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1 Math

Math is a universal language, plain and simple. It is used for many different things and encompasses many important concepts and branches. Math is the mother of all sciences, including physics. The whole world uses math.

Without math, we would lose many inventions such as technology, cars, phones, and TVs. Some of the biggest concepts in science, such as motion, gravity, and relativity, would not have been explained without math.

Math also has a profound impact on sports, money, buying, music, film, history, English, art, cooking, social media, and a lot more.

2 Science

Science is so important. Everything is first discovered with science, then math. Science is the essence of everything. We wouldn't have computers, rockets, and even televisions without it.

People discover things by using science. Math comes in much later. You hear people saying, Cells are living things because they respond to changes and can reproduce. That is science. You don't hear people saying, Cells are living things because there are a billion of them. That's math.

Anyway, what was the subject that helped discover cells in the first place? Science. I think you might want to up the rank of science in the list of most important subjects.

3 English

It's very important. Unlike math, you will use writing in life, like in college. So, you need it. And grammar is so important too.

I hate writing. It's probably my least favorite subject, but it's important.

By far the most important subject in the world. Don't think English is only for people who want to be journalists and authors. It's an important life skill to take on board from school, then on to university, and then to speaking in job interviews using correct English. Even in written questions in science and other subjects, you get marks for using good English now.

English is my least favourite subject, but I think it's the most important one. It's the world's international language and is everywhere. It is absolutely needed for everything in order to be successful. You need it for job interviews to look good for the job, to learn other subjects well, and even for doing ordinary things like going to the shop.

I find it extremely difficult at school to learn at a sophisticated high standard, and I much prefer maths, or a more logical subject, but you really can't live without English.

Although English is probably my least favorite subject, I still think it's the most important. Everyone needs English in order to communicate with others and to receive information. Without good reading and listening skills, we would not be able to learn effectively in all our other subjects.

Without good writing and speaking skills, we would not be able to communicate effectively with others. Proficiency in English is necessary in almost all aspects of our lives, as we use it to learn, to communicate, and to think.

4 History

I agree 100%. History allows us to learn from the large-scale mistakes that many have made in the past. By not learning history, we can develop views that are wrong and views that are not in any way based on facts or truth, but rather the hate for a large group of people, whether it is religion, race, or gender.

By learning about the past, our views become valid because we have based them on facts.

History is not super important, but it can lead you to make better decisions than those before you. No one needs to know every date and detail of every battle, but it is nice to know the WHY of history. Until I had a great teacher, I only knew the what. WHY did the French Revolution start, WHY were people upset at Britain during the Revolutionary War, etc.

5 Geography

Many of the decisions leading to the biggest mistakes in history were made around tables from which a geographer was missing. It's time to credit the subject that literally spans the globe, studying every aspect, be that physical or human (nature or society). It's far from just 'coloring in', and anyone who thinks that is just deluded.

Geography is our world, and if we don't understand it, then we can't prepare for the future, such as avoiding a tsunami. It affects us every day without many realizing it, and we need to understand societies and cultures. Geography helps us make choices within our planet.

6 Physics

Physics has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It offers a memorable presentation each time and much to think about. Having Physics on the table is an honor, no matter how difficult it might seem.

Chances are there is something there by the end of each lecture or lesson. Much respect to teachers and professors who can represent the field properly. It is very cool afterward, even more so!

Normally, I would automatically say Physics because it's my subject, but I seriously believe that it's the most important, as it's the underpinning of everything. See the list "Top Ten Reasons Why Physics Is the Best Field of Science", one of my favorite lists, for an explanation.

7 Computer Science

Computers dominate our daily lives now, from mobiles all the way to supercomputers. Computer Science/Software Engineering is an extremely important, yet clearly underrated subject that teaches you how to think logically. It is commonly used in conjunction with other important subjects such as math, science, and English.

This should be within the top five, somewhere closer to mathematics. It is such an important skill to have for future jobs in IT, Science, and Mathematics.

The world is in a technological revolution. Understanding the science behind computers and being able to code them will be an important life skill.

8 Physical Education

Physical Education is more important than any other subject. It doesn't matter if you're a math whiz or great at history. Being inactive could impair your ability to live life to its fullest. And it isn't just being overweight that's a risk. If you are not taught how to move your body, the inactivity can cause blood clots, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other problems.

Physical Education boosts confidence and can prevent teasing and bullying. Exercise can also prevent depression. When you move your body around, it releases endorphins. These dull your perception of pain and also cause a reaction in the body that makes you feel more positive.

Exercise is also a great way to let go of anger or sadness, and some types of exercise can even help express feelings. Dance, in particular, helps express things without actually telling them to anyone. A lot of Physical Education is sports. The effort involved in sports can teach teamwork, strategy, and split-second decision making.

9 Chemistry

The study and possible explanation of all the properties of all the materials and substances in the world and how they interact with each other. What's not important about that?

If you don't know about dangerous chemicals, you might have an accident.

Each and everything in the world holds chemistry in its basics.

10 Economics

Economics is such an undervalued field that incorporates all disciplines such as math and sciences. Plus, it allows individuals to think critically. That's why most lawyers, politicians, and Wall Street executives have extensive knowledge in this field.

You don't know how the world truly works until you study the economy.

It may just be because I'm an economist, but I think it is beneficial to know how your actions shape the world around you. At the very least, everyone should learn about supply and demand, deadweight loss, and the effects policies put in place by both local authorities and the federal government can have on the economy.

