Top Ten Best Avada Kedavra Uses In Harry Potter

The Top Ten
1 Bellatrix Lestrange kills Sirius Black (1996)
2 Voldemort tries to kill Harry Potter (1981)

Voldemort tried to kill Harry Potter many times; that bores me

3 Voldemort kills Lily and James Potter (1981)

Voldemort did not give half of his powers to Harry. Lily used a protection spell out of love and caring. (There was no other choice where to send Harry. Lily loved her sister and didn't know what would happen to him)

What I did not understand why Voldemort would give half of his powers to Harry Potter and then try to kill him, absurd

4 Peter Pettigrew kills Cedric Diggory (1995)
5 Voldemort kills himself (1998)

Happy 18 years in limbo riddle

6 Snape kills Dumbledore (1997)
7 Voldemort tries to kill Harry Potter (1998)

He really needs to work on pronouncing this spell.Quote,AUWADA HHDAWA!

8 Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix Lestrange (1998)

Lol not my daughter you b - LannaLau

It was so awesomely badass of her!

Wait... Molly Weasley didn’t use Avada Kedavra on Bellatrix. - LannaLau

9 Voldemort kills Charity Burbage (1997)
10 Antonin Dolohov tries to kill Hermione Granger (1996)
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11 Barty Crouch Jr teaching it (1994)
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