Top 10 Most Boring Subjects in School

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1 Math

Maths may be tedious for a variety of reasons. Among the most prevalent are:

1. It can be challenging. Math often requires abstract thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be difficult for some people.

2. It can get monotonous. Math problems often involve repeating the same processes, which can become tiresome, especially for those who learn best through hands-on activities.

3. It may seem irrelevant. Many people may not understand how maths applies to their daily lives, making it difficult to stay motivated and engaged.

4. It can be boring to learn. Some maths teachers use traditional methods of instruction, such as lecturing and drilling students on problems. This can make maths seem dull and uninteresting.

2 P.E.

P.E. ruined the second half of my sixth grade. We had to take a test on P.E., which I find a waste of time. I really wish the lockers had stalls so kids wouldn't get tortured, and they should have keys instead of locks. The locker room says Fun and Fitness, but the main class screams Dull and Inactive.

We don't need lectures about the game. Science is right. P.E. does not provide adequate exercise. I had a hard time liking anyone who said Computers are not as good. We came here for fun and fitness. What a ripoff of a class. At least Computers follows its namesake and has free time for downloaded games. By breaking the vow of its motto at my school, P.E. wastes an entire class period. If I ran the system, it would be Computers all year for each grade.

3 Religious Studies

It is so boring... I go to a Catholic school because my family is Catholic, but I'm an atheist! I don't care about any of this biblical stuff and I'm never going to use it. I'm not trying to offend people. I respect your religion, but that doesn't mean I want to memorize the entire Bible.

At least go to a church or temple or whatever other religious places there are out there. But to squash it into the worst part of childhood? At least somebody will ditch school because they hate sitting in a chair, listening to useless junk that nobody needs.

4 English

These are things that are pointless to learn in English:

1. Reading. Seriously? If you can't read, that's a problem.
2. Poetry. You can become a singer or a poet if you are good at poetry. However, the chances of that happening are next to nothing.
3. Synonyms. Are you kidding me? Why is there more than one word for the same definition? The opposite is just as ridiculous.
4. "Big" words. They are the most pointless things to learn ever! Why? Just why? So you can sound smarter? Can't you just use normal words? It's so absurd!
5. Writing stories. I don't want to be an author when I grow up, so why do we write stories? To amuse the teachers?

English is not pointless, though. It is very important for communication and for a job. It is just so boring!

5 Spelling

Whenever I enter this class and my teacher says, "Today we will spell toxic, phobia, mass, atmosphere, and why. Now, anyone who isn't familiar with any of these words, please raise your hand," half the class's hands shoot up! It's just spelling! Once, I almost asked, "Is this how you get an A+ as a teacher, Mrs. Morris? By being incredibly boring?"

I just sit at my desk and daydream. It gets me in trouble sometimes, but it helps pass the time. Tests are especially boring. I mean, that's just pressuring you about something you already know, and that's likely to make you forget it!

6 Science

It's unnecessarily hard. They teach us invaluable life skills which we won't even consider using in life. They should teach us more important stuff. Maybe then kids would be interested in science, rather than the study of tectonic plates and cell membranes.

Science is the worst. My teacher is so strict, and science is just plain boring. Why would we have to memorize the periodic table if we won't use it? It's just the most boring subject of all time.

I never have and never will like the boredom, the uselessness of science unless you want to be a scientist. If not, it's just the very worst and hardest boring subject ever!

7 Sex Education

They teach us this in fourth grade, and we have to label our privates on worksheets. It's disturbing and encourages teen pregnancy. I fall asleep, and the teacher doesn't even notice. In fifth grade, I cried in that class.

It may be boring but it's extremely important because it teaches you how to avoid STDs, use protection, and give consent.

Why do they even have this class? It's not like we don't know about it anyway.

8 Spanish

My teacher is so mean, and she always says we are doing something wrong, even if we just give a small yawn from being tired. Not only that, but she never actually teaches us. She just gives us a sheet and expects us to know all the answers. She is by far my least favorite teacher.

I dislike languages because they're extremely boring, and not everyone is going to France or Spain! Plus, English is the most well-known language. Aren't there people there who speak English? If there were no foreign language classes at school, it would be much easier.

9 Algebra

I'm taking Algebra as an eighth grader, and I'm thinking about hurling myself out of that window. It's so simple and boring. It's in no way difficult. I understand the help in learning Algebra. I just wish it was taught twice as fast.

Believe it or not, but algebra is not math. Math is the simple 16x12, but algebra takes that and demoralizes it. It's so complex that it's hard, yet so simple that it's boring. The WORST SUBJECT EVER.