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11 Reading

Reading is the best subject ever! I love to read. Where would anyone ever get if they couldn't read? Words are everywhere. Just think about it. Oh, and by the way, I always get straight A's in reading. Never once have I even got a B!

I think that reading is the most important subject! You can barely understand a thing if you don't know how to read!

Reading is the best way for me to escape reality. It can also help you have a better performance in school.

12 Biology

Biology gives people an understanding of living organisms, viruses, evolution, diseases, and plants. This is the most important branch of natural science because doctors have applied things from biology to create innovations that led to longer, healthier lives.

The woolly mammoth is a new achievement in the field of Biology. So, we can say that it is the greatest subject. Without biology, there is no science.

Everyone needs to study animals and the human body to know how to cure the sick.

13 Psychology

As social beings, we need to understand the interactions and long-term effects within our world. We are all capable of genius work, but our brains shut down without the proper training. Our generation lacks motivation. People think our answers are beyond physical potential. The issues are within ourselves. We are using up all our resources.

Scientists, including Stephen Hawking, have pointed out that our survival skills, which once helped us, are now what are killing us. I think we can evolve psychologically to find satisfaction in commitment and restrictions, which will allow humanity to endure. Thomas Edison suggested that eventually, we will all have to adapt to a vegan diet.

However, we often ignore these issues. We want to fix the world, but we can't fix ourselves. Psychology and sociology are vital.

14 Writing

Writing is a way to express yourself and connect with others. It is beautiful how good writing can move you so much, and great writing... Don't even get me started. If we can inspire other writers, how much better could the world get?

Writing is something that we as humans need in everyday life. Writing helps us think outside the box and expand our ideas. The more we write, the more we learn and think.

Writing helps you generate and foster creativity as well as voice your thoughts.

15 Health

In Health, we learn about well-being but also first aid. First aid is essential in emergencies.

Come on! You need to learn about this so you wouldn't die at age 29.

How else are you going to stay healthy?

16 Social Studies

I thought social studies is practically history. Yet, there is a seven-place difference. Something is wrong with this world. I will fix it, and you will read about it in that history book.

You're not always going to use math, algebra, English, or geography. But you will always be a citizen and involved in the world.

People learn more about their world and how they can contribute to it - a great subject.

17 Algebra

For people who don't truly use math in their jobs, this is the highest form of math that they use. It's a mix of theoretical problems and real-life problems that can be applied to real life.

Well, because it has to deal with the study of the unknown, and now there's a lot of algebra these days.

If you ever have a child one day, you will be able to help them with their homework if you know algebra.

18 Home Economics

How are you going to take care of your life if you can't take care of a baby?

It should be taught so we know things for our future life.

19 Mechanics

Doesn't anyone else wonder about how that super cool car works? At least be interested in that complex system of the locomotive. Take it a step further, and you'd be hooked in no time.

20 Art

(This was when I was in year 7 / 6th grade)
I used to be a distracted, always-bored person at school. Honestly, I didn't care about my grades. They were below average. But when I was on a school trip to an art museum, I was literally fascinated. Everyone thought that there was something wrong with me. Then, I had this big motivation to start drawing, so I did. Everything changed. I became much more focused, developed more camaraderie with others, and smiled more. I pretty much transformed into the type of person I wanted to be.

Soon after, my grades improved, and I became one of the smartest in my year (I am now in year 8 / 7th grade). Having art as my hobby now, it has increased my interest in learning and made me more empathetic towards others, thinking before speaking. I think art should actually be in the top 5.

21 Music

Contrary to what someone else stated, music is important for the future. Firstly, without music, many subjects like Film Studies and Dance would lose their meaning, and other subjects such as Drama are also quite reliant on it.

In addition, Music is connected to a vast majority of other subjects in many ways. For example, Psychology and therapy. It is possible to become a music therapist with knowledge in both. Furthermore, subjects like Geography and Physics, looking at waves and how they work, connect with how they work in Music. Knowing it for one subject can easily aid understanding in another.

Furthermore, music is highly influential in current society today. Lots of people listen to music, whether that be while revising, walking, playing games, or even just listening to it. And it has undergone a drastic change over the years too.

Some even argue that Music is an escape from the world or is useful for solving societal issues. So yes, music is quite important.

22 Astronomy

Astronomy is an extremely important subject because it gets us all interested in science education. Astronomy also helps us avoid eventual destruction on Earth by transitioning to the stars.

Additionally, astronomy helps develop spin-off technologies which aid in the development of modern technology. One example of this is the GPS or the MRI scanning system.

Astronomy is more than just about humans, unlike language or history. It goes beyond our mote of dust we call Earth into the possibly infinite void that contains everything we've ever known or possibly everything that can exist.

23 Philosophy

I'm honestly surprised that absolutely no one decided to add in the subject that teaches you how to think. The closest thing I found in this entire list was logic, which is a major part of philosophy, but there is so much more.

It teaches you to question morality, religion, science, and art, as well as makes us question who we are and what it means to be human. Becoming interested in philosophy in high school is what led me down the academic rabbit hole, and now I care about learning diversely about everything in this fascinating world of ours.

24 Driver's Education

As an avid rider of motorcycles, I believe that this is the most important class. There are a lot of idiots out there, and we need to teach them some good rules of the road.

You need to learn how to drive to survive in this world.

25 Logic

Logic is an important subject. This is because it is important to learn how to reason logically and well. It is a very useful skill to have in life! You won't get "stepped on" if you know how to properly articulate yourself.

Where in the world is Logic considered a school subject? Anyway, it should be, because we always need it.

I don't know how logic came 30. Logic comes in many different ways and is very important.

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