Top Ten Hardest School Subjects

As if school isn't hard enough, this list tells what is the hardest!!!

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1 Physics

For the majority of people, physics is very touch because it is applying numbers to concepts that can be very abstract. Electricity and Magnetism is just one example that can be taught during the first year. For me, physics is actually quite simple and it is very interesting when you fully understand it and its applications. If you fundamentally understand what is happening, sure equations are nice but you understand why the equation works, making it much easier to memorize instead of just guessing which equation to use. But for me Foreign Languages are the hardest to learn just because I could never take the time to learn another one. They say the best way to learn is to go to another country though.

I consider myself to be pretty good at math and science. I did great in calculus, biology, and chemistry, however physics was a different story. After taking it in high school I swore I would never put myself through it again, but after deciding to major in chemical engineering I took it once again in college. I thought I might understand it better the second time having already taken it a couple years prior. I didn't. Physics is just one of those subjects where you either get it or you don't. You have to be able to understand how to properly apply the equations you learn. There isn't really a set equation for any type of problem. Physics is a subject more about applying your knowledge rather than memorizing a bunch of information.

I always loved science since I was a kid. It has always been my favorite area in school as I am very curious person by nature, and I tend do be quite good at it. I had straight A's in all my bio and chem classes throughout my school years so far, and so when I first took a physics class I thought it would be easy (considering math was also easy for me).

I can still remember it perfectly: The second semester of 9th grade, the semester in which I was introduced to physics. I remember being so confused by everything. So many formulas, so many concepts, so many calculations. I never fully understood physics when I began taking it that year, but I managed to pass it with a good grade by simply applying formulas. This year in 10th grade, I decided to take physics again (the entire year this time) just so that I can complete physics forever (or at least until I graduate from highschool). This new level of physics is 9.9x10^99 times harder, and I feel like my head is going to explode ...more

Is the best and so easy I love it!

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2 Chemistry

I am an honors student in college who was looking to major in Environmental Science with an Emphasis in Biology, but this course convinced me to change my major. Intro chem and the first semester of general chemistry weren't hard, and I got an A grade in both. However, I failed the second semester of general chemistry twice. The second semester of general chemistry is PURE HELL. I have never had a class that was so difficult and so stressful as this one. You know a class is hard when it's harder than your precalculus math class (which isn't that bad as long as you work hard and make sure your algebra and trigonometry is strong). Chemistry takes any concepts you learned in algebra and combines them with abstract concepts. While the first semester of general chemistry built up on concepts your learned in intro chem, the second semester is almost entirely new material with a constant stream of difficult and tedious work coming at you 50 miles a minute. The first semester of general ...more

There are so many rules and exceptions, and lot of memorization!

Science was actually my favorite subject as a kid. I always looked forward to going to my science class in middle school, for it was my best class. As a current freshman in high school, taking Chemistry Honors, I can now say that science is by far my least favorite subject. I have nothing against science, I simply don't like learning it. Here's why I find this subject difficult:

Chemistry isn't science on its own. Chemistry is actually a mixture of science and math. Now this doesn't really bother me because math isn't hard. However, it is one of the reasons why I find this subject difficult. Normally when you think of science you answer questions based off your own personal knowledge mixed with factual evidence you get from lessons and textbooks.With chemistry that sort of goes away. Because we bring math into the equation, questions in Chemistry will actually require you to think and work out the problem. Questions can differ greatly because of the different possible ways it ...more

Wait, you're a FRESHMAN and taking Chemistry Honors. What are you, a genius? - Overlordofall

Thank you, it should be this way. I teach chemistry and do not want to mislead my students - OR PARENTS!

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3 Foreign Language

everything my teacher says goes in through one ear, and out through the other...

