Top 10 Happy Tree Friends Characters

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1 Flippy

A Great Character, I Love His Murderous Attitude when He's Gone Insane/Berserk! It's Pretty Cute When He's Normal and Juts Tries to Help Out, Unless He Hears Anythign Related To War, I really like his hat and outfit, and I love his Skin Color, Pastel Green. Rate This 10/10

Ah yes flippy, most favorite character in happy tree friends no doubt, why?, well lets admit it we found out being psychopath is so damn cool, in the other word, flippy/fliqpy is a badass character. I love him so much, I like all of he's personality in one, also he's been ship with flaky and I really love it HAHA I don't know what to say enough I just admire him.

This should be the song he sings before he kills someone (Inspired by The Little Mermaid):
I'll admit that most things are not perfect
That I've always understood
But as much as it is sad, you'll find they've made me so bad
I'll ruin your life for good! (True? Yes! )

Yes, I know of such a show
I'm a mint green army bear
I'm cute, but I'll also make you constipated
When you see me, you too will soon be a

Poor unfortunate soul!
Completely shocked!
If you want to see something nice, I'm sorry to say, you are busted!
I guarantee!
You're be a poor unfortunate soul
If you make me flip out
Don't say I didn't warn ya, because honestly
I can't help you, you should know
Now it's happened on occasions, that someone holding a gun or a knife
Inadvertently saw this catastrophe
Flaky doesn't seem to care, because our love is still on the air
So you better trust me!

You'll literally lose your head if you see ...more

Honestly, I think flippy is my fave because he is so horribly understood. Most characters think he is just a murderous psychopath who is fueled on blood but I find him on a different level
Than just a murderer. Plus it's not his fault, if I had the traumatic experience he had, I would also go insane if anything reminded me of what happened. Point is it don't care if he kills people, I think he is just a sweetheart and I wish I was him and/or was him.

2 Nutty

Nutty is my 3rd favorite character, because he kinda eats a lot of candy like me tho, I do like his design how he just has candy stuck to his head and body tho.

He's a really unique character. he doesn't have diabetes and his left eye seems to just be fake, this dude could probably have a really chaotic backstory

He's my 2nd favorite because of how funny he is and he keeps yelling when he saw a candy. I like flippy too but I think he's sooooo overrated as well.

Nutty is so cute and crazy! He loves to have fun and is always so energetic! He's friends with everyone and never argues with anyone! I admit he can act foolish when mistaking cement for sugar and Christmas lights for candy but that's what makes him funny! Foolishness is Funniness!

3 Flaky

Flaky is my second favorite character she's sweet and also kind, I also like it how's she's shy a bit, I don't know why a lot of people hate her tho.

I love Flippy, but I think he's a bit overrated. Flaky is probably the best character in this little messed up cartoon. Not only is she adorable, she is probably the one with the most common sense. She is no coward, just overly cautious, and she has quite a lot of phobias, but you can't blame her if you live in a world like HTF.

She is the best character HTF. I want her to be in first place and Flippy second place. I like her feelings. She has higher kill count.

She is my favorite because she is kind and she never gives up on people/animals. She is kind of like me she is allergic to peanuts like me, she is shy like me, and she is kind just like me.

4 Handy

I might put Handy as my 1st favorite character, because it's kinda funny how when tries to do something that is ment to do with hands he just glares at the screen and just makes an angry sound.

One of the cutest characters, if not the cutest, I like his design, voice and when he gets mad over not having any hands. He has one of the absolute worst torture episodes of the entire series (Don't Yank my Chain), so my sympathy for him goes up.

He is my fauvorite because he breaks fourth wall every time he tries to use his arms and that is just so cute with his low chance of survival you know he will die horrible death every time he is featured in a episode. And he is so cute as amputee worker beaver

Cutest design. Also hilarious how he can drive to a work site off screen, yet he can't get out of his car once he gets there, gets flustered and glares at the camera.

