Best Highest Grossing Movies of the 21st Century

These movies totally earned their box office, do you dis/agree what do you think? It has to be from the 21st century and has to make the top 50.

The Top Ten Best Highest Grossing Movies of the 21st Century

1 The Dark Knight

On 2008, the greatest comic book movie was released, and it made a lot of cash- which it deserved. It was an epic crime drama thriller in which it put Batman to the test and one doesn't talk about The Dark Knight without mentioning Heath Ledger as the Joker, he was awesome and the psychological battle between Batman and the Joker was riveting, wanna know how I got these scars?

Ranked: 24 - idontknow

2 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I would actually put all 3 at number one just because I did not want to scatter them all in the list and also that the trilogy as a whole are my favorite movies of all time. The way you get immersed into Middle Earth, just as its happening right before your eyes and the characters and the whole way that friendship is portrayed and everything about Lord Of The Rings makes it my favorite film of all time.

Ranked: 13th Highest Grossing film - idontknow

I will love this movie forever. That is certain. - BKAllmighty

3 Inception

Nolan does it again with Inception, a film, no doubt, will become a classic in a few decade. Why? Because it's a smart, intelligent sci-fi movie in which the film lets the audience connects the dots and figure the story for themselves and that ending. Almost 6 years and we still talk about that ending?

Ranked: 49 - idontknow

No words to appreciate the Nolan's MASTERPIECE

4 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

The finale to the Harry Potter saga ended with a bang. In my opinion, it's the best in the saga, It shows the journey of our characters and the evolution of them, Minerva a bad ass and Snape, RIP Alan Rickman, this was the story that made Snape as known as he is today, his backstory is the best scene in the saga and who us people who grew up with Harry Potter, who didn't tear up in the end?

Ranked: 8 - idontknow

5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It's a million times better than the prequels and is my favorite movie of 2015 (I changed my mind again, sorry.
The new characters were excellent and have one great chemistry and BB-8 is the cutest robot ever. It had to live up to this massive hype which movies that have that big of a hype usua lly don't meet it, The Force Awakens broke that hype and that final lighsaber fight. It was awesome I can't wait for future Star Wars movie.

Ranked: 3 (So far) - idontknow

6 The Dark Knight Rises

This movie divided fans, I loved this movie, it was a spectacular conclusion. The character of Batman was challenged like never before and it has, hands down, the best fight scene in a comic book movie and that is both fights of Batman Vs Bane. It wasn't just the action that made this film so great, it was the characters and the story. It deserved all those money.

Ranked: 16 - idontknow

7 Avengers: Endgame

I think this film deserved to be there

In my opinion the best MCU movie. Completes a lot of plot points set up in earlier movies. NO spoilers here, but that ending!



8 Skyfall

I forgot to add this.

Ranked: 14 - idontknow

9 Toy Story 3

Best movie ever I can't wait for the third sequel

I hope Toy Story 4 is great, considering that Toy Story 3 might actually be the best Pixar film, in my opinion. It was the darkest and the most emotional of the 3 Toy Story films and the evolution of our characters and the finale was emotional, I have not found a person who did not grow up with Toy Story who did not tear up at the end. That's how you close with a bang, then Pixar made Cars 2 and we all know how that turned out.

Ranked: 18 - idontknow

10 Spider-Man

This may soon not be valid as its placed at number 50. However it's still in the top 50 and it was one hell of a great film. The cast was excellent and Williem Dafoe was born to play The Green Goblin and James Franco is still the best Harry Osborne. The action and CGI was great and most of it hold up today, Spider-Man 2 is a superior film (but it did not make it into the top 50), this is just me personally, but the original is my favorite, but Spider-Man 2 is better.

Ranked: 50 - idontknow

The Contenders

11 The Avengers

The best crossover film of all time, The Avengers was awesome. I hear many people say that it's just another action movie and stuff like that, but it was clever. The dialogue was snappy and funny, Point Break reference, the action was cool, especially with the hulk and it's a film that made me feel like a child again. Lets hope that Infinity War breaks it.

Ranked: 5 - idontknow

12 Avatar

Ranked as number 1, Avatar is one great cinematic experience and I'm pumped for the sequel. The way Avatar immerses you into Pandora and the characters and the tribe is one of the best, Plus their bad asses and it's visually stunning, sure the film has its flaws, but it was worth it.

Ranked: 1 - idontknow

13 Captain America: Civil War
14 The Simpsons Movie
15 Jurassic World
16 Avengers: Age of Ultron
17 Jaws
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