Top Ten Indian Hackers

This list got the best Indian patriotic hackers which did change the meaning of hacking, hacking is not what we call stealing or making frauds they give it a new name a motive to fight back for India without any means of greed or something. They fought for the nation's pride.

The Top Ten

1 Aarshit Mittal {Ashell India}

He is patriotic my vote for you bro

Man keep up the good work

You are good but dangerous too

Pleses help me

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2 Code Breaker ICA {Lucky}

Fake guys, he is poor hacker. not hacked any websites like Google, Facebook, he has hacked all child websites.

I definitely support lucky sir

I want to learn hacking


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3 Manjesh S Boss


All Indian hacker knows this guy power! He can hack any website, A Good guy with a great brain!

He can hack millions of pak sites.. but being a whitehat this guy wont go to do illegal things.. He hacked Facebook, twitter, Google etc. and saved the people around the world.. I personally know him.. Great person..

He has hacked most secure websites like Facebook and Google, pak sites are like child sites for him..

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4 Aasim Shaikh {Root_Devil}

2nd top core member from Indian Cyber Army had always backed up the Team from his glorious and demanding hack, not live much these days but I feel he will be back if India needs him again
Best Hack - Defaced 17 Countries Defense Ministries - ShadowKhan

I support this guy!

5 Mr52

Yes indeed he is. He doesn't showoff, be in secret, live in secret, working for Indian defense. Cool Guy

Mr52 sir is the best

Most Dangerous Indian hacker, the only one who hacked the most virus feeding site of the world

Best Hack- - ShadowKhan

6 Godziila Volcanimum

Most Dangerous and deadly hacker of all time for Indian, whenever country needs him he come up with epic malwares in last year he take down almost every government website of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Best Hack - All of them - ShadowKhan

7 Cool Toad Ica

He was the first who hacked into a Pakistani Hackers forum and that was the biggest hack of that time Pakleets
Best Hack- Pakleets - ShadowKhan

8 Raj Sukali {Notty_Raj}

He is best hacker ever I seen he hack almost 120 website of pak goverment

9 Arjun India
10 Adesh Kolte

Modem and security system hacker

Adesh kolte is best Hacker

Very good adesh

He is a script kiddie and Noobie. Can't even code a damn thing. Disgrace to Indian hacker community

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The Contenders

11 Kishan Patel {Lnx Root}

Assalomu alaykum
Can you help me brother. I must to be set up my phone cmc. I tried but I couldn't. For you it is not dificult. Please help me

12 Sunny Deshmukh

Best person ever.

He hacked many pakistani websites.
Nice and Helpfull person.

13 Almas Malik

Have access to the servers of many high ranked websites.

One of the best SQL injector

Have deep knowledge about WebApps and network penetration testing, Web Developer/SEO Expert.

14 Hemanth Joseph (Venomous Worm)

One of the Best Friendly guy I have ever met. Very Helpful

15 Nakul Mohan

Back in the game nakul is one of famous hacker in the history who hack into many government websites also he hack into Department of Defense (defense. Gov) and military system...

He hack so many Governments website - nsa - mi6 - fbi - swiss bank and many more...

He hack into uk traffic control surveillance program and remotely access all system...

He was known for having perpetrated the largest military computer hack of all time.

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16 Rahul Tyagi

One of the best Indian hacker a long time ego..

17 Neo Hacker Ica

One of the deadly UNderground hacker who have good relation with famous underground hackers like tiger-m@te, hamza, fourtyseven.. Also was a core member of team indishell. Have hacked Google Malaysia along with tiger-m@te

18 Sreehari Haridas

He is one of the best Indian hackers alive.
Vote him up guys.. !
He is the core member of i-hos and very good at sqli, xss, csrf and so many others.
He is very good at php, python, ruby, perl and almost every programing languages available today

19 Witch3r

The well know underground Indian Hacker.

20 Sunny Vaghela
21 5H4DOW

He is the founder and admin of the team INDIAN CYBER COMMANDOS

22 Minhal Mehdi
23 ShOrTy420

Lol best defacer but kind of rude guy

Responsible for defaceing rahul gandhi and congress official websites

24 Coded32

IT security researcher. Doxd whole Pakistan hackers crew.
Deadly researcher.

25 Sohil Khan HAcker
26 Nazren Naz
27 Real Don
28 inj3ct0r

Moderator Of Attacker Security Team

Programmer & Rooter

Moderator Of Attacker-Team!

Programmer of there..

Best of the world!

29 Innocent Heart

Hack The Pakistan Sites And Defaced So Many Sites

30 Aaditya Samant
31 Nash N Sulthan
32 Sooraj Sekhar

He is a core member of i-hos

Co-founder of the legendary I-hos (Indian Hackers Online Squad).
He should be number 1

33 Cy83r_P1r473

He is the founder and admin of the group 1nd14n_Cy83r_P1r4735

34 Yamraaj

Pak peoples party website... Tango Down

35 Psychotic_Overlord
36 Amit Shora
37 NJD (Nanchil J Deekshith)

15 year old hacker (India's youngest hacker). Tamil Nadu's No. 1 Brute forcer. He has PWK and OSCP certifications. He hacks for fun. Makes money with his talent.

38 Neelkant Singla
39 Hind Hackers
40 Error1046 -Manish

Core member of team indishell.down to earth guy with great skill..he had hacked into almost every servers

41 Prankstar
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1. Code Breaker ICA {Lucky}
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3. Mr52


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