It's second because learning another language is forced, and people who already speak the language really well can take it and get an A+. People like me (who have to take english AND another language) are pretty much required to learn another language from SCRATCH whilst the others get it easy. - mattstat716

I took French for all 4 years and it really didn't get bad until the 4th. Honestly the worst part about a foreign language is all the different tenses and genders and forms of words. It's so confusing. Other than that basic vocabulary isn't hard, and it ends up getting easy to read sentences and know what the words mean even if you have never seen them before. My French 4 in 12th grade was a college level course, so it ended up getting hard, especially since everyone in the class was smarter than I was. The worst part about my experience with French was that I started with such high hopes and excitement, and left with an immense disliking for the language. - ultralyssa

In a certain western state, it is required to take two years to graduate, but it is highly highly frowned upon, and they insist you must take 3 years. Also, if you start from 7th grade, you take two years which then count as one, then two years in high school. It is such a hard subject for me, and I've had so much trouble with it. I've had two bad teachers and one fine one. They showed us awful nursery rhymes in Spanish that make you feel like you're a toddler. The list goes on, but if I could, I would never have taken it. - Ender_

At the moment, we had to have two foreign languages in class. It's pretty hard to remember two languages when I already speak one. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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4 Calculus

I'll make the first 4 chapters of calculus super easy for you. Hope this'll help:

Most of Calculus is really obvious/basic, especially the first four chapters. Textbooks don't explain it well, but it is REALLY obvious. The so called fundamental theorem of calculus? That says that the derivative of the anti-derivative of a function is the original function. HOLD ON! DON'T GET SCARED! LOOK CLOSELY! The words may seem scary. But look. One says derivative. Another says Anti-derivative. What does anti mean? Anti means opposite. So basically, the fundamental theorem of calculus says that if I do something to a function, the do the opposite of what I just did, then I end up with the original function. NO DUH! It also says that the change in y over a certain interval of the anti-derivative is the area under the curve for the original function for that same interval. DON'T PANIC! I'll explain this later!

OK, so I'll explain what derivatives and anti-derivatives actually are. You ...more

Thanks for spending your time to make a subject easier for those who read this list. - kempokid

I'm failing this class right now with a 53 :(

This should really be math... In high school, math is a joke. All of the math leading to calculus and calculus itself isn't too hard as long as the professor doesn't want it to be. Also math in highschool is very memorizable. However once you go past calculus, you realize that not everyone can hope to comprehend higher mathematics. For instance Complex analysis was so hard at my university that the averages were around a 15 out of 100.

I'm only in my third week, and wow, I'm lost. But I also suck at math so

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5 Math

Why exactly is this all seemingly based on the level of the subject studied at school? School curricula are extremely unreliable and maths in school is so dumbed down it's ridiculous. A levels were better but still didn't show what maths is really like! It demands an extremely deep understanding, which makes it both challenging and enjoyable! As for it being so far dwn whilst physics is at the top, pah! I took out a book which started with the proof for special relativity and worked through the proof-and save the fact that I didn't know about Einstein's s=cp equation (which looking back is fairly obvious, considering the way the rest of the proof worked with regard to the relationship between time and the speed of light), I understood most of it. And that was in sixth form. And yet I struggle with some problems in analysis, and just the number of leaps in logic you have to make to understand how corollaries are derived from theorems! Maths is harder than physics, and if curricula had ...more

If High School math was as hard as college math NOBODY would have passed. You need to figure out that High School isn't supposed to be like College. - Overlordofall

I have a B in this subject, and I'm killing myself stressing out over it. I am actually one of the best in my class in math (though it's by far my worst subject) and I don't like my bad grade one bit. Math seriously makes me feel like I have a learning disability. I have ADHD, which causes attention deficit problems, and I have a REALLY hard time paying attention, math in particular. This subject is torturing me from the inside and out. This is also the first year I've had problems with math. I feel like the only one who doesn't understand something. I also don't think memorizing the number Pi is going to help with anything. (And yet, more decimal numbers than I ever care to count of Pi are stuck in my brain. Pi pays little advantage to my school work. ) I am very intelligent when compared with others my age, but math makes me feel like I have the intelligence of Justin Bieber. - RockFashionista

