Top Ten Horrible Shows Featured On Cartoon Network's Small World

Small World was one of the first shows on Cartoon Network that suck. So, here are the horrible shows featured on the 1990s version of Tickle U.

The Top Ten

1 Soupe Opera

I love France, it's a great country, BUT I HATE SOUPE OPERA SO MUCH! Why do children like this show?! I don't get it. That cabbage episode scared me to death. Soupe Opera sucks, and is one of the shows from France 3 that pretty much suck. It's usually most of these French shows from France 3 that suck.

I agree. I don't understand the appeal to Soupe Opera whatsoever.

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2 Pingu Pingu

What kind of name is Pingu? That name sucks.

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3 Christopher Crocodile

Seriously, BBC? Seriously? My God.

4 The Babaloos

Why is it called "Babaloos"? That's a terrible name.

5 Miffy

Bunnies are so cute, but Miffy is not.

6 Mr. Men and Little Miss

This cartoon sucks. The 2008 remake was even worse.

7 Spider!

Hey I like this show get it off the list now!

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8 Archibald the Koala
9 Barney

This is as horrible as Barney and Friends.

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10 Old Bear and Friends

This is so boring.

The Contenders

11 Towser

Towser? What kind of name is Towser?

12 Sports Cartoons

Really? Are you serious?

13 Anytime Tales

More like "No time tales".

14 Small Stories

This makes no sense whatsoever.

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