Top Ten Hardest Obstacles in American Ninja Warrior

A new ANW list and this list here shows the hardest obstacles to complete in.

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1 Double Wedge

If you think the Flying Bar, Slippery Summit, Walking Bar or the Stair Hopper are difficult, this bar-type obstacle is the worst of all. You have to move the bar to wedge through the obstacle in a perfect horizontal line without tilting down and causing to fall. - TechnicallyIDoComics

I thought the NORMAL wedge looked hard. This obstacle doubles the difficulty. - PhoenixAura81

Seals so many fates. By far the hardest. - PackFan2005

The wedge is hard the double wedge is too hard

2 Ultimate Cliffhanger

Some Cliffhangers aren't too hard, but if fingers starts to weary from few obstacles, the Ultimate Cliffhanger is the hardest part to get through if you're fully-trained enough to beat it. Plus to make it even more harder is you have to hop one Cliffhanger to another and another. - TechnicallyIDoComics

Very few got past this

It took out ryan stratis and the godfather david campbell

Hardest on tage 1 - TheRealLifeNinja

3 Curved Body Prop

This obstacle tests core strength, your hands, your feet, almost every part of your body and you must sustain a very uncomfortable position while progressing downwards literally right above the water, then you must elevate like 15 feet and grab onto the next obstacle without ground.

A normal Body Prop has been hard once, but it's been conquered many times from the past. Now the Curved Body Prop (shapes like a letter U) is harder as it looks and I bet it hurts the stomach unless you're well-trained for it.. - TechnicallyIDoComics

This is so easy
I can do it and I am an eight year old!

4 Cane Lane

It took out 9? people including Jesse labreck and Travis Rosen

A brand new obstacle for 2018 in the Indianapolis Finals which is tough to do and to do so you must move the cane above you and hop tough spots without missing and hooked off the rail. - TechnicallyIDoComics

It should be hardest obstacle of 2018

Drew Drechsel fell here...

5 Salmon Ladder

The veterans and some rookies are getting better at this obstacle and it's less hard as if it's normal. Now if it's a double or down-up version of the Salmon Ladder, it might be little disoriented. - TechnicallyIDoComics

My biceps = dying

6 Jumping Spider

I definitely think jumping spider is more difficult than this - Listmaker5000

Easy, but some veterans and rookies have their ups and downs on this obstacle and even Kacy Catanzaro had hell of a time beating this. - TechnicallyIDoComics

Oof my shoulder

7 Hang Climb

It's a short obstacle to complete even it's a ceiling rock-climbing, but after crossing several obstacles in Stage 3 your fingers will still be aching and you won't be hanging on longer. - TechnicallyIDoComics

8 Rolling Thunder

It looks easy, but if your hands and arms are already getting tired this one could turned the blink of an eye for failing. - TechnicallyIDoComics

People banged their faces on the wheel

9 Hourglass Drop

If you think the Unstable Bridge and the Wave Runner are hard, wait until you try the Hourglass Drop. This obstacle is tough to nail the gripping plus to make this harder you must jump on a trampoline to reach the other platform and yes they do moved just like it's previous cousins. - TechnicallyIDoComics

10 The Wingnuts

The Wingnuts does look easy in the City Opening and Finals, but that time on Stage 2 got carried away and one Wingnut was a bit too far away from the dismount. - TechnicallyIDoComics

It took out some big game

Yeah, but 1) the Wingnuts are still hard just by jumping one to another and 2) you're right, the last Wingnut on Stage 2 is little too far away. Even Daniel Gil and Drew Drechsel failed miserably on that, too.

The Contenders

11 Wingnut Alley

Wingnuts were too far apart and the dismount was impossible

The only reason drew fell was because he over shot the last wing nut before the dismount

It also took out abel gonzalez

It took out a whole bunch of ninjas

12 Angry Birds

Hate this obstacle from the 2019 Baltimore finals and especially it named after an app game and a movie; took out 22 competitors. The blinded grab on one of the Angry Birds is the worst part that nobody can pass. It better not show up again around the National Finals in Las Vegas!

Actually I hope the angry birds obstacle comes back. The point of obstacles are to challenge ninjas and to be able to highlight the ones who can beat it. The obstacle isn't impossible, so if it comes back, it's almost guaranteed to have at least one finisher. - 0w0uwu

This. Infernal. Obstacle. Remove the blind grab and it's OK. But they HAD to put that horrible blind grab in it.

