Top Ten Most Important Issues of the 2020 Presidential Election

I know, it's three years away. Still it's nice to be informed, isn't it? :)

The Top Ten

1 Nuclear Weapons

While, over the past couple of decades, most countries have taken action to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons, most agree that more needs to be done. Sadly, this wasn't a big issue in the last election. Hopefully, this will be brought up next time. - Alpha101

Good first item, especially with all the free world stressing about North Korea's designs - Ned964

Solved by Trump less than 2 years into his first term.

2 The Middle Class

The Middle class has been crumbling for decades. The average wage is going down year after year, thanks to inflation. This is not the sign of a healthy economy. In a healthy economy, the average income should be increasing annually. Hopefully, during the next election cycle, candidates will discuss this more and try to find ways to begin to rebuild the middle class. - Alpha101

Lowest overall unemployment rate in decades, and the lowest unemployment rate for blacks EVER. Trump's economy is roaring along.

3 War

While the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over with on paper, we're still heavily involved in the region. Lots of citizens are upset about this and demand that we should pull out completely in the middle east. This will be a difficult but necessary topic for the next president to address. - Alpha101

4 The National Debt

Honestly, I can't remember this being talked about ONCE during the last election. We're currently around 20 trillion dollars in debt, and it's still continuing to grow. If it keeps growing, and our only option is to default, then the entire world will fall into an economy panic. No matter what party you represent, almost everyone agrees that we need to be more careful with our money, and we need to stop adding to the debt, unless it's absolutely necessary. - Alpha101

5 Healthcare

This was possibly the most important issue of the last election, and that's a good sign. The US health insurance system is inefficient, overly-complicated, and overly-expensive. Millions still do not have coverage, and millions more are about to lose their coverage that they gained through the ACA in the next couple of years. Even if you're lucky enough to have insurance, lots can't even use it, thanks to high deductibles and premiums. We need to make health insurance drastically more affordable, and make sure that everyone has access to at least a basic level of coverage. - Alpha101

6 The Environment

Whether you believe on climate change or not, you cannot deny that humans have done irreversible damage to the environment. From oil spills, to contaminated ground water, to the damaging of the ozone, we as a race need to take initiative to protect our planet and preserve it for future generations. We need to invest more funds in research for green energy, produce incentives for people to decrease their carbon footprint, and enact harsher penalties for heavy polluters. - Alpha101

Regardless if you think Climate change is real or not we still need to pay attention to how much we are polluting - Randomator

7 Education

Education in the US is a complete joke. Public schools are underfunded, classrooms are too full, and the students are taught to take tests than to actually strive to learn. Not only would improving education in the US lead to more scientific research and the such, it would also provide a stimulus to our sluggish economy. - Alpha101

Education should be the number 1 issue in america right now, not just for k-12 but helping students continue education into college.

8 Gun Violence

Gun violence is horrible in the US. On top of that, despite being the richest country in the world, we also have the largest incarceration rate. I personally do not support any form of gun control, but I do agree that things need to change. - Alpha101

While the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms we need to adjust it to prevent shootings like the one in Vegas - Randomator

9 School Shootings
10 Immigration

The US has a very difficult and arduous immigration process. Streamlining that process and making it easier to legally immigrate to the US would serve to decrease illegal immigration by mitigating its benefits. This would address concerns over terrorism by being able to track immigrants more easily (since they are legal). This would also serve to increase the workforce as well as the taxable population.

We currently have millions of immigrants that are living in the country illegally. Most conservatives wish to deport these undocumented immigrants and beef up boarder security, while most liberals want to offer these people a road to citizenship, and make it easier for future immigrants to immigrate legally. Whatever your stance is, this is a vital issue. - Alpha101

The USA already allows more LEGAL immigration than any other nation. Exactly how many do you want to allow? Everybody? Better re-think that position.

The Contenders

11 Poverty
12 Civil Rights

While great things have been done for the civil rights of African Americans in the past, many believe that the same protections should be applied to those who belong to the LGBT community. This will be a controversial issue that needs to be discussed. - Alpha101

13 Government Debt
14 Society
15 Mental Services
16 Foreign Relations
17 Trade War
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