5 Lumpy

Lumpy is the cutest and funniest character in the series! He's so funny especially when his stupidity gets the better of him!

He's the absolute epitome of the show. By far the funniest character. Has a good heart, and never means harm.

Lumpy is funny when Cuddles blew him up because he played his guitar really loud which led cause Lumpy to blow up. LMFAO

He's probably the funniest character, but he gets too much screen time in my opinion.

6 Cuddles

He's really cute and he's always happy and motivated to have fun, also I think it's cute when he wants to hang out with Flaky, and he tries to motivate her because she's afraid, he reminds me of Spongebob, both are happy, and naive, and they're yellow, with red cheeks, and a big smile

In my opinion, he deserves a higher ranking. He is just so cute! (besides cub). I also really like his personality

Cuddles is so cute! I like how he's so protective to a giggles.

He is so cute and adorable!

7 Lifty

Both Lifty and Shifty are my favorite characters, but, I would have to say I like Lifty a bit more to be honest. Lifty's just the smarter and frankly funnier character in my opinion. I also love how he's with his brother through thin and thick. There's no stopping Lifty from always having his brothers back, even though Shifty has betrayed him on multiple occasions. Lifty is all around a amazing yet evil character in my eyes. He defiantly has my vote as the best of the Happy Tree Friends character!

Lifty was always my personal favorite character of the show. When I was going through some rough patches in my life (my girlfriend left me at the time, and I was still living with my parents) I turned back to happy tree friends as a source to escape from reality. Lifty changed me. I hope he revives you too.

Lifty is the funniest character in my opinion. Somehow, there are people who say they are Happy Tree Friends fans, yet say stuff like, "Lifty is just a stupid clone of Shifty! ". I don't know how they call themselves a fan of htf and say that. just my opinion though.

Lifty is my favorite in the whole happy tree friends. He laughs when his brother dies but doesn't betray him.

8 Mime

Mime is very cute! In my opinion he's kinda impressive, I like it how he's nice and also talented, that's why I putted him to my favorite character list.

Go MIME! I love your hobbies, and you are in my opinion the nicest character of them all!

Probably the cutest character actually, I wish he had more prominence.

He's the most interesting character in my opinion.

9 Russell

I don't like pirates. But Russell is different and I love him.

Seriously?! Number 13?! You goofballs, he should be Number 1!

I love this pirate boy and the pirate noises he makes.

Yar. This character is supposed to be in the top 5

10 Sniffles

I don't know why but sniffles is one of my favourite. Pity he dies in 13/59 of the episodes he appears in. And while keeping his innocence, he still has the 4th highest kill count as of far, with 111 official kills. This record is only exceeded by Lumpy (350 confirmed kills), Pop (157 confirmed kills) and Flippy/Fliqpy (141 confirmed kills).

I honestly love Sniffles. He has by far the hardest deaths, but he is really smart, and he never does anything mean. I wish he was more well liked, because him and Flaky are my favorites ;-;

He's my favorite, it's not fair that those ants treat him like junk (they've also got annoying voices). I hope that Sniffles finally eats those ants one day.

Not a big fan but I feel sorry for him because of all of his deaths.

The Contenders
11 Lammy

Wish she had more episodes, she's cute and I would like to see more of her and Mr. Pickels, as they have done basically nothing since "Royal Flush".

She's friends with a pickle who like to murder the other characters like Fliqpy. How cool.

Lifty and Shifty are my favorites.

Why a pickle as a friend?

12 Cub

Welp I can't stand cubs cuteness and I think I have a conclusion on cubs debatable death on vicious cycle. It might be that cub died offscreen or fliqpy never kill babies.

Pop ends up getting him killed by accident. That's funny and sad at the same time. He's pretty cute.

Honestly? I think Cub is underrated

Y does he have to die so much!?

13 Giggles

She is so so cute and its funny how she mistakes Petunias eye for a lemon in Eyes Cold Lemonade.

