Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses


As one of the Big Three, Poseidon has the ultimate powers a god can possess, and is rivaled only by his brothers, Zeus and Hades.
Hydrokinesis: As the Lord of the Sea, Poseidon has absolute control over water like Percy, only to a much greater extent.

He can withstand any amount of water pressure.
He can generate water from his body.
He can use sea waves as a form of teleportation.
He can breath underwater.
Geokinesis: Being the god of earthquakes, Poseidon has the ability to cause earthquakes, giving him the nickname "the Earthshaker"
Aerokinesis: Poseidon is also known as the god of storms since he controls the weather over the seas. He can create thunderstorms and even hurricanes. However, he can also create clear skies for sailors if he wants. As god of the seas, it is unknown how far this power may extend over land.

Everybody says that Zeus "singlehandedly defeated Kronos" NOT TRUE! Poseidon and Hades fought Kronos too! Zeus was never chosen the king of gods, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades gambled to see who would be the king. Zeus won then Poseidon then Hades. Even though Zeus is the king of gods I think Hades and Poseidon are more powerful than Zeus. Poseidon is the EARTHSHAKER, creator of horses, and tsunamis. The beach is his territory and personally I think he and Apollo have the best tans (just saying'.) Also Poseidon could easier beat Zeus in a fight. Picture this, Zeus and Poseidon getting ready to fight. Zeus has the majority of supporters because he is the king of gods. The fight starts, as Zeus starts to throw his lightning bolt, BOOM Poseidon already knocked him off his feet with a wave. Zeus tries to stand up but Poseidon causes a earthquake that make it impossible for Zeus to stand. Poseidon makes the earthquake last for a long time and causes massive tsunamis to land on Zeus's back and ...more

I love him. He is the best. I mean I would take a dip in the beach rather than jump into open air or jump into the ground. Besides, he has courage. He fights man to man with his trident.( Even if he can just use it to cause earthquakes or hurricanes.) Unlike cowardly Zeus who uses a lightning bolt which is a projectile or even worse, Hades who just puts on the helm of darkness and vanishes. Another thing, he is cool. He made horses out of sea foam. OUT OF FRIGGING SEA FOAM! Of course on his bad days he caused earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and caused volcanoes. But then again we all throw temper tantrums right? By the way, Poseidon was the one who killed Cronus/Kronos. Zeus toppled Cronus/Kronos but Poseidon actually was the one who slew him. So basically, POSEIDON ROCKS. EVERY OTHER GOD (especially Zeus and hades) SUCKS COMPARED TO POSEIDON!

Gods! Poseidon is the strongest, Zeus is king but being king doesn't mean he is strongest. Zeus only became king because he defeated Kronos, Poseidon could have but he was inside Kronos' stomach while Zeus was outside. Poseidon can control the seas, and can create storms, which is kind of Zeus' domain cause it is in the sky, and make earthquakes which happens on earth which is like Hades' domain. Which means he can control his own domain, plus a tiny bit of Hades and Zeus' domain, which makes him stronger. Athena is the wisest though. Aphrodite might be strong because she comes from Uranus, who is a primordial, primordials are stronger than gods and titans combined.

Go poseidon! What would the world be like without the seas/seafood? He is also so powerful physically unlike other gods.

I think Poseidon is the best because #1 he's calm (can get angry SOMETIMES) unlike Zeus who gets angry very easily. #2 He controls basically the whole Earth (excluding the Underworld and Chaos's realm) because he can cause earthquakes and liquids. #3 Zeus is a show and always wants thing to include him or one of his sons (he told Hades to choose sons of his that were kings to be the judges of the Underworld). And that is all I have to say. Oh right most of his sons were jerks (like Hercules)

Think about it. If you were a half-blood who ACTUALLY attended Camp half-blood, or Camp Jupiter and you were a son of Poseidon. And your personal weapon was a TRIDENT you can control ANYTHING! You can control the waters and oceans with your trident, you can slam the trident to the ground and cause a huge earthquake, you can cause violent storms, and communicate with pegasi and horses! You can cause a huge wave and surf it with your bare feet. Besides I think Zeus is a jerk, he is always grumpy and selfish and doesn't give second chances. But Poseidon on the other hand, he is loyal and nice. His children fight well to defend others and worry about their friends more than themselves. They can also be great leaders, and this is why I think Poseidon is the boss.

Just imagine Zeus and Poseidon fighting, it would be so easy for Poseidon just to retreat into the seas with no Zeus being able to follow him and he could just launch the literal seas at Zeus. Zeus would not be able to withstand an attack like that or even hope of blocking it. Imagine millions of gallons of water being hurled at Zeus before it traps him and smashes him over and over and over before Zeus is lying there coughing up water his Bolt now at the bottom of the sea with Poseidon and Poseidon himself could just Andy Zeus now. Like come on Poseidon is the best and the ultimate badass who is kind and fair to everybody...

Well look at this god. From the history he has to the days of Percy Jackson he is just amazing. And for a Zeus voter yes Poseidon was chosen as the next king when Zeus tied up in the magical chair. And lets not forget when Poseidon was stripped of his immortality for a punishment for trapping Zeus he was forced to make the Trojan wall along with Apollo and Poseidon carried 500 lbs of wood every time he carried the wood and he made the wall faster than Zeus made his throne on Olympus. Poseidon definitely deserves this #1 spot on this list and I can tell why other people agree too.

I would like to point out that Poseidon is better because Zeus is incredibly mean. If Poseidon was king of the gods then there would be far less wars between the Olympians. He would not get angry nearly as quick as Zeus. He would be more popular among the other gods as well as demigods, with the exception of Athena and her children. He would not have banished Hades to the underworld and he would have welcomed him on Olympus.

