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1 Cackletta Soul

The fight is very long, and her attacks are very dangerous. At least, they are not too crazy, execepts for the attack where she throws balls of energy at you that are green and pink. This is the only fight in the series where a boss is so hard that it's actually a bad thing. I find Dark Fawful, Elder Princess Shroob, Kamek from Dream Team hard too but, at least they are a good challenge. This boss is annoying.

In the orginals his arms were still elemental and in the orginal you would want one of the bros speed to be 120 to outspeed Cackletta soul to heal

This boss was so tricky! She has so much HP and you can't even attack her soul unless you defeat the other parts of her, and it takes forever! Even with Easy Mode this boss is very hard! - darthvadern

In the original games, this boss is very likely to go first, meaning that there's a chance of losing immediately.

The remake makes this boss even harder due to two changes:
1) Her arms become elemental, meaning that Fire and Thunder Bros. (and their stronger counterparts) can heal her arms if your attack targets the wrong arm.
2) There was an attack she uses in the original that requires you to knock back energy orbs, damaging her. In the remake, this attack doesn't reflect, so no loads of damage to the boss when this move is used. The remake also gave the bestiary better stats, somher attacks hits harder.

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2 Dreamy Bowser

It took me at least 1 month of trying to beat him at least three times a day to finally beat this boss in my opinion this is the hardest boss I have ever played against

Between having some of the highest stats in the series, tricky patterns, minion summoning, and one of the best boss themes ever in my opinion, he more than qualifies.

I was never able to beat in my first playthrough, so I had to play the game agiain and fight every common enemy

Even when I had very good gear that lets you have infinite items, and heals BP and HP a good amount each turn, I still almost died to this boss. The hardest by far.

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3 Princess Shroob / Elder Princess Shroob

This makes cackletta look like a goomba

After destroying Princess Shroob, you think that your journey finally comes to an end, and that the princess is safe...well, meet Elder Princess Shroob everyone! The supreme ruler of the Shroobs, this monster has a whopping 3,500 hp, with many attacks that can do massive damage...and when you finally destroy her, she activates her crown...and another 3,000 health. Except this time, you have to disable her legs and her crown to be able to do more than 1 damage to her at a time. AND she attacks you multiple times per turn, far more than Cackletta does. There is no debate about it; Elder Princess Shroob is the hardest boss in the M&L series.

These and Shrowser were the only bosses in the game that weren't just absolute jokes.

I know, right?! Nonetheless, M&L: PIT is the best Mario & Luigi game ever.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is top 1 on best Mario & Luigi games, with Superstar Saga being top 2, Bowser's Inside Story being top 3 & Dream Team being top 4.

Nah Bowser's Inside Story is easily the best of the series. But still Elder Princess Shroob is one of the hardest bosses in the series - Pikachu7586

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4 Zee Keeper

A pretty fun boss battle with decent challenge. Except for the motion controls glitch. That's probably why this is here.

His attacks are REALLY strong, and hard to dodge. You're either lucky or skilled if you can dodge all (or at least most) of his attacks in the dimensional rift.

The rift was way to easy

5 Memory ML

Yeah right. seriously megasparklegoomba in paper Mario sticker star is harder than those two wimps

6 Dark Fawful

One ahots you and I hate it

Really? I found him rather easy. Compared to Ice Midbus, of course. - Garythesnail

7 Dark Star X

He has so much HP. The biggest problem? Not enough turns if your going on the path to Bowser X, who did 253 damage to the bros.

That guy sucked to beat with him having like nine fakes instead of six

8 Elder Shrooboid

The 4 turns till game over and spikey head screwed me over way too many times you need more then 4 turns

9 Antasma X

...I can not tell you how much I HATE Antasma even in his normal form for his attacks are super deadly and can weaken you one attacks is when he turns into a hundred bats (this attacks is used in the very very first fight with him) bit the probably is ther Eid chance if you get hit you will fall asleep and Antasma will put you in a nightmare where he will attack you with fire balls untill you jump into a portal that wakes you go in the wrong one and you got to avoid a bunch of attacks and you will be stuck in the nightmare into you either die or go in the right portal and that is just one of his attacks also in his X form his attacks in increase a lot he is a incredible pain but it feels sooo good to kill him be really prepared for a bad time

He’s one of my favourite bosses in any mario game period! Nintendo should have gave him a better ending than he was given in the game

Antasma is my favorite boss in any RPG game.

The original Antasma was arguably my favorite fight in the game, and it certainly delivered on difficulty, but Antasma X was NIGHTMARISH. You get only 14 turns to defeat him-and if he sends you to the nightmare world, you lose one. You'll need to use as many Luiginary attacks as possible if you even want a chance of taking him down. - Garythesnail

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10 Bowser X

This guy should be the flipping number 1! I completely underestimated him on my first tIme. I was like "oh yeah this guy should be difficult. Nothing I can't manage" but I was clearly blind on how powerful he is. His speed made it hard to dodge, and when I got hit, I was like "253 damage?!?!?! Are you flipping kidding me?!?!?! This boss is already a nightmare! " The item stealing thing isn't that bad, unless it's healing items or OP Bros Attacks. I had so many turns gone. number 1 by far. Cackletta's Soul is NOTHING compared to this.