Giggles has a really cute girly personality (maybe it's cliche, but I like these types of characters). She doesn't deserve the hate she gets :(

She is very sexy (o< o)

14 Pop

He always goes on his knees after cub dies, shouts "NOO! " and cries. Pop is so cute, and is really funny because cub always dies but pop usually doesn't

Pop maybe the worst parent of all time but he tries his very best to protect Cub. Also, he even gets really sad if Cub dies.

Pop, pop is a cute and loveable character, most likely because of his relationship with his son.

He's not the best father but he does care for his child. I like both pop and cub

15 Petunia

A Pretty Cool Character, The Fact That Petunia Is a Skunk That's Blue, (Blue is One of my Favorite Colors) This One Is Pretty Cool, Also, I haven't seen her too much in the series(I think). I'd Rate this 9/10

Great character, but a little boring. I do love her death though in "Wishy Washy". In my opinion, it is the hardest death to watch!

Petunia is so cute and nice! She never argues with anyone and is always willing to help!

Petunia is very cute! I like it how she has a flower on her head, She's very nice to!

16 Toothy

Why 16#. Who cares about Toothy having personality or not. He is amazing. I like him. He is the Cuddles 's best friend. He kills very much.

Toothy just needs a push in the right direction to gain development.

Toothy is underrated :-/

Toothy is so cute!

17 Shifty

Shifty is an adorable jerk. He's not the best brother, but he DOES look out for Lifty. His tendency of killing his brother is what makes him funny.

Okay, here's a headcanon: The HTFs know they'll come back if they die, which is why Shifty always abandons his brother. I don't think he would if deaths were permanent.

Shifty is ok I like it how in one episode Shifty and lifts try to bribe nutty with video games or candy.

I love how he leaves his brother to die.

18 Disco Bear

He makes one fabulous character that ain't no lie my only concern is why do people hate him so much? He needs more lovin

He should be in the top 3 or even the top 2!

To be honest Disco Bear is a really cool character, when he cried in one of his episodes... I kind of cried.

In my opinion, he's like BB from FNaF: The fandom wants to hate somebody. They need a scapegoat. They find Disco Bear.

Oh come on, this guy is 1000 times cooler than any other character.

19 Mole

(Some Spoilers)

To be honest. This guy is the character in HTF that made me laugh the most. Not just when he kills someone unintentionally but in other cases as well like when he handcuffed and pepper sprayed a vending machine and closes the window of his car when he got cold(even though he's car's roof was... umm... gone). For me. Mole is a really unique and cool character, even becoming a secret agent while his blind. Finally his personality. Even though he killed almost everyone in HTF, he's still a very nice character even bringing his date (supposed to be Giggles but mistaken Lumpy instead) in very nice places.

I like him. I think he's my favorite. It's funny when he kills someone unintentionally, and surprising when he dies, because he used to be the luckiest.

He's a blind guy, who's hilarious antics get the others killed. Especially good when paired with Lumpy

He's blind, he's mute, he's hard of hearing, ya know him, ya love him, he's The Mole!

20 Splendid

He's my 4th favorite.

I'm not a fan of superman but splendid is another different story

21 Splendont

He is kind of cool and handsome another choice!

22 Mouse Ka-boom

I want to kiss mouse ka-boom!

Mouse Ka_boom is stupid

23 Truffles

Okay. Maybe he is worse and have only many appearances. But he is okay. I wish he won Lammy before. So having a major role and showing his different character.

Headcanon: It's an unspoken rule in Happy Tree Town that they won't eat meat that comes from the same species of a resident, so they try to keep out the tastier animals, like pigs and cows. This is why Truffles is always hiding; he's a pig, and if he moves in, nobody will be able to eat bacon anymore.

He is a stalker in lots of episodes if you look around the backround for a little bit.

Why did lam my beat him

24 Sneaky

This guy is always overshadowed by Flippy and MK, show the guy some love?

25 Tiger Leader

I like how he is very similar to my favorite characters: Shifty. I love the guards as well

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