Top 10 Easiest School Subjects

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1 Gym

Ya it is if you care some girls don't understand that dressing out is important at my school. One girl very annoying about it. She "claims" her uniform was stolen but I know it is in her house. And I say that she can ask for a replace ment pair because they will give you one. And dressing-out is half of our grade. So she is failing. And it is because she a irresponsible a has no care for her grades and she is stupid. And I am sure that if when she finds out she is failing she will think she needs a perfect grade. This is why she has lower classes

This one actually has a lot of equations, like mean kids+my crush and me aka the only boy on my team+a feisty pack of girls. Not just that, but there are also subtraction problems. For example, my quote-everyone having proof I made it up.
Mean kids+my crush=disaster
Me aka the only boy on my team+a feisty pack of girls=ignominious laughter from the other team
My quote-everyone having proof I made it up=death to the person that stole my quote

2 Art

I'm really good at drawing, my dad always says I'm the best artist in the world, because I add lighting, shading, darkness, and color to,my drawings! That's why my drawing look better than anyone else in my class and my classmates drawings look like 1 year olds drew that peice of trash! 1 kid tried to copy mine and try to do a realistic one when we were making self portraits and it looked CRAZY, the mouth was janky and the eyes looked weird and the nose was too small! So don't try to challenge me!

I am quite good at drawing. My class boys make fun of the cartoon characters by drawing a mustache, drawing a chain on a male character and much more. The teachers fell it like a short break period. We also form groups and draw a character. Then one of us color it, one draws a border and other things like that. I love my art period than other periods.

I am good at cartoon looking art. I am good at drawing maps of certain countries. I just really enjoy this subject! I always get eager to draw whenever I hear or see the word "art".

3 Music

I have perfect pitch, so obviously, this one is really easy for me. PE on the other hand... Well, I'm autistic and Physical Education (aka Piontless Exercise) does not come easy to me. Other than that, all the other subjects are pretty easy even though I have ADHD and don't focus well in school.

Music is just a wonderful thing and is a big part of my life. (no kidding! I've heard rumors that if you aren't exposed to music enough, you could loose this ability. I don't know if that's true or not, but I always listen to music in the car or when I'm bored just for the fun of it. I also play three instruments. )

Music is sometimes how I help return memories. I think of the type of music I listened to in that time period, and suddenly, waves of nostalgia and recollections sweep over me.

So anyway, yeah, music's a phenomenal thing and a significant part of my everyday life.

Music is where you can create ideas and compose songs. I find it one of the most easiest subjects, where Math, I am good at timesing, adding, subtracting, division, long multiplication (etc), but I am the worst when it comes to algebra. Does 8 x b=8b? What does SxR even make? I know that it sometimes stands for something in the question but sometimes, they do not even give the question...

4 Math

It's easy. You just need to memorize the equation. You barely even need to practice -- a couple of questions, and if you memorized the equations well enough, well you're done. No more memorizing required. This is why I can easily get 100% in math without even revising.

to be honest, advanced math is VERY VERY HARD, but HIGHSCHOOL MATH is unbelievably easy. The math that my school is teaching now... oh my, I finished learning all that a decade ago. Now I'm in Grade 9 and my school still teaches basic trigonometry, and no exaggeration, I literally finished that in primary school.

Math is hard for most people.
Not on my case
I got 3 gold medals in Math Olympiad (grade 2,3 and 5)
I am Gr6 and wish me luck for getting another one

Ok to the main part
At first I was a bit bad at Math. Half of my answers are right and wrong. But by Grade 2, I always get a high score at my exams and grades. That is when I saw Algebra first time. It didn't made any sense for me. But when I was Gr 5 I was like "Ohhh. Now I know" Finally now I understood algebra

Then later on I keep defeating our 3 Math Masters at our class.
The only problem left is dividing large numbers bu large numbers.

5 English

I don't know how did math become easy (smart people? ) but English and Math are complete opposites. Math is so complicated. But English? You don't even have to review to pass! Unlike math, where even if you review so very hard you still fail in the end, making it useless. Also, most nice teachers teach english. So easy subject+good teacher = heaven. Math teachers are meh.

English is my best subject at school. I always get answers correct, And It also gave me a sense of power, too. One time, My bully got a question wrong, And I corrected him in a very smart way. He got so emmbarrassed, He left everyone alone for the rest of the school year.

English is mostly just writing essays about books, poems etc. No research is usually required since you basically just make the arguments or points and then describe and expand them. This makes it pretty easy.

6 Health

Health is number one. Want to learn? Want to know more about the humanbody. Health is number 1! All you need to do is make sure it doesn't go through the other ear.

Health is the combination of easy and boring.

All you need to do is listen.