Quite literally the only subject I'm "failing" (A-, but it still really bothers me). The hardest part is that I don't hate math. I actually quite enjoy solving equations and word problems. I'm just so bad at it! I can't think logically and the numbers seem to float aimlessly in my head. I struggle in this class and I clearly won't be going into a mathematical profession. Rather than embarrassing me in class because I can't answer something that seems basic to everyone else, just teach me what I need to know for life. Sure, every job requires math, but basic math and easily calculated math. It's not practical to keep shoving numbers where they don't need to be. - keycha1n

I don't no how my bff always gets a's on her math test

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6 Biology

Biology is by far the most fundamentally useful subject of all the sciences. Being able to understand the logistics of life yields a more appreciative perspective on life. A through foundation of the complexity of life requires hard work though. Taking university courses in chemistry, physics and maths, I can say that biology required the most work to study. I enjoyed studying it the most as it was the most relevant to direct life. Learning about titrations and yields in chemistry, calculus and statistics in math and equations that explain motion in physics.. ALL are relevant but not to the point of biology. I can walk outside and understand every organism and see the beauty in what it holds. I invite any naysayers to look through a microscope at a wet elodea cell and tell me that cytoplasmic streaming isn't awe inspiring...tldr biology is the most work to understand but it's the most rewarding.

Biology is ludicrous. It's literally a ton of pointless information thrown together for you to memorize and try to figure out. Thank god they give you graphs- that is, if the graphs were decipherable by people who didn't already know what they were talking about. Biology also loves to make a habit of talking about certain vocabulary words before ever introducing them, from what I've seen.

At school, I study 3 subjects of science: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. From those 3 subjects, I think Biology is by far the easiest (and the best). Full of theories, yes, but what makes it kinda easy for me is because it's very interesting, and if I'm interested in something, it's easier to study it. If you're interested in living creatures, Biology would be much easier for you - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I don’t get it... it’s so hard I got a 88% when I get 100% in math physics chemistry music and English

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7 English

It is so hard, because it's all about literature and I am not good at it. It is though enough to deal with it and to be right. Old British literature work way too super hard. I think it is better to have English classes in two options, one the part of grammar and modern real life economy English, or if someone wants to take literature then ok. But don't let the student to be forced to take literature classes, otherwise there is too much problem for them

It's extremely hard, especially essays. It's just that to get good grades you have to be very creative and you have to think deeply while following in with the guidelines of grammar and format, you also have to present your work in a way that will convince a reader to agree with your opinion. But you also have to understand your topic at hand as well, having great reading comprehension helps with that (Sadly I don't have that, I never really read that many books). You also have to "think outside of the box", as English class does require a lot of thinking when writing the contents of an essay especially with topics considered broad. Poetry and Narratives are pure hell, understanding of what they mean when writers use a literary term of some sorts is beyond me. Finding the theme of a damn story is even worse, especially when a writer puts multiple themes of a story. My god I hate being horrible at this.

At least in science there is a wonder in it that makes it interesting. How did the universe form? Why are we here? What is the fate of the universe? Those types of things. The wonder in science makes it less difficult because I WANT to do it. I WANT to go to school to learn this. If school was optional, I would still take science classes.

But English is boring and painful which makes it more difficult. I DON'T WANT to do it. I DON'T WANT to analyze literature. Since I don't want to do it, it makes it so hard for me to pick up the pencil and finish the homework day after day.

English as in vocab and grammar is pretty fun and I'm good at it. Reading is the horrid part like oh my god I literally had a B+ in english last quarter. I never seem to be good at it because it's difficult for me to explain things.

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8 History

I love history. Maybe because I memorize things REALLY easily. It's history that gets me to love school. - Pony

This class always makes me stressed. It's very hard and I always get strict teachers. My teacher lied to me saying he doesn't give out homework but then assigns articles to read and analyze. It is very hard for me to fully comprehend everything he gives out to me because I am multilingual. English is not my first language and sometimes I forget some words so it's hard for me to express my understanding into ESSAYS.

Must Be Removed From School Curriculum... It is the worst subject I should say... It Depends On Your Memorizing quality for those unnecessary dates...