Not only do you have to get through the 6 X bosses before him in the boss rush to battle him, his attacks are borderline impossible to avoid and he does a TON of damage. - Garythesnail

Why is this guy not in at least the top 5? Not only does this guy deal so much damage, but his Shy Guy attack is practically a guaranteed death for one of the Bros if you can't defend against it, which is easily the most difficult to defend against. If that wasn't enough, this guy also steals any Bro moves you use for 5 turns. Why is this guy not higher?!?!

This guy is a nightmare. First of all, you have 35 turns to beat him AND every other battle ring boss. Second, even if you're a master magic window attacker, it's incredibly hard, since he INHALES your bros. items. His attacks are hard to dodge, plus they do insane amounts of damage! The first time I played this game, it took me 10 TRIES OF PURE AGONY just to beat him! The only reason I won the 10th time is because I Magic Window'd 5,000 of his HP. Even dealing the last 2,000 damage is brutal! How is he not #1?!

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The Newcomers

? Larry (Superstar Saga)
? Mortan and Wendy

The Contenders

11 Big Massif

I found him pretty easy

12 Queen Bean

This one's easy! - darthvadern

13 Ludwig and Larry (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam) Ludwig and Larry (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)

Honestly, both the first and second battle were difficult, even for me. Many people consider this the most difficult boss in Paper Jam. I think they should be fairly high on the list.

I played this battle like a million times and I never could beat it until I put it in easy mode these guys are beast

Yeah, it took me forever to get through these guys. Ludwig was a big problem.

Really hard Ludwig was really hard to beat

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14 Fawful Express

Whaa? Fawful express? Hard? When I played bowser's inside story I thought it was very easy (I actually found all giant battles very easy, but I never reached the point where you fight peach's castle)

The DS' shoddy mic makes it hard to land Bowser's fire attacks to Excellents, which is essential for this boss. With annoying attacks and DS' mic, this is the only boss besides Bowser X that took me several tries to beat. By far the hardest of the giant fights still.

15 Bowser Jr. (Dream Team) Bowser Jr. (Dream Team) Bowser Jr., or sometimes simply Jr., is a video game character who appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise as the secondary antagonist. As his name implies, he is the son of the series' primary antagonist, Bowser.

I mean look at it. You got 45 turns to beat The other bosses in the battle ring, including the big bad antasma x. Then you got this little dude stealing your moves when you have like 5 turns left. Bowser Jr. is hard


16 Dark Star Core
17 Fawful (Superstar Saga) Fawful (Superstar Saga) Fawful, known in Japan as Gerakobits, is a fictional character appearing in the Mario & Luigi series of role-playing video games developed by AlphaDream.

If you're talking about the second fight then yeah. Very hard and his shield is very annoying as well! - darthvadern

"IT IS THE OVERHEAT! " - Garythesnail

18 Blizzard Midbus

Oh no no no

19 Cackletta (1st fight) Cackletta (1st fight)

This was pretty hard! Her attacks can be very random and it's hard to time your jumps right! - darthvadern

Her attacks are fast-paced and do tons of damage, and it can catch you by surprise the first time. - Garythesnail

20 Bowser Jr (Paper Jam)

He is just our right INSANITY

21 Kamek Duo

These guys are not that bad in the main story, but in the battle ring they are incredibly tough. Both of the kameks attacks deal brutal amounts of damage that can outright KO your bros in one hit! There attacks are already difficult to dogde, especially that chase sequence...

22 Giant Bowser (Dream Team)

It was all easy until the star driver and its retarded controls. I was as mad as hell when he was revived, damn you Kamek I'm still trying to get past this abomination, thanks for wasting countless hours of my childhood Nintendo!

23 Shiny RoboBowser (Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam)

Takes a LONG time to beat and at the level I was at, almost every attack could kill me in one hit!

By FAR the hardest non-bonus boss in the series - xandermartin98

24 Hermie III

This guy had way too much HP to the point it takes forever to make him lose half of the HP! - darthvadern

This guy was tough on my first playthrough, and still gives me trouble to this day. - JTLH101

25 Bob Landrik
26 Alpha Kretin (Bowser's Inside Story)

This boss was hard! I want to have the remake let you play as Starlow during the fight instead of Luigi.

27 Chuckolator

I don't remember this being hard - darthvadern

28 Wendy (Superstar Saga)

I don't remember much - darthvadern

29 Mammoshka (Dream Team)
30 Earthwake (Dream Team)
31 Bowser And Antasma

It took me forever!

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