Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

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Jason Voorhees is a character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th as the young son of camp cook-turned-murderer, Mrs. Voorhees.


Jason and Michael are very similar killing machines. Their appearances change from movie to movie, usually their size and mask. Neither talk and they sneak up on people without a sound. Their weapon of choice, Jason a machete and Michael a big kitchen knife but they will both use whatever they can find laying around. Did I mention that neither will die, no matter what their shot or struck with. Both are way better than that loud mouth Freddy. I would love to see a movie where they team up to face Freddy and Pinhead, that would be the bomb!

He is one of the biggest horror movie icons ever. Not only does he kill like 14 people per movie, he even dies. He uses all types of weapons and now that he can teleport because he got revived back from the dead, he is even harder to escape. And even in the movie Freddy vs. Jason, he gets the most kills Freddy really does nothing but fight him for 20 minutes. He was and always will be the scariest killer, and he will always have the most kills out of everyone on this list.

Come on guys really how does freddy Kruger beat Jason I mean really have you seen the movie freddy vs Jason Jason kicks freddys a** no matter what happened to jason. Jason ended up facing his fear of water and comes up out of the water with Freddy Krugers head so freddy Kruger should have been third and Jason Voorhees second. That's my opinion.
- BubblesMucoy

This top ten was about Top KILLERS...not about which movie guy you think is cooler! Jason kills in more variety of ways...can kill with anything in his grasp including his hands. Also he doubles the body count of any killer in the history of horror movies and real life. He has also been labeled many times as "The Ultimate Killing Machine" Jason by a landslide!

Jason is one of the craziest serial killers ever to exist. With his huge size and strength, he can make anyone scream. Also, he has the highest amount of movie killer kills ever. 158, with Michael in second and Freddy tied with Death for third. Jason Voorhees continues to amaze us, as he is unstoppable. My most favorite.

People should know. Jason Voorhees is the top killer. He doesn't die. Even when he fell in acid. In order to be stopped they had to freeze him. He is also the holder of the highest kill count of 146 kills. While Mike Myers has killed 94 people. And Freddy Kruger has killed 46 people. Jason is the best by far.

Jason should be at #1 cause he is the most badass killer of all time he has beaten freddy so that should give him #2 and he has scared people for about 10 or 20 years and he has a lot more victims in one movie then Michael has in three jason deserves to be at number one jason is the boss

Jason was is and will always be the best. In every movie he would come back from the dead. Michael and Freddy are no match against Jason Voorhees. Jason has the highest number of kills than any other person. JASON IS THE BEAST!

Jason is the best period.. He has the most movies, killed more people, and when kane hodder plays him unlike in jason vs. Freddy. Could take out mike, fred, saw, and that bitch in glitter.. Now that's a whore movie.. Laugh out loud

Jason is probably my 2nd favorite horror movie slasher. Like Michael, he wears the mask and appears out of no where. every time I go into the woods at night, I am reminded of Jason because that's how scary he is.

In my opinion Jason should be number 1he has better agility than both Michael myers and Freddy Krueger Michael myers should be number 2 and Freddy Krueger should be number 3 plus's Jason is one of the most powerful nothing can kill him Michael! here and Freddy Krueger are possible to kill and google is dumb enough to not make slenderman be one this stupid Google

It's a close vote over Michael Myers. Jason invented ways to kill his victims and he didn't care who it was. I felt like Michael was done after the last member of his family was dead.

Freddy has too much of a personality, and Michael is too realistic. Jason is my favorite. By the way, what would happen if these killers were in Tremors? What would happen? - CDShark

Jason is the best cause he can throw someone across a house everyone tries to kill him but he comes back to life so Jason for number 1 all the way man he could kill every horror killer ever made

This serial killer should be number 1 as the most scariest horror villain in history. He never got killed ( his mom just whisper in his mind to get up and said "Don't give up on me." ) in the movie.

Most remembered, that hockey mask is an icon of popular culture. At least, put Jason over Michael, he is stronger than him. He is the most classic and epic, of all them.
Always will be.

Jason by far is the most deadliest killer of them all! The rest are like a children's fairy tale unicorn puppet show lol. No other killer has it on Jason Voorhees Enough said!

Jason Voorhees has killed way more people than Freddy or Michael. Both of them are so overrated. Michael just was more savage. Freddy barely killed anybody

Freddy, Jason and Michael has always been the three that has fought for the top spot, I personally Think its 1.Jason 2.Freddy 3.Michael. JASON FOREVER

I would not want that guy to find me in the dark he mad the way he kills people is like he has not feelings and he will always be around to get you

Jason knows whats up! He's got the machete and the size. HIs intimidation is key though. All he has to do is stand there! #1!

Jason has the most kills and is the most intimidating with that aw-some machete or axe it doesn't matter Jason can kill with his bare hands

This behemoth's feats make Myers weaker than an infant. Hell, Jason has killed horror movie killers before, he could certainly kill Myers.

Jason kicks Freddy's and Michael's ass. No contest, Jason Voorhees is the king of kill!

Jason is probably the best movie killer. For me, It's scary, that's why I couldn't watch most of it. I watched a few parts and It was creepy