Best is PCM... , I should say. Mathematics is my favourite subject. "Mathematics Is Not A Maser To Be Afraid Of, But A Servant To Be Of Help". Really, Mathematics Is Like A Game...

Oh dear... I'm not too good at memorising how things in history started. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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9 Algebra

I had to take Algebra in 7th grade because of a 6th grade placement test, and let me just say that it is not the easiest thing in the world! Try going from the simplistic 6th grade math, where the only "algebra" you were doing were incredibly simple equations with just one or two variables, to much harder equations that included negative numbers, multiple variables on both sides of the equation, and much more complex formulas that you had to learn! It made no sense to me at first, until I finally understood the weird rules as to how everything all works. Now I passed the final exam with flying colors and am hoping Geometry in 8th grade will go a lot smoother for me.

Me too! And I'm taking Pre Cal right now (trigonometry) my sophomore year and trust me, geometry was so much easier because it was based review from algebra 1 and a little more but if you're good with that, algebra 2 will be a little more challenging

Letters are for English.. Numbers are for science.. Dear algebra, I have my own problems, I really don't need to solve yours.. Love, (not really) me

Very easy subject if you tell me. Especially FOIL. I personally LOVE math

It starts out pretty easy with the simplest being " What is a+a+a+a? " It equals 4a. But then it becomes harder and harder until you lose your mind. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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10 Trigonometry

I agree. Trigonometry is so hard. At least with the other math subjects they are built on things you have learned in the past. With Trigonometry, there is about one day of review, and everything else is new. I had straight-As in college before taking this subject. It was a good thing I dropped the class, but now, I have a W (Withdrawal/Fail) on my college transcript.

So frustrating. If you don't understand something completely, your done for. The sad thing is: you either get it or you don't. In order to ace a test you must have near complete mastery over what you have been taught. Countless times I've taken an exam believing that I would do well, but in the end receiving a terrible score. You must be excellent at math to do well in this subject.

If there's a subject that you can barely pronounce, then you KNOW it's gonna be hard.

What is this I've been doing trig since third grade! (Considering I'm not good at math at a l l explains a lot)

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11 Algebra II

I agree. This subject is so damn useless, I feel like removing it from Math, and being the first person on earth to save people from this demon known as Algebra! - archiesweirdmysteries

Even though I already took this I'm in calculus and looking back algebra 2 was the hardest

I'm sitting here with a C in this class. You either get it or you don't and I'm part of the latter. This is the first class I've really struggled in ever and it's really bringing down my self confidence. My motivation is low as well because I just can't bring myself to see the point in all this.

On, go here and find out that math rules us - mathguy37

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12 Geometry

I am a pretty good math student. Passing my math classes with all A's, but when this came around it was horrible! I couldn't understand any of it! My eyes would see shapes and figures, but my mind just couldn't grasp anything it asked me to do. I don't know why, but I found algebra easier than this...

Proofs made math go from my favorite to my least favorite subject in school.

Proofs aren't that bad. It isn't that much math, but it's a heck of a lot of writing. But when you get to the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines... that's when it is the "hard" part of geometry (Algebra is loads harder). - Turkeyasylum

I am deemed to be the best in math out of all my friends. I love math, it is my best subject, but then Geometry came...oh Geometry...I will always keep a special place in hell for you, Algebra is way easier than Geometry.

My teacher gives out up to 6 hour of homework a day and I'm in eighth grade. He doesn't teach, he just collects our homework and tells us to check a website for our new homework. - SirSheep

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13 Science

Science can be really hard too

Exactly, there talking about these long words to do with cells and I'm like what does that mean

When your teacher is talking about science. Every time she say something I always stare at her and think what on earth is this or what she is talking about. Plus science is so boring.

I have a B-

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14 Philosophy

In school I failed Philosophy with the lowest grade allowed in my school... 05E... My teacher told me she didn't give me a lower grade cause she wasnt allowed to...

It's quite easy and interesting learning about other people's views. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

This subject can be taught to a cow come on

I hate school

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15 Accounting

And yet I got a b in accounting 2 the same semester I flunked accounting 1. But yea I flunked 1 a few times.