10 French

Every time I look at my timetable and see that I have French the next day, I dread it. I find it so boring and difficult, and most of the teachers at our school who teach French are very strict. To be honest, though, I dislike all languages, not just French. If they didn't teach languages, I'd actually be happy going to school. I would have no worries or problems.

I live in Canada, where we have to do French in school. I think that French is the most boring subject ever! Everything I have learned is pretty much useless, and I honestly wish it was not in the curriculum.

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11 American History

I dislike how people, especially teachers, perceive the quote, "Those who forget history are bound to repeat it." The quote refers to a general understanding of history, not memorizing useless facts. I don't care about when the AFL was founded or what Rockefeller did in 1920. What matters to me is the big picture, which history teachers almost never teach, focusing instead only on the useless facts.

My philosophy is that history is like a set of science experiments. Different ideologies are tried and tested. We aim to find out how to create the best possible society by looking at what worked and didn't work in the past (studying history) and using common sense and logic to determine the best path. We need a combination of both to be successful. However, history classes tend to neglect the latter.

The end goal of life is to create an environment where everyone is, ideally, happy. Although it's almost impossible to ensure universal happiness, the goal is to get as close as possible. History classes, in my opinion, don't cover this at all. The specific times, dates, and people are trivial matters. What's important is understanding the what, why, and how, and applying history to the current situation.

12 Health

This should be number one. It beats English class in my mind. Now we're talking about a class with complete boredom. Some people might say that this class might be useful in some ways, but that's not how I find it.

Honestly, I'd prefer it if this was optional. I don't plan to be a doctor or something like that in the future.

Wellness is not really that great. Math is way better.

13 Social Studies

So, in fifth grade, we learned about the California Gold Rush. We read Patty Reed's Doll, and they took out the part where everybody started to eat each other to make it "kid-friendly." That's why history is boring. They take literally everything interesting out.

I liked the history parts, but I don't like the sociology parts, or the economy parts, and I don't like the geography either. It's too boring. Many people in my class snooze during social studies and they fake illnesses during math.

Social Studies is that subject that annoys you. The teachers give you those projects that are useless and harmful, and you need to listen to them talking about all those boring things.

14 Chemistry

I dropped Chemistry for Physics. I hated it! It's just so complicated and incredibly dull. I have no idea how anyone can find it interesting, apart from the experiments, which are admittedly quite fun, but a pain to write about and study.

Unbearable... I fell asleep during my first chemistry class... Pretty embarrassing! Do not take chemistry. No matter what your siblings tell you. You will not last.

Because, seriously... I couldn't care less about atoms and all that crap. I think it's just a waste of my youth.

15 Government

I never pay attention in this class. How about instead of teaching the government's rights, teach their wrongs? I don't want to learn about how some decision-maker said, "Hey, let's spy on people while stealing their money for our own cause instead of using it to help the poor and homeless. While we're at it, let's oppress minorities!"

Government is by far the worst subject of them all. I don't need to learn how to become a lawyer, and US government, in general, just bores me. It was a hard-to-understand class sometimes.

16 Music

It can be fun sometimes. I just wish it was always fun because at my school, we sit there every two weeks. For the first 10 minutes, we are on the carpet, watching videos with facts that so many people already know about!

Music is so boring, and at my school, all you do in music is sit there. She makes us memorize all these stupid songs we don't need to know, and she makes us do stupid concerts throughout the year. So if you only have one concert a year, you're just lucky.

Music sucks in my school because all our music teacher does is make us sing songs and do one or two concerts a school year. And if you hate singing, lip sync.

17 Chorus

So boring, mandatory at my school. When are we ever going to even use this in life?

It is boring because the teacher is like, "Do this and do that" all the time! And you have to sing a lot.

This should not even be a subject.

18 Geometry

I'm currently in my boring 6th period geometry class right now. I'm on this site to get rid of my boredom. Geometry sucks and is useless for most people.

The math I'm in right now that is painfully boring and uninteresting, not to mention USELESS.

19 Drama

I recommend not to be in the field of Drama. It is useless and nothing to study. Only writing a script, reading a story, acting out a short drama. Actors earn a lot of money, but their minds are like empty vessels. They only think about their fame and the money they have.

No. Just no. Why isn't this on top? I find Math much more fun (or maybe that's because our teacher is fun too).

20 Metal Work
21 Marketing
22 British History

It's just like American history... It has got nothing to do with your career... Bogus and useless dates and descriptions... All trash, horrific, and horrendous.

Completely boring and useless, just about these stupid kings that beheaded people at the drop of a hat.

Royals, royals, royals. Diana is the best female person. Bla bla bla.

23 Woodshop
24 Statistics

The subject is good, but the way teachers teach it is boring.

25 General Business
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