Poseidon is the most powerful because he controls likely the most powerful force on earth. Zeus's power over lighting and storms is powerful but they are small forces compared to the ocean. Poseidon also controls oceans, earthquakes, storms and hurricanes which are all very powerful. Compared to the power of Poseidon Zeus's power is not as great as it may seem.

I saw someone bad mouthing the other gods. That's really rude. Zeus's lightning bolt isn't stupid (and also, he stripped off Apollo's and Poseidon's immortality. I ask you, how is that not amazing? ). Hades's helmet radiates fear, it's not weird at all. He stays in the Underworld because the gods don't welcome him. And who in the world doesn't want to be as smart as Athena? Ares is the god of war. He's been fighting for eternity. Who thinks that's not cool? and the thing I find most as an insult is that you say Hephaestus is ugly. DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. Okay? Apollo is amazing because he is a god of many things. And who doesn't think Artemis is amazing? I would die if someone thinks Artemis is dumb. And lastly, Poseidon. He's the god of the sea, and EARTHQUAKES! How is that not cool?

Poseidon is really amazing.. Until now, I can't really imagine the his brother, zeus, was the king of the gods.. Unfortunately, poseidon has a ability to rule the other gods unlike zeus that he get easily angry... Poseidon is always calm.. And if there is a fight betwen the two, I assure you that poseidon will win... Do you know the reason why? Its because even poseidon will get wounds in their fight.. He had a ability to heal all the aches that's why zeus have no chance to win over poseidon

If I could be a half-blood, I would want to be a son of him. HE IS THE EARTH-SHAKER DUDES! He is also less dramatic than Zeus, and he could also beat Zeus in a godly fight, he has a TRIDENT that is the most powerful weapon in Greek mythology. All Zeus has is that stupid lighting bolt that he throws a temper tantrum whenever it is not in his possession. SCREW ZEUS, I'M GOING WITH POSEIDON!

He is the best of all, strongest as well as the one who should have been chose as a perfect ruler. He has got his main weapon The Trident which is as powerful as Zeus' Bolt and Hades' Helmet of Darkness. If Poseidon gets angry he can even summon mighty earthquakes, tsunamis, and so on. His children as like Percy can even summon little earthquake if they r good at raining

Poseidon is feared by Romans and if we're doing this in Roman terms then Neptune. And did you know why the Romans feared Poseidon...because of his power! And they barely fear Zeus because he does not have the greatest power and Romans are afraid of offending Poseidon/Neptune so they don't do much about him. Poseidon The Earth Shaker to Neptune the Storm Bringer Poseidon is the greatest greek god of all.

He is the best greek god ever! He is my favorite personally. I did a report on him. He is the best because he has the TRIDENT which is like the most awesome weapon in weapon history. He is also really cool because he has a bunch of sea animals which are so coo!

Although he is a cool Olympian Greek God, he is not as destructive as Zeus, possibly even Hades. If you read real Greek or Roman Mythology, you guys should know this. Don't just read or watch Percy Jackson, it's completely irrelevant and has a lot of false facts in it. In fact, Poseidon was just as notorious or cruel as Zeus and Hades. Although Zeus himself, the ruler of the Olympian Gods said that Poseidon was second to him, that is kind of false because Hades is much more destructive in power, read Mythology by Edith Hamilton, she chooses her sources carefully, mostly off of Odyssey and the Iliad by Homer and she also has some Ovid in there too. In my opinion, Poseidon should be #3 below Hades, or maybe #2 just because of how "popular" he is cause of the Percy Jackson series...

Zeus has to get lightning bolt he can't make lightning bolts out of thin air bu Poseidon can control water from his hands plus lightning can't harm water it can only stay in it so if Zeus threw a lightning bolt at Poseidon could just throw water and lighting will get stuck in the water and make it more powerful.

The sea is very beautiful, and powerful. Water is also cool because it has life-giving properties and such. Earthquakes are very powerful as well. Poseidon has to be THE coolest god.

Poseidon is awesome, he is the god of all the waters, storms, earthquakes and horses. As well as this, he carries a trident (most amazing weapon ever), his son Triton is the father of the Tritons (ancient Greek mermaids) so he is the grandfather of the first mermaids, he lives in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea, he is married to the sea nymph Amphitrite who is daughter of Neurus the old man of the sea (a shape shifting sea deity) and finally, he rides in a sea chariot pulled by a hippocampus (sea horse) which is the best animal ever! What's not to like?

I would say Poseidon is the best if Zeus and Poseidon were to fight Poseidon would win because if Zeus tried to strike him with a lighten bolt Poseidon can summon a tsunami and the lighten would hit it and Poseidon could send it back shocking Zeus.

I like Poseidon because of Percy Jackson. Also, Zeus is only powerful because of his dumb lightning bolt. If you have seen Percy Jackson then you would see how weak he is. Also, I love Water. He can just swallow up Zeus in water and absorb Zeus's bolts with water. Also, he can create huge waves, he can make horses, and he is the strongest because he is the god of earthquakes too.

Poseidon was the best god because he was chosen as the rightful king of gods but as a thanks for freeing him he was loyal an gave he crown to Zeus. He could control all of earths surfaces and natural disasters making him my favorite god.

Poseidon is awesome and have you ever read Percy Jackson it is the best series ever to control water and all that stuff it is just TOO EPIC and I love horses because unicorns are horses so POSEIDON FOR LIFE PEOPLE AND IF YOU DARE SAY HE STINKS I WILL (Content Deleted)