Soft course, easy to bring average up"

It is very hard but very important

It's like learning a new language, but with microsoft excel.

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16 Engineering

All subject in engineering particularly in physical science is hard

17 Anatomy

very hard to memorize those bones, muscles and theres plenty of them. when you draw it it is equivalent to algebra

Currently taking honors Anatomy for my junior year hs. Its hard when you're lazy and not have enough time to study for it. It has a lot of things and details that you have to know. My teacher give us blank paper for answer sheet and we have to write down the answers without any hints of what the answer is except for the question, we had to do it for the labeling of bones which was A LOTTT. And another thing I hate about anatomy is the physiology part because I just hate when everything goes into details, especially most of those stuff were new to us.

Anatomy is a monstrously huge subject, however it is one of the most interesting and useful. Lots of memorization, but there is a pattern to everything. Learn Latin prefixes/suffixes and you should be fine for a lot of it.

Anatomy is like the easiest science I’ve ever taken. I took it in like 4th grade. - Hermione_Granger220

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18 Statistics

Difficult subject to study, full of theorems, analysis, lot of things in this paper

Why isn't this higher? I struggled in this class!

Its not hard its useless

I'm Asian and I failed a few tests in this class in college and my mom nearly disowned me :(

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19 Integrated Math

This subject made Calculus look like it's for kiddies. - 50


20 Organic Chemistry

Hardest class I ever took. Honorable mentions: Microbiology, Architecture and Biochemistry

It's so hard to find sources to support your statements when writing an essay.

The hardest thing in the whole world.

Interesting subject... - Ananya

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21 Metaphysics

With consistently little to basis in reality, almost totally abstract, metaphysics is extremely difficult in that you can not just memorize or go by a formula, you really have to think, other subjects are similar to your brain going for a jog as metaphysics is powerlifting, you are really forced to THINK when given such broad concepts as being, knowing, reality, etc.

22 Social Studies

We learn about global warming in eight grade and I still remember it. Many scientist believe that gases in the air are causing the Earth's atmosphere to gradually hotter. This is call global warming. If you read it remember the basics of global warming.

Oh one of my favorite. Subjest...

I can tell it's hard. I made a Minecraft version of a social studies exam and showed it to a few friends and they all explode their heads - MChkflaguard_Yt

It’s so stupid, all you do is copy stuff down and make flipbooks. Politics is more boring than watching paint dry.

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23 Computer Science

true say

Ahhh It's so hard I get F always when it comes from computer science I'm not joking

24 Computer Programming

I am a senior in highschool. I have a 4.2 weighted gpa, and I have been talking a lot of honors and AP classes. And by far computer programming was the hardest class I have ever took in my life. DO NOT take this class if you are not experienced with programming!

By far the hardest.

My school made the basic syntax lesson takes forever, so maybe that's why it's hated. Anyway this is much easier then a lot of people think. - 50

It pretty hard and frustrating when the computer doesn't do what you want it to do. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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25 Religion

I'm an atheist, and I'm forced to talk about how God/Allah is perfect. Even though, I have nothing against people who believe in God, it's a struggle for me.


Religion subject is not hard just give your faith to your god and have a peaceful activities with him or her.

I like learning about other people's religious beliefs. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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26 Physical Science

The physics and chemistry you learn in this class don't even carry over to future science classes.

Whenever I do a lab, we always get out of class 5 minutes late.

27 U.S. History
28 Spanish

To me it's super hard cause I don't know how to speak or read in Spanish.

Who ever put it here should remove it - tearest7

Keep* it, I think that's what you meant to put. Don't tell me "oh this is easy" because no, you probably already knew the language. - mattstat716

For me it's harder than French


29 Medical

I want to be a doctor when I finish college

Best subject ever

30 Earth Science

Exactly,Earth science is really the important subject than others...

