Top 10 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets Ever Made

In the world of culinary innovation, the age-old adage "necessity is the mother of invention" has led to the creation of countless appliances and tools designed to make our lives easier. People have made many gadgets and tools to help with tasks in our daily lives, but many of those inventions are useless, to say the least. While some kitchen gadgets are essential and can save us time, effort, and even ingredients, others are just downright absurd, leaving us to wonder who came up with them in the first place. The items listed below are ones you'