Most Hated Fruits


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1 Cherry

I love everything on this list! Except figs. - PositronWildhawk

I love cherry! - DinoLover4242

I throw them at my friends.

Cherrys are great and are the best fruit I've tasted ever, and they are so beautiful how could anyone hate them

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2 Kiwi

Personally, I love kiwi, it's sour but it isn't too sour either. The taste is amazing! However, I wouldn't eat the skin of it if you are picky about texture. The skin is quite furry and sometimes leaves a weird itch around your mouth. Otherwise, I recommend it! It's delicious!

It's a lovely fruit to drink but not to eat. Because it makes you feel as if your tongue is fully dried. - captain-winner

Kiwi's are too sour and the little seeds remind me of ants

The fur is not ok

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3 Fig

I really don't like figs because they taste funny and have a terrible after taste, no thanks that is why they are getting my vote

Fig? No thanks! It tastes

Too hard when dried. - harshbadwe


4 Strawberry

Strawberries aren't technically fruit so they shouldn't even be on this list... but they good I don't know why you people don't like 'em.

As Cherry, strawberry also has a slight bad taste. - harshbadwe

Why so many seeds

Way too sour

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5 Jamun

Because of marks on clothes which do not go. - harshbadwe


6 Bananas

First off, they are not very a-PEEL-ing to me because the smell, texture, or even presence of them makes me want to go BANANAS! Also, I feel as if the world should know that the time is never RIPE to try a banana so they should SPLIT while they still can! -a concerned human trying to save the world from bananas before it is too late

I voted so I can say this: BANANAS ARE AWESOMELY DELICIOUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! And strawberries how the hell did that get so high on this horrible list

I only like the ones that are perfectly ripe. Whenever I eat one that's very ripe if bruise I immediately start gagging and start retching. They make me wanna vomit.

Too mushy and they smell bad to me - BreakFastBeast2005

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7 Papaya

I don't think they can ever be ripe

Papayas taste like poop.

They taste like crap

Fake mangoes

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8 Grapefruit

I think that it tastes like a a bland orange with barely any fructose with has a sour and almost weird "moldy" & dull aftertaste or... gross!

It's basically an orange that tastes like sour concrete. Disgusting.

It is just a sour orange

So sour. Ewww...

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9 Tomato

Bad. They just taste disgusting.

It's just rank food

There gross to me

People eat these like apples ew

10 Pineapple

Pineapple tastes amazing why is it on this list

WHy is this here I love me some pinapple - BreakFastBeast2005


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11 Durian

This fruit has a real bad odor. It is real nasty. If you don't believe me, then go to a Thai market and give it a try. Trust me.

Durian has a great smell and flavor in my opinion yet many people seem to be repulsed by it.

Smells like hell but tastes like heaven

hate it

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12 Litchi [Lychee]

Too bad smell of the cover. - harshbadwe

I voted to say, YOU don't EVEN KNOW HOW TO EAT A LYCHEE! You eat it by peeling the red off and NOT eating the nut inside. The tastyness is the white flesh.

Bad flavor, tastes like watered down polin

13 Apple

Bad taste a it should be first


What THIS IS AWESOME - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Hate it.. you should cook it to eat it, don't know how people eat it raw.

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14 Coconut

I hate the… burnt taste of it. Especially the coconut water, tastes disgusting

Its gross ew

15 Cantaloupe

The fruit nobody will eat in the bowl. Tasteless and too watery. Texture is to hard.

I like all fruits but Cantaloupe and Tomatoes (unless it’s ketchup or salsa) - Alapisboy

16 Cucumber

This is so bland and annoying healthy fruit that I have to eat even if I hate it... - zuni

Just really bland & so much chlorophyll overwhelms my taste buds.

Actually cucumber is technically a fruit...

This is a vegetable idiots

17 Watermelon

Watermelon is delicious!

I love watermelon

I love watermalone


18 Pear

They're not tasty at all

Off brand apples

I don't like pear

they gross

19 Honeydew


20 Lime

Lime is a citrus fruit ya moron

Lime isn't a fruit dumb peeps

Wow, just wow! You're gonna say limes aren't fruits, but a cucumber is a fruit. Just wow!

21 Dragon Fruit
22 Guava

i love it

23 Mango

The mango is very delicious unless you eat a unripe one

Love mangos

24 Raspberries

Too sour weird texture gross


25 Blueberry



It’s bad :/

26 Lemon

Who in the world would eat the lemon just how it is? You obviously do something with it before putting your lemon thing in your mouth.

It is good to use for flavoring, but it is to sour eat.

27 Green Beans

Grean beans are the worst


28 Jackfruit
29 Plum

Prunes are the only fruit I hate. They look like excrement, and they stink. I can and will eat plums though. Whoever corrupted plums by making prunes did a disservice to the food world. I eat a lot of different foods, and this is the only thing in the fruit family I won't touch. When they tell old people to eat prune juice, I want to gag. Tell them to eat a plum, instead!

30 Sultana

I absoloutely HATE sultanas. I don't know why, they're absoloutely gross.

31 Cherimoya
32 Grape
33 Cayenne pepper

They are delish

34 Santol
35 Orange Orange

The scent alone makes my stomach turn, makes me dizzy, and nauseous. The taste is another whole disliking

36 Peach

That's yuck

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