Hades - God of the Underworld


He is not an evil god, that is what people get messed up when they picture Hades. His evil reputation only came about because of Hollywood associating death with evil, not because that is his actual personality. Death is a part of life, so live with it. Also, he is the god of the DEAD, not god of Death (that's Thanatos). He was the eldest son of Kronos and Rhea, so in reality he should have gotten the throne of Olympus for himself. He is god of the Dead, that gives him quite an advantage, because he has a standing army that is endless and can never end. He is actually not a cruel god, and he is even stated in mythology to have a better sense of justice than his bratty little brother Zeus does. The only thing he really did bad in mythology, was to kidnap Persephone, on the suggestion of his brother Zeus, who was her FATHER. That is not even as bad as some of the things the other gods did, and Persephone ended up being happy there. He was also one of the most faithful gods in Greek ...more

Hades is god of the deaths. Very mystic, great magical power and super speed. You have very intellect, and spell. God Hades to good place to serial Xena princess warrior, Hades is very good opponent to Xena.


Hades is real powerful, with his helm of darkness, the others won't know where he is! Plus, he can summon the dead so every enemy troop that dies, reforms on his side and he can reuse the dead! CERBERUS, the mighty dragon-dog is also Hades pet so Hades should be plenty powerful to have tamed this guardian of the underworld! Last of all, Zeus only overpowered Hades when he had Poseidon, one of the big three on his side! SO THIS GOD IS DEFINITELY IS THE BEST!

Hades is the oldest. In normal traditions the oldest gains the most power, Zeus was a rapist as well as committed incest and adultery and Poseidon lost to someone below him Hades has the power to bring people back to life if they came to the underworld which has been seen before, he is a ruler that has got compassion and is sensible, making deals with humans at a reasonable price shows he is a great leader and great leaders lead to connotations such as great power as well making him strongest.

He is actually the most reasonable Greek god, he let Orpheus get his wife back after she died, he let Hercules take Cerberus as long as Cerberus wasn't hurt, and he hardly interferes with mortals. - keiji

I think I remember that hades is the eldest brother between zeus and posiedon and therefore was supposed to be the king of the gods but zeus tricked him into becoming the god of the underworld. As the god of the underworld he is technically the richest god as he owns all the precious materials within the earth and seeing as he is the god of the dead has the largest and still growing army of any deity.

Hades isn't really bad. It wasn't his fault he had to rule the dead. The big three drew straws to see who got each realm. Hades just happend to draw the one for the underworld. He doesn't choose who goes to Elysium, The Fields of Punishment, or the Fields of Ashpodal. Besides I'd rather vote Hades than Zeus. If you've ever read the Last Olympian, I recall Zeus killed Hades' children's mother. I call that rude. And if you really think about it, Hades is the most powerful of the big three. And he did the most dangerous part of the titan war. He had to sneak past their father Kronos without getting sliced by his scythe and destroy the extra weapons. Plus Hades can control the dead. Can any other God except Thanatos do that? I didn't think so. Here's another cool thing that may freak people out: Hades' mere presence can drive a person insane. Isn't that awesome?

Hades is awesome! He is the God of the Underworld and all that dwells within! He is the keeper of the dead (though not the God of Death, that title belongs to someone else! So quit saying it! )! Let's not forget his Helm of Darkness and his keen, sharp mind! Oh, and, he was never an Evil God. Cruel? Yes. Evil? No.

He's god of the dead. I mean skeletal warriors and zombies. Also what a sword he must have. You've just got to give in that sort of power. He could rule the world if he wanted to. He's a powerful ally as well

Hades is one of my favorite-no one of my top 1 favorite greek god. He's just friendly and funny the way he are you know. Now, I know that most people is sacred of Hades because he's well the god of the "dead". But really, in reality Hades really isn't that bad, I'm sure that all Hades really wanted was a friend and that he just wanted someone who appreciate the person he is known for.

Hades has got to be an ultimate fighter with limitless power and and keeper of the underworld nobody has much power against him at full strength hades has the power to defeat almost anybody, god, or thing.

My vote goes to Hades because unlike every other Olympian God or Goddess in Greek mythology Hades has always done his job. While he's certainly not the most generous, beautiful, or kind God he has always been overridingly fair. He also (ironically) has a much better track record on sparing human lives. He even has the most responsibilities out of any Olympian: like keeping the enemies of the gods locked up managing the traffic, afterlife, and rebirth of the dead, and keeps all of the most unruly minor gods in check. Despite all of these good qualities Hades the oldest brother got the worst lot in life but never complains. He really should have been king of Olympus.

Hades has the most powerful weapons and powers such as hades staff, the sword of hades, and his helm of darkness. He is also able to control the dead at his command so I think he is the strongest.

Hades is the god, people under rate. Him because he's not a leader but just because in most films the good guys always win doesn't mean there stronger. Also all the other gods are good guys and all of them put together can't stop the almighty hades. #hades 4 life

I think Hades got the worst domain when Zeus Poseidon and him rolled dice to dived up the world Zeus got the sky Poseidon got the sea and Hades got the least disireble place the under world which was originally called Airbus but then when like a thew centuries past it was called Hades after the god anyway I think he is cool because I'm into death so that is why he is the best and most awesome.

Hades- My all time favorite God!

He is stronger than his brothers but doesn't go around town announcing it. The Titans whom even the Gods feared were imprisoned in the underworld - under Hades' control because only he could do it.
PLUS, he is so totally into his wife :-)... Married her against all odds and has stayed true to her.. Which God can claim that?

Besides Zeus and Poseidon Hades is the awkwardly the nicest and coolest gods of them all, and he'd do anything to get back with his lover. (Plus the God of the dead, the DEAD.

I think that if Hades had been welcomed on Olympus, he could easily defeat Zeus with his power. Hades got unfair treatment simply because he was different. He is only bitter and angry because he was banished by Zeus.

There are more people dead in the world than there are people living.
With that said, in the event that all three brothers (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) were to go to war,
Hades would have the most supporters and the most control. Zeus and Poseidon may have a geographical and social advantage, but that doesn't mean Hades can't do considerable damage either.

Modestly badass, stern but justified. Nobody escapes him. Go Hades.

How come everybody thinks his veil. He's like the nicest guy ever. He even the best weapon in though world the helmet

Hades is the best god as far I know he is the God of the Underworld. He is the oldest son of Cronus and Rhea and brother to Zeus, Hades was the most feared out of all the Ancient Greek gods

How can Athena be above him he is the coolest God he has like 50 billion army's and he is the god of death, riches and the underworld plus he can turn into a giant demon overlord

Hades has probably one of the worst jobs. The underworld is a little dark, a little gloomy and always full of dead people, what are you gonna do?

Hades is the most respectable of the big 3. While the other 2 keep getting pissed off or having half-god children he just keeps doing his job in a competent manner, no matter how bad that job is.