Earth science is a type of lifestyle of our living organisms that most evolve,it processes as a evolution.We call It Evolution because the living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.Also we can study layers of earth,and also we have our ozone layer to protect the electomagnetic heat from the sun.Without earth,meteorites,comets,plasma,asteroid,gravity,stone,heat and home we cannot evolve or live or become happy to learn new things.Earth Science contains life,heat,electricity,matter,composition,habitat and protective structure to abiotic and biotic units of ecosystem.Ecosystem is a community of the groups of different living and non-living organisms,next to the ecosystem is the Biosphere,Biosphere is the whole group of community,atmosphere and ozone layer

31 PE

PE is just dumb. I mean, yeah we need exercise, but still, PE is the most un-needed subjects ever! The teachers are nice but that's where the "nice" ends. If we are doing a competitive thing and you mess up ONE BIT, all the other kids get very mad. And then there is the fitness testing. The stupid fitness testing. 1st, other KIDS grade it, not teachers, so it isn't 100% accurate, let alone 20%. 2nd, if you mess up, you don't get a second chance! UGH! When PE is over, I am the first one out the doors.

PE stands for Physical Education. It should stand for Persecution and Excrutiation!
I don't need it, for crying out loud! It gives you a heart attack, even if you are athletic, they give you no rest, and has no intellectual advantage whatsoever!
Why do I have to learn it?! Why must I suffer in every torturous and useless lesson?!
I have plenty of exercise already, everyone does, but this is just suicide, putting your body under stress that will eventually put your leg in a plaster and your arm where your other leg used to be!

don't need to be embarrassed thank you D;

I don't like PE. I know that excersise is good for you, but sometimes you get judged by your athletic ability. You are allowed to choose your friends in my PE class recently with is the only good thing at the moment. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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32 U.S. Government
33 Linear Algebra

How is this not number 1? It's the most, or one of the most advanced math classes you could take as an undergraduate.

Got 21.25/200 on that crap (10.66%)

34 Music

For Asians, they are lucky for music and math because each type of people could affect their subjects. Science is mostly for white, language arts and reading is for black, and math and music is for Asians. I'm actually Asian and I am such a pro in piano and I'm the smartest kid in math and music in the entire class(got every single A except writing).

I love listening to music but I hate learning about it. It's so boring. I want to jump out a window and kill my self! It is so hard to hear your self playing guitar when 7 other people are playing the same song as you. Never take Music class unless you have a passion for it!

Yeah thank god I do! I don't just love listening to music, I love playing and writing it! - sryanbruen

I can play the piano, but the chords are a bit tricky. I don't like the guitar because it's difficult and the instrument once blistered my fingers. Also, it's difficult learning musical terns. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

It can be hard foe guys, but I am lucky enough to have a mezzo-soprano voice (and tenor of course) as a guy myself. But I have to admit, I am bad at instruments other than thinkng up amazing future basd sounds (a side effect of watching lots of music promotions). - MChkflaguard_Yt

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35 Economics

The basics of economics is in fact not too hard as it is composed of theory and a very basic knowledge of calculus. But once you add microfoundations to various theoretical models it become much harder as a very sound knowledge of math and econometrics (basically statistics) is required to understand and utilize the models

Economics is okay but a lot to mug up! - archiesweirdmysteries

Economics is dry but has a scope

One of my favourites

36 Psychology

Psychology isn't as easy as you'd think. It's a lot of stuff about the brain and other theories about how we learn and think and process information. I went in expecting to learn a bunch of stuff about mental disorders and all that, but we barely even got to it. That's what interested me most and we never even covered it. Other than that it's kinda boring, like parts of the brain and especially the theories on how people learn. Some stuff interested me, but I really enjoy psychology so that could be why. Don't expect to walk in and sit down and learn about schizophrenia on the first day. You probably won't even get to it. However, taking a high school psych class will definitely help for when you have to take a college level psych class, and if you're a psych major like I am, even the classes after. - ultralyssa

