Top Ten Most Important Issues of the 2020 Presidential Election

I know, it's three years away. Still it's nice to be informed, isn't it? :)

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1 Healthcare

Who said "it's a right". Read your Constitution!

We need Medicare for all. Stop giving huge handouts to insurance companies. Medicare for all will greatly reduce the costs of healthcare while at the same time increase the quality of it since doctors will be able to make the decisions instead of having the insurance company run death panels. One change needs to be made to Bernie's plan though, there needs to be a small, pro-rated co-pay or some people will abuse the system.

Replacement to ACA, and upgrade to Medicade, Medicare, and VA Hospitals. Have government pay first (say) $4,000 of every adults medical expenses directly to provider. Helps everyone, reduces state (county) cost for providing indigent health care. Most on Medicaid could be dropped. More will be able to afford Major Medical policies to fill in GAP. Large corporations will save big time on health insurance costs. Medicaid will only be needed for those whose medical costs have become astronomical. Taxes will need to be raised slightly, but we need to balance budget anyway.

This was possibly the most important issue of the last election, and that's a good sign. The US health insurance system is inefficient, overly-complicated, and overly-expensive. Millions still do not have coverage, and millions more are about to lose their coverage that they gained through the ACA in the next couple of years. Even if you're lucky enough to have insurance, lots can't even use it, thanks to high deductibles and premiums. We need to make health insurance drastically more affordable, and make sure that everyone has access to at least a basic level of coverage. - Alpha101

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2 The Environment

Climate change affects every other issue, including wars in foreign countries, immigration, the economy, etc. We must do as much as we possibly can to halt the climate crisis while also reversing the amount of carbon present through the use of safe geo-engineering practices such as planting trees.

Climate change is the most important thing we can talk about as a country as well as the human race. We will cause the destruction of the human race as we know it if we continue down the path that we are. The environment and the climate are the most important issue coming down the line to the president, senate and house.

We need to adapt the green new deal. We need to stop the earth temperature from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius, in order to avoid catastrophic climate change!

Whether you believe on climate change or not, you cannot deny that humans have done irreversible damage to the environment. From oil spills, to contaminated ground water, to the damaging of the ozone, we as a race need to take initiative to protect our planet and preserve it for future generations. We need to invest more funds in research for green energy, produce incentives for people to decrease their carbon footprint, and enact harsher penalties for heavy polluters. - Alpha101

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3 Abortion

You know adoption is a thing You don't have to KILL babies just because you don't want to be a mother

Abortion is murder - The Democrats feel it is ok to murder humans even after birth. They must be stopped. They have no regard for life.

Abortion is most certainly a CHOICE

It is murder, and woman should be sentenced to death for having them. DEUS VULT - ChristiansYesLiberalsNo

4 Nuclear Weapons


The continuation of the world depends on the appropriate handling of this grave issue. The intolerable 21st century, WW1, hyperinflation in Germany, WW2, Totalitarianism, national socialism, communism, when millions of people were annihalated is a testament to the importance of this concern.

While, over the past couple of decades, most countries have taken action to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons, most agree that more needs to be done. Sadly, this wasn't a big issue in the last election. Hopefully, this will be brought up next time. - Alpha101

Solved by Trump less than 2 years into his first term.

Trump solved the nuclear issue? That' really funny (and pathetic). No, no, Trump has greatly increased the risk. You must watch Fox News - Putromaine

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5 Gun Violence

Firearms don't kill people, people kill people.
Restricting or Limiting our 2nd Amendment right would take firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens and put them into the hands of criminals. Criminals that don't take the legal route that have stolen, or made on their own firearms. Psych testing is a understandable and reasonable approach of regulating whom should be armed.

There are about 6-8 major "inner city" areas that have awful gun violence, almost all of it drug and gang-related. Outside of those few areas that anyone with a brain avoids, the USA is as safe or safer than Europe and especially Asia.

In countries where guns are illegal, there are NO SHOOTINGS! It ain't rocket science!

There is less gun violence when there are more guns. Guns save lives far more than they stop lives. - Gwenhwyfar

6 Education

The Department of Education needs to be dismantled and let the states start over from scratch. Just throwing more money at a failing corrupt system while ignoring the real issues never solves anything. - Gwenhwyfar

Education in the US is a complete joke. Public schools are underfunded, classrooms are too full, and the students are taught to take tests than to actually strive to learn. Not only would improving education in the US lead to more scientific research and the such, it would also provide a stimulus to our sluggish economy. - Alpha101

Education should be the number 1 issue in america right now, not just for k-12 but helping students continue education into college.

7 The Middle Class

The Lower and Middle Class are the backbone of this country and it was halter to a stop if it weren't for us. We need to make them our complete priority when focusing on Tax Reform come 2020 election. Big tax breaks, lower tax rates, bigger paychecks, bigger returns. Stop helping all of the Company's of America and help the citizens of America for once!

I'm too young for this list - Luckys

The Middle class has been crumbling for decades. The average wage is going down year after year, thanks to inflation. This is not the sign of a healthy economy. In a healthy economy, the average income should be increasing annually. Hopefully, during the next election cycle, candidates will discuss this more and try to find ways to begin to rebuild the middle class. - Alpha101

Lowest overall unemployment rate in decades, and the lowest unemployment rate for blacks EVER. Trump's economy is roaring along.

