Top Ten Ideas for Cartoon Spinoffs That Would Never Get Off the Ground

Trust me, all of these would be cancelled after one season.

The Top Ten

1 Staci and Friends

Staci from TDROTI would introduce to us a few of her "friends". They would be:
Kathrin- A girl whose only role in the show is losing her braclet.
Alicia- A girl whose only role in the show is trying to find a tampon.
Carlie- A girl whose only role in the show is eating lots and lots of kale.
And during the dreadful gags, Staci is making stories about her "relatives" inventing things. - Turkeyasylum

2 The Wendy Testaburger Show

Wendy the boring feminazi whines at people. What a great show.

Basically a show about Wendy's boring life. The background characters would be way more interesting than Wendy herself. - Turkeyasylum

3 Candace and Stacey

I would watch this. - RiverClanRocks

Back a long time ago, Candace and Stacey did the EXACT SAME things Phineas and Ferb did... All the plots would be reused from P&F. - Turkeyasylum

4 The Terrance And Phillip Show: The Show

It'd have more fart jokes than Sanjay and Craig. - Turkeyasylum

5 Total Drama Presents: Big Sister


Who knows, there could be a Big Brother parody if we wait another five years. - Turkeyasylum

Feral Ezekiel
That’s it
Ah that’s the worst season
And I accidentally added the Lindsay show and it’s on wrong list

6 Sally SquarePants

I agree. It almost has the same name. - EpicJake

SpongeBob and Sandy end up having a daughter named Sally... Sally gets a job at the KK to save up for college. Bascially Sally's boring and weird life. - Turkeyasylum

I cringe everytiem :( - CerealGuy

7 Caillou's Truck

Are talking about Caillou as a kid or adult?

Caillou buys a truck and goes on road trips with his friends and his sister. Caillou himself is the driver and whiles wnphenever the light turns red. - Turkeyasylum

8 The Mabel Show

Dipper goes to a Mexican restaurant and dies from diharrea. Now because of this, Mabel has Gravity Falls to herself. - Turkeyasylum

9 The Fairly OddParents: New Child

I think the show would be better without a new child. - EpicJake

Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof go to AJ and leave Timmy for the duration of the show. - Turkeyasylum

10 Numbuh Three Marries Numbuh One

And Numbuh three is still obsessed with Rainbow Monkeys... - Turkeyasylum

This doesn't really sound that good. - nintendofan126

The Contenders

11 The Scrappy Doo Show

Bring back Scrappy as a good guy but more better personality (Not hyper active and shouting puppy power) not to annoy some of the fandom.

12 Baldi: the Show
13 The Dora Show
14 The Patrick Show
15 The Chloe Carmichael Show
16 The Sid Phillips Show
17 Rugrats: New Generation

I missed the days of Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, Angelica. Oh I remember the tune of Saturday morning kids show Live and Kicking that I first saw it on before Nickelodeon. (most people needed cable to get Channel 5 in 1997)

18 Angelica and Friends
19 Pennywise and Friends

The audience will float, too!

20 The Lindsay Show

Lindsay from Total Drama Island has her own show and tries to avoid Heather so she won’t get tricked

21 Buttercup the Series
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1. Staci and Friends
2. Candace and Stacey
3. The Wendy Testaburger Show
1. Staci and Friends
2. The Wendy Testaburger Show
3. Candace and Stacey
1. Staci and Friends
2. The Wendy Testaburger Show
3. Candace and Stacey


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