It's a nightmare, there's so much to memorise and there's no solid answer to any hypothesis, its all theories and studies that need to be evaluated and there's so many. Plus only specific key terms and dates apply to a study. My book has 300 pages and there's at least 2 studies per page. And a new theory every double page. I can't believe that its 64 because its absolutely horrible and its ruined the subject for me thanks to AQA a level which by the way, the exam broke twitter because the students were literally taking the piss out of that exam paper. Its an utter nightmare. I hate it. I failed this subject amongst every other person in my class because it's so hard, the grade boundaries are lower than my standards ffs

I actually love psychology there's quite bit to remember but I still love it so I don't find it hard its much more interesting then other subjects and personally I a lot of the time end up going off reading about other related things because I find it interesting clearly not for everyone but honestly id always suggest it to other people

It sounds interesting. I've never learned it before so I don't know if I think it's difficult or not. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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37 Additional Mathematics

I never had failed Physics but always failed add math...

Why does this even exist? Laugh out loud! - Wolftail

It exists on a higher academic school level for those who wish to take a highly mathematical university course, and then once onto university, it becomes an essential part of it. I take it and I love it! Though one gotta hate the stats. - PositronWildhawk

It is crazy hard!

38 Latin

This must be the worst subject ever! Even worse than ancient greek

It actually isn't. You just need to pay attention and it gets really easy. I had a 96, and right now in 4th quarter I have a 100.

Latin is a little hard. I have a 100 in it, but all you need to do is pay attention. In first quarter I never listened and got mostly c's d's and f's. But then I listened and got a 93 to end the quarter. But I would much rather take Spanish than Latin.

There! That is the rule of changing a English word into a Latin word! - mathguy37

1.go to vowel. 2.take cons. before vowel 1 and take it to the end. 3.add ay at the end.
If it starts with a vowel just add ay at the end. - mathguy37

39 European History
40 Hindi

Learning the Hindi alphabet is not very easy, it gets confusing when you're learning how to put together the matras and vowels. I haven't even attempted fully to learn to write Hindi, but speaking and understanding is pretty simple.

It is very difficult

My handwriting in this, is not Good!
But I think I have improved it
Gonna leave this near year - Ananya

41 Ancient Greek


42 Biochemistry

It requires a lot of memorization and deep understanding.

** ( Tough Material ) **

Why is bio in top 5 but biochem is this far down morons makes no sense

43 Mandarin

Okay, so when I went to a private school, we had to learn Mandarin. Writing, speaking and reading it. After six months of going to a local, normal school I have forgotten 99% of what I learnt. - Wolftail

For sure. I used to know how to write in Mandarin, but after 1 year with no lessons, I have forgotten almost everything. It's really hard to remember. So many little lines! - JustAnAccount

Me too. When my friends speak Mandarin,I'm like how can they speak so fast!?

I hated it as a kid

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44 Drama

It's also a hard subject because when your teacher said to do a performance you have to really memorize a long sentence

I'm an actor this should be higher but its not that hard for me cause I'm the best in the world at it

Hardest subject out but also best subject

Fun and easy! - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

45 Art

It definitely requires the most work! Be prepared to spend 20+ hours on 1 drawing and have nothing good said about it during the critique.

For people like me who don't have any artistic talents this subject can be really hard.

It was the most effort requiring subject in my freshmen year!

I seriously cannot draw - HazzaInHisMazda

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46 Arabic

I heard arabic is the second hardest language in the world, right behind mandarin/Chinese

Too boring. Cannot even understand the teacher's accent! - archiesweirdmysteries

If this was taught in English schools, I would say one thing: LEL! And that's for no reason. Spanish, French and English are my limits. - Wolftail

Easiest language I have learned yet I don't know why u guys are complaining about it

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47 Textiles


48 Afrikaans

LMFAO why is this up here I'm voting for it



49 Cursive

I can't get the letters right.

This is the HARDEST! Do you even know how horrible I write? In exams, I always aim for 100 but end up getting 87 or 92. ALL DUE TO MY HANDWRITING!?!?! - Animefan12

I have bad handwriting. Yes I do. It takes long for neatness of letters. Easy on handwriting paper. - mathguy37

I have bad handwriting. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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50 Engineering Graphics & Design


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