Blind grab shouldn’t have been in the obstacle if no one could do it

Nobody... not even the legends like Najee Richardson and Jamie Rahn completed it.It is the most difficult you have to do a BLIND GRAB IN MIDAIR!

13 Vertical Limit

Just to look back at my ANW list, it seems I have discovered that the Vertical Limit will be a nightmare to come on ANW and it's tougher than a Cliffhanger with 1 centimeter hold for fingertips. That's like getting your fingers smashed by a window, so best way to beat it is start practicing, practicing and more practicing on the obstacle. - TechnicallyIDoComics

One second on this obstacle = fail

Yet to appear on ANW, this is like the Ultimate Cliffhanger extreme

It is so hard

14 Mega Warped Wall

If you think this is easy. How did Joe Moravsky, Isaac Caldiero, James McGrath, Jody Avila and Jamie Rahn failed on this obstacle


My legs

15 Floating Steps

Super easy.

16 Deja Vu

It took out Daniel Gil

17 Elevator Climb

This is insane especially after the first 9 obstacles

Pump pump PUMP

Flip Rodriguez, Brent Steffenson, Thomas Stillings, JJ Woods and Jessie Graff all fell on this obstacle

18 Flying Bar

If my bar rolls, if I lose grip, if I do a technical mistake! Heart Attack!

It took out brian arnold and ian dory

19 Invisible Ladder

This was a bad name for the obstacle, there isn’t any ladder there that’s invisible

Carrying your entire weight on each arm - Not_A_Weeaboo

It took out jamie rahn drew drechesl flip rodreguiz and j j woods

20 Big Dipper

Actually what I meant to say is the Double Dipper. This obstacle is more tougher than the original Big Dipper and this is a major setback that destroyed weatherman Joe Moravsky and Flip Rodriguez. - TechnicallyIDoComics

21 Floating Monkey Bars
22 En Garde

It's just like the flying bar and pipe slider together but in mid air you need to readjust then cross a blue gate adjust again then land


23 Leaps of Faith

You have to swing hard enough and be able to hold on to a small ledge and leap three times to the same length of ledges, one of them being a blind, midair transition. - 0w0uwu

This obstacle took out 11 competitors. And some big names like Kevin Bull and Adam Rayl.

24 Tire Run

If Drew haven't had that Safety Pass. Then he would be done for, and didn't win that million dollars and title of Second American Ninja Warrior Champion.

It just took out drew on Monday. On stage one.

True, but thanks to the safety pass Drew beats Tire Run without failing and completed Stage 1 on his second chance. - TechnicallyIDoComics

25 Snake Run

Took out Geoff britten and Travis ros

26 Iron Maiden
27 Spin Hopper
28 Giant Log Roll

First of all it’s the Giant Log Grip
Second of all it was an obstacle that was extremely fast

It took out Jamie Rahn, Brent Stefensen,and Meagan Martin.

29 Nail Clipper
30 Twist and Fly

It took out brian arnold

31 Double Dipper
32 Ninjago Roll
33 Northwest Passage
34 Spinning Bridge

Took out Tyler Yamahuchi

35 Spider Trap

This obstacle took out 3 competitors in Seasons 10/11. In Season 10, it was rookie Spencer Clapp, Veterans Dan Polizzi and James McGrath. And in Season 11, it was Kenneth Niemitalo, Jody Freeman and R.J Roman(It was mostly because of the rainy weather).

36 Circuit Board

It's like the key lock hang

37 Pegboard
38 Hazard Cones

It took out Danny Eiskant

39 Metal Spin
40 Doorknob Arch
41 Wave Runner

In it's debut, it took out half of the competitors who attempted. And eliminated some big names like Adam Rayl, Jessie Graff, Flip Rodriguez and most shockingly Joe Moravsky which ended his stage 2 buzzer streak.

42 Propeller Bar
43 Cannonball Drop
44 Slippery Summit
45 Flying Squirrel
46 Stair Hopper

Took out Geoff Britten, Jamie Rahn, Kevin Bull Jessie Graff and Drew Drechsel

47 Up for Grabs
48 Snap Back
49 Block Run

This obstacle also took out Jody Avila and Brandon Mears

Took out isacc calderiero

50 Slam Dunk
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