Top 10 Ideas to Help Solve the US Border Crisis

The poor management of immigrants at the border has been a problem for a while now, but I’d like to propose a few changes that could at least reduce the problems we’ve faced for decades.
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1 Stop portraying border migrants as sub-human

There is a lot of political usage of this headline recently, and if you look at the data, there is usually a wave of migrants each decade or two. There was a closure last year, and it explains why there is a slightly larger amount of migrants this year, and it's been rising ever since in a pattern. Even when Trump took office, the number of migrants arriving is exponential, and it did happen in some other presidents before without any policy triggering it. This is both seasonal and predictable of a pattern over the years.

2 Work to improve the countries the immigrants come from

Evidently, most border immigrants are coming straight from Mexico, and they wouldn't be trying to come to America if Mexico (and Central America) wasn't a bad place for them to live. If you really didn't want Mexicans living here, maybe help their home countries out so they don't have a reason to leave.

Minimize the visa requirements. Such as allowing visa free entry on the initial tourist visas, which would allow getting a work or student visa more simply or less difficult to apply for in the host country.

3 Don’t approach the crisis with a deterrence mindset

"Deterring" migrants from coming here is disgusting. Maybe understand why they're coming here first, and work to properly integrate them into American communities second. Don't deliberately make their lives miserable because you don't like immigrants coming here.

The problem isn't that we don't like immigrants. It's just there are so many of them. And not just from Central and South America. They are coming from everywhere.

4 End the detention centers

These centers have been around for far too long and are a completely ineffective and inhumane method of handling migrants. These centers only help to ensure migrants suffer for as long as they are in America. We need in their place much better arrival stations that can efficiently get migrants through the process of becoming legal.

5 Reverse deportation policies

These policies are just means of kicking migrants out as quickly as possible without a second thought. They are ineffective and cruel, and they have the potential for seriously bad things happening to the people fleeing their countries.

6 Reverse the expulsion rules

Expulsion rules are what have led to migrants being held indefinitely in refugee camps and detention centers, situations that we all know suck. So maybe we should reverse, or at the very least change these expulsion rules so border migrants don't have to be treated like garbage.

I mean until we find a better way. It's just so many people and we simply can't handle it down there.

7 Abolish "Operation Gatekeeper"

This is not quite the same thing as ICE. Operation Gatekeeper was implemented under Clinton and lives on to this day, a measure that seeks to make it virtually impossible for any migrants to cross the border by creating an imminent death trap for anyone coming this way. Just let them pass!

Just need some way to make sure we're not letting in terrorists or other criminals like that

8 Stop passing immigration laws rooted in xenophobia

The main reason why any of this mistreatment of border migrants continues to happen is because these actions are all rooted in these deep ideas of xenophobia championed by politicians in the Gilded Age. Things like Operation Gatekeeper prove we haven't learned from their failures, and we need more people in politics who can realize this and create immigration laws that'll help these migrants rather than hurt them.
Long story short, let's make these illegal immigrants legal.

9 Finish building the wall

How awkward. Now in October of 2023, the Biden Administration admits a border wall is needed immediately, and is taking drastic steps to get it completed as soon as possible.

10 Make the borders more open overall

Hear me out. Our closed border system not only makes it more difficult to come into this country, but also to leave this country. If we made the borders more open, even though we'll get a large amount of immigrants, we'll also get a considerable amount of emigrants heading back to their home countries to make room for these new immigrants. As North Korea proves, making it harder to enter and exit the country is a bad thing. Let's not stoop to their level.

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11 Take down the border wall

Walls are a solution that has always worked. Everyone from the ancient Chinese and Romans, to the modern day rich liberals has built a wall to keep people out. Amazingly, the Biden administration has done a total 180, and is now rushing to build a wall, due to the massive stampede of illegal border crossers. Once its done, they will say "It was our idea and plan all along!"

An idea rooted in racism to begin with, the border wall is an expensive and wasteful solution to the influx of border migrants. It does nothing but ensure that these migrants will never see a bright future and have to continues living in the hellholes they were trying to escape from the beginning. Break down the wall.

12 End hawkish foreign policies that ruin the home countries of immigrants
13 Make legal immigration easier
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