8 War

While the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over with on paper, we're still heavily involved in the region. Lots of citizens are upset about this and demand that we should pull out completely in the middle east. This will be a difficult but necessary topic for the next president to address. - Alpha101

9 Immigration

Definitely an issue. The government is letting way too many immigrants in. This needs to change fast. - RogerMcBaloney

Democrats have gone crazy, and every major candidate is now in favor of open borders. Think about that, open borders.

Speedy needs a green card - Maddox121

Immigration is a bad thing in this state

10 The National Debt

No one cares and it should be a top priority. - Gwenhwyfar

Honestly, I can't remember this being talked about ONCE during the last election. We're currently around 20 trillion dollars in debt, and it's still continuing to grow. If it keeps growing, and our only option is to default, then the entire world will fall into an economy panic. No matter what party you represent, almost everyone agrees that we need to be more careful with our money, and we need to stop adding to the debt, unless it's absolutely necessary. - Alpha101

The Newcomers

? The Disabled

The Contenders

11 Censorship

Fight Censorship instead of "fake news". - shadomatrix

12 Marijuana Legalization

We should take a look at the decriminalization of marijuana and as well look to legalize federally as the number 1 way to get incarcerated is weed so in opinion legalize it on a federal level and give clean records to all that have been charged

People's lives are being destroyed by the government because they use a very mild substance that is one of the most medically beneficial plants on the planet. - Gwenhwyfar

I think this too

13 School Shootings

Increase mental and behavioral health resources. One of the problems is that too many schools have a social worker (LCSW or LMSW) student case load is incredibly too high to realistic act within the full scope of what their role could and should do. I say social workers specifically because the discipline as a whole and its areas of specializations would cover the vast majority of school needs. A LCSW or LMSW can do everything from the case planning for a student/family, to the therapeutic work of individual, family and/or group therapy, to training and development around best practices that schools can adopt, to increasing and connecting the students and teachers to outside resources, to organizing further engagement among the academic and community stakeholders, to providing a range of supportive services to the teachers and other school personnel.

I lost 8 siblings to this

There should be cops at every school and tighten door security.

14 Civil Rights

While great things have been done for the civil rights of African Americans in the past, many believe that the same protections should be applied to those who belong to the LGBT community. This will be a controversial issue that needs to be discussed. - Alpha101

15 Campaign Finance Reform

No doubt this should be everyone's top priority. Corruption affects every other issue.

The only way to give the power to the people long-term is to change the system. Otherwise, it's the pendulum swinging red to blue to red, etc.

16 Student Loan Debt

Bondage, New form of slavery that limits your earnings. If you make more you pay more and with a large debt and no degree a person becomes a slave for 20+ years before they can get some relief.

Eliminate useless non paying degrees like Art History or Feminist Studies.

17 Mental Services
18 Poverty

I wish that poverty will no longer exist in the future!

This should be #1 issue.

19 US Privacy Laws

Give back users privacy, divide Google, and grant immunity to Edward Snowden. - shadomatrix

20 Government Debt
21 Society
22 Trade War
23 Border Security
24 Toxic Masculinity

Get back in the kitchen.

25 Racism

It really stinks

26 Illegal Immigration
27 Social Security

1) Allow the Social Security Administration to loan money to Financial institutions, but not more than 2% of the institutions net worth. Would increase SSA assets and (say) 15% of interest earned over what the government pays on its bonds could go to reduce the national debt. A win-win situation.
2) If a person is on Social Security and pays any SS taxes for the year, an upward adjustment should be made for that person the following year.
3) Could make it a true pension plan and everyone has an individual account. That would eliminate the need for 2) and cost of living adjustments. Every year, the interest earned will either be added to the account or paid as Social Security income. If someone dies, 10% of what remains in the account will go for burial costs (a likely increase) and the remaining amount will either go to the surviving spouse (if any) or to be treated as special interest to be paid to all accounts (though part could go to the Federal government). That will make up ...more

28 Term Limits
29 Foreign Relations
30 National Infrastructure

This was an issue in the last campaign. I would add having the Army Corps of Engineers to add structures to the nations rivers so that in case of flooding, part of the waters could be diverted to old river beds. In some cases, the diversion could be permanent to areas that currently have to pipe in water.

31 Sexism
32 Feminism
33 Supreme Court

Well most issues above are important. The winner of 2020 will likely get to decide on 2 Supreme Court Justices, with a third possible. Pretty much all the issues above will work it's way to the Supreme Court and the winner basically will decide the courts for the next 20 to 40 years.

34 The Economy

As bill clinton wisely said: "it's the economy, stupid".

35 Usury

Some people are up to their elbows in Credit Card debt. Need to maximize interest rates. To start with, how about 1% per month (12.7% APR). For banks could drop FDIC insurrance if they charge more. Anyone who says they can't make money unless rates are higher should do the country a favor and get out of the business.

36 Reparations

The poverty crisis and the disappearing middle class can be explained by the increasing wealth gap. The wealth gap is directly related to the conditions and longevity of slavery then continued by the Jim Crow Era.

37 Divisiveness
38 Electoral College
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