Top Ten Important Albums in Hip-Hop History

The Top Ten

1 No One Can Do It Better - The D.O.C.

Better than any of the albums listed above.

Didn't expect this album to hit #1!

Great Dr. Dre production! Recommended for N.W.A fans.

2 Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan V 1 Comment
3 Illmatic - Nas
4 3 Feet High and Rising - De la Soul

Best album of the 80's!

Timeless classic!

5 The Chronic - Dr. Dre
6 The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

A rap album that came out in the early 2000's is definitely not more important than anything that came out before this one.

7 Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.
8 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.
9 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back - Public Enemy
10 Licensed to Ill - Beastie Boys

This was the first hip-hop album to hit #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The Contenders

11 Me Against the World - Tupac
12 Run-D.M.C. - Run-D.M.C

Without Run-D.M.C., hip hop wouldn't have existed.

13 Criminal Minded - Boogie Down Productions

Important for not only featuring KRS-One, but for providing a prototype for the East Coast gangsta rap scene.

14 Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

Underrated Beastie album!

15 Livin' Like Hustlers - Above the Law

Underrated group, underrated album! Also one of the first G-funk albums to exist, predating "The Chronic" by two years.

16 E. 1999 Eternal - Bone Thugs-N-harmony

Great album and tribute to Bone Thugs's friend and mentor Eazy-E!

17 Creepin' on Ah Come Up - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Great EP!

18 O.G. Original Gangster - Ice-T
19 Paid in Full - Eric B. and Rakim
20 Eazy-Duz-It - Eazy-E
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