooked because people think they're an emo band for suicidal teens. Truly one of the most talented bands.

American Idiot - Green Day American Idiot - Green Day Cover Art

One of the best albums in history- but not the best song on the album

How is this not number one? OR AT LEAST IN THE TOP 5?!?

Far too good to be down here!

This is the best song of Green Day

So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold Cover Art

This is the best rock song... A7x has everything like best guitarist, best vocalist, best bassist, best drummer... So this band is parfect hard rock and heavy metal band of all time... And all of you know the band has a huge fan at present...

One of the best songs by the best band ever. Should be at the top of the list, no doubt.

It is just awesome

This is the best. Why Linkin Park? They aren't even doing rock songs. I love them but its just not rock

The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin Cover Art

Such a great song by such an amazingly underrated band

Deepest song meaning you will know of

Best. Alternative. Rock. Song. Ever! , enough said

Artist : Breaking Benjamin
Album : Phobia

Headstrong - Trapt Headstrong - Trapt Cover Art

Come on! This song deserves to be higher up! Like, no. 5 or higher!

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Chop Suey! - System of a Down Chop Suey! - System of a Down Cover Art

This song embodies System of a Down entirely. It has their wit, lyrical power, Serj's amazing vocal range, Daron's crazy riffing, and John and Shavo's ability to keep it all together. Definitely one of the best songs of the century (so far)

Why is this song so low? Really are you kidding me with in the end at number 1? This song should should be in that spot. I can't believe this list

It's one of the most awesome song of the century, would be in top 10

THIS Should be higher there an amazing band

Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down Cover Art

It shouldn't be top ten. You don't vote for a song because you think it deserves 10 you vote if you think it deserved #1. people didn't vote for the #3 song because the thought it deserved number three, they thought it deserved number 1

This has gotta be number 1 come on guys get it together

Much better than seven nation army, should be top 10

This song is fire

Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian Cover Art
It's My Life - Bon Jovi

Come on This Song Easily Deserves to Be in Top 10 Its By Probably the greatest American Rock Band of all time And This Song also is way more awesome than Songs in top 10 like Headstrong

This song should be in the wall of legend

It is best

Ghost Love Score - Nightwish Ghost Love Score - Nightwish Cover Art

A monument in modern music, like a symphony played over the tunes of a rock song, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra providing the classical elements of this epic Symphonic metal track - and Tarja's voice... oh, Tarja sings like an angel. The different segments of the 10 minute track offer a wide range of moods and styles, fantasy-like, dramatic, slow, calm, wild and threatening, dreamy and more...

(Just wish it wouldn't end with a fade out)

Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin Cover Art
Psychosocial - Slipknot

Purely Psycho. The music will make you bang your head, not literally but metaphorically.

Worlds best band no doubt.

You Know You're Right - Nirvana You Know You're Right - Nirvana Cover Art

Kurt Cobain killed himself well before the 21st century. What's a Nirvana song doing here?

Even Though Nirvana Was Done In The 20th Century The Content Was Still Going And This Was A New Song On The Greatest Hits Album And It Was A Hit - FettiMC

Couldn't make it as a wise man, couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing...

This son is made in 1994 but left off untill 2002.

And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian Cover Art
How You Remind Me - Nickelback How You Remind Me - Nickelback Cover Art

It's good yeah yeah yeah but I can understand why people say no no because mainly the only good part of this 2 minute song is the chorus. Apart from that all Kroeger basically says is yeah x3 no x2

What is this wonderful song doing down here?!

This is one of the greatest rock songs!

Couldn't make it as a wise man, couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing...

Killing Loneliness - Him Killing Loneliness - Him Cover Art
Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park Cover Art

Awesome song.

It is too good

Why this song went so down? go up!

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance Teenagers - My Chemical Romance Cover Art

I still wonder how people can deny the strong meaning of this song! The lyrics describe so much how popular and rich nowdays teenagers act towards other. A lot of teen can relate to this song about being a kind of 'rejected' cause you're not as mean and rude as some people are in the society today

The Pretender - Foo Fighters The Pretender - Foo Fighters Cover Art

This list doesn't do justice to the 21st century's rock so far. I like Green Day and Linkin Park, but they are overrepresented along with many others.

Perfect guitar, perfect drums, perfect lyrics

Papercut - Linkin Park Papercut - Linkin Park Cover Art
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