7 Science

Science should be number 1 not "gym" it's actually PE any way back to science biology is probably the easiest for me because it's so easy to learn but another reason is that there isn't much math involved.

Yes Science is great! Physics are the best! Anyways why is Gym so high on here? It's PE and It tries to steel what's inside of you as a trait.

Anyone who hasn't studied physics/quantum physics should. It is so interesting. Also astronomy. Biology and Chemistry too.

8 Spelling

I was going to write an entire novel about how I feel vastly superior because I can spell and pronounce words better than everyone else but then I realized I don't have a Spelling class.

Yes, in my class, kids study like hell for a spelling test! Man, it's so simple. See, not a single spelling mistake in this comment!

How needs it when you have auto correct! XD

9 History

For my opinion, I think history is the most easy subject. Well I am from Korea, but Korea's history is very fun. Also, it is very long. If you guys have time I hope you will try to search about Korean history.

There is really no skill or "practice" so that you understand history better. History is all about memorization, so if you study you're good to go. Shout outs to Mr.Fortunato, my history teacher at Memphis Rise! You're that best, your also very attractive. # Go Stanford Cardinals! Nov.14.2017. 8:10 thinking about you.

History is the easiest and the best, you just need to have good knowledge first before you attempt History. Singapore History in my opinion is the easiest.

10 Spanish

This comes pretty naturally if you already know a similar language such as Italian or French. The conjugations, especially past tense can be quite difficult, but it's still not that hard for English speakers.

Spanishnis easier than any class I have came across. It is very easy to pick up and it's fun to help people who do not know the proper words to say.

Just really easy if you want to actually learn it. it's a class that you can study in so many ways. You can practice the class by listening to spanish music for listening comprehension, talk to spanish people, etc... its not always paper and memorize the verbs.

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11 Drama

I think that drama is a way of being someone you're not. Drama is a life skill that can help you in future education and can help you express yourself. My drama teacher is really nice and is very supportive. Most people in my school will say drama is in their top three.

It's just fun, my people

12 Dance

I like to dance but you have to learn the rhythm, timing and consuming your performance.

All you do is mess around and that is basically what dance is.

Move your body. That's it.

13 Cooking

I like cooking mostly at home but it is very difficult to make own food such as breads and cakes. Most certainly is mostly the main dishes itself.

Gosh, I love cooking, basically like science throwing formulas in to make a new product. Get to explore creativity too.

It's fun and easy

14 Choir

I love singing with the choir at my church and I sang alto in the choir. It is very difficult on how sing all parts of the songs and singing the words in the English pronunciation right.

Chorus is fun, except for for the parts when we have vocal tests and I cannot hit the high notes AT ALL! But singing is the best

15 Sex Education
16 Social Studies

I like social studies but it's all comes to a jumble like 5 minutes of governments, 5 minutes of religions, and 5 minutes of wonderer places that I cannot get that done in 5 minutes. It's all mixing jumble if you ask me.

Listen to the teacher. Then you have everything you need to know.

It far more easy compared to other subjects.

17 Tech

At least in my region, there are a few application-based specialized schools for engineering, which includes tech. I take manufacturing and energy engineering. In manufacturing class, we 3D print models, weld metal, print laser engraved designs, etc. In energy class, we research energy sources in depth, build wind turbines and circuits, etc.

I'm guessing called tech classes is because they embrace the latest technology. Overall, both classes are easy because I'm interested in STEM. Oh also, I'm just wondering what other tech classes are like in other schools

Technology is my favorite subject and is the easiest. If you don't know how to do something, you can search it up. Just listen to your teacher and do whatever you are supposed to do. If you can't do it, just search it up. Abracazam! An A appears on your report card.

Tech is so good, you get too design things of your choice and then in the end take them home

18 Recess

Recess isn't a school subject.

In recess, you can have fun!

Also known as play break.

19 Home Economics

Cooking is fun

20 Orchestra

Pretty easy if you ask me.

21 French

So easy, I don't need to study or anything. Easiest subject ever for me! I keep getting A1s on tests in this

Its just like English. Most words are almost the same right?

It is the best. I am studying it from 5th class.

22 Religious Education

By far the most fun out of all the subjects.

23 Geography

This is actually a subject that I'm good at (others is PE, RS and English) Like it's just common sense, but I am absolutely terrible at Maths and Science. I mean I am actually good at maths (basic, multiplication etc) but when I got to secondary it is so difficult and same to science too!

I take geography and can't say I've ever once had to colour in a flag or named a country apart from as an example or case study. Your comment is honestly depressing...

For me geography is the most difficult subject. I would get good marks in physics but never in geography. I just hate geography.

24 Life Skills

It's all basic kindergarten math...

25 German
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