Top 10 Ways to Avoid Junk MSN Articles

With the recent takeover of dislike-ridden articles written by a new wave of journalists, there are almost no quality articles on the website. If you pulled up the MSN start page, you would see some articles having outlandish titles, articles having more dislikes than likes, articles that don't even cite sources, and articles that are completely useless. However, not all the articles on the said website are like this. Here are ten ways to avoid these articles on the website. If you have any suggestions, please put them on the list.
The Top Ten
1 Create a personalized profile

Sometimes you need to click the 'Not interested' icon on some of these. In just a few clicks with a few articles, the system would understand you a little better.

2 Know the credentials of the news outlet before clicking on the article

Research the company behind the article. If they are known to have a good reputation in reporting, then you're good to go. If they have a bad one, you know what to do.

3 Avoid articles that have a closed conversation

Not being able to comment on an article is a bad thing in some cases, since it depends on which case you're talking about. If a major event happened, we see why, but if it's somebody's opinion on something, it's a completely different story.

4 Be aware of the content written in the articles

If the title of the article points towards something out of order or if the image shown on the page is not relevant to the headline, try to avoid it.

5 Don't click on articles that have more dislikes than likes

The like to dislike counter is a life saver. Since YouTube doesn't acknowledge the fact that censorship is a bad thing, at least you are able to see the numbers on MSN. While reading, check why people either like or dislike the article.

6 Don't click on articles that have outlandish, strange titles

We have seen these several times while scrolling through the main page. People in the comments section on some of these articles point out why the writers even thought that was a good idea to include a confusing title such as the one they are reading. Just stay away from these types of articles.

7 Don't click on articles that have a bad writer

If a writer has a bad reputation for creating dislike-ridden articles in the past, stay away from that article and read another one.

8 Avoid articles from a lesser-known news outlet

If you researched the name for the outlet, and if they have a bad reputation in article writing or if you think the news is fake, don't click on the article and read another one.

9 Don't click on articles that may be offensive to some readers

If the article or title attacks a certain group of people, you can report it and not read the article.

10 Avoid the front page articles

Especially if it has more dislikes than likes, do it. Find a more informative article instead.

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