Top Ten Most Interesting Branches In Science

If you want to find some interesting topics in science, here you go.
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1 Astronomy

The best science. I love planets, stars, moons, galaxies, black holes and universe. It's interesting to know the mystery of each celestial bodies in our planet. Solar system is my favorite. All planets have unique characteristics. There is a Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt, Asteroid Belt and dwarf planets

We tiny creatures learning about the vast reality of the universe. Astronomy is a never ending journey of exploration of matter and beyond! Nothing can be more interesting.

To learn about the universe is to learn about the origins of all time and space, the natural forces, the elements, and life.

2 Human Anatomy

It just about our human body. From different organ systems such as reproductive system, endocrine system, nervous system, urinary system, digestive system, skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascualar system, respiratory system and other systems. I love to learn the functions of our organs.

I have a bit of a hard time memorizing human anatomy but it is still very interesting as with all science.

Boring! I don't want to learn about humans! Just how to destroy the universe!

3 Microbiology

As an undergraduate studying microbiology with the dream of entering research, I can safely say that microbiology is quite possibly one of the most fascinating branches of science. For all of the knowledge we have about the behavior of two interacting black holes or the reaction between Cl gas and Na metal, we still lack even the most basic understanding of most of the complex microorganisms we encounter every day.

Microbiology is quite interesting since it talk about microorganisms such as bacteria, protists, virus, archeans, algae, fungi and many others. Just look go the microscope and you will see several microorganisms.

4 Geology

Actually, this is very boring. I've only had to take one geology class for my major and it's very bland. Maud Pie: "Smooth and round, asleep in the ground, shades of brown and grey..." *snores*

Rocks can be hard, rocks can be soft. We can even eat some of them.

5 Neurobiology

Neurobiology and psychology. Something I love and consider myself pretty good at, because I think its really important to understand everybody, and only studying human behavior will teach us that. It's easy for me to put myself in another's shoes, and that has helped me immensely in life. The mind is amazing!

I like this part this are essential for knowing nature of human beings. the same comment for this to

The human brain. The most wondorous of all parts of the homo-sapien.

6 Botany

One of the biggest providers for life.

7 Engineering

Engineering is all about the stuff that engineers do such as calculus, buildings and others depending to the types.

Engineers made the phone/tablet/laptop you're using. Engineers built your ceiling fan (most likely).

Engineering is amazing. The practical application of all sciences!

8 Physics

I love astronomy and without physics we wouldn't know anything about astronomy. I am voting for physics because if it weren't for it, we wouldn't know why the Earth spins, why the planets revolve around the Sun, and we wouldn't even be in Space! Physics has gone a long way and is the mother of all branches of science.

Physics Branches a lot, and often any Science manual or manuscript does definite include Physics within it. The particles will be mentioned and the Standard Model is not avoidable unless the interest is moot where then that specific text just simple is in envy of Physics and attempts to whirl around from misinterpret.

9 Quantum Mechanics
10 Medicinal

Curing diseases, this is a very important part of science.

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11 Marine Biology

Think it's awesome what can be more interesting than working around nature, things you love what else can someone can ask for..

They're just animals, physics is the interaction between matter and energy

12 Cosmology
13 Chemistry

You just learning about Periodic Table of Elements and some chemicals. I know what happens if we put an chemical to another chemical. Learning this field can be fun.

I love chemistry! It's one of my favorite subjects besides grammar.

There's a reason why all the science clip art features beakers and test tubes

14 Psychology

The study of the human mind and more! Beyond interesting, what's not to like? Very beneficial as both a science and a social study, so many branches as well. Should be among the top at the least.

Study of the human mind and more! Beyond interesting, what's not to like? Very beneficial as a science and social studies. Should be among the top.

A very interesting field to explore! I mean, the brain is a big mystery and we can never stop exploring.

15 Mathematics

Take it from a kid who's invented almost 10 mathematical formulas, math in underrated isn't as hard as it seems and is really fun.

The most important subject of all, acts as the base for all of science.

Dude, maths is sooooo underrated. I get why people think it's hard, but it just a very abstract subject, so in reality, it isn't that confusing, difficult, or boring.

16 Organic Chemistry
17 Astrophysics

I would not say like best because it's naturally occurring subject so, This subject is far beyond this list!

Like astronomy, but even more in depth.

18 Biology

I like biology because it very interesting
Subject . We study about life science
We interesting things .

19 Forensic Science

I am taking a forensic science class at my school. It's pretty darn fun!

20 Physiology

Essentially just anatomy but instead involving the study of how those structures function in our body. It's fascinating to learn about how our body works and how we can best treat it and adapt with it.

21 Genetics
22 Meteorology

The study o the atmospheric forces of nature. Nothing is more fascinating than the power of storms.

23 Biochemistry

It's the most fascinating subject! Dealing with the Chemistry of life...

24 Astrobiology
25 Zoology

We all know the importance of animals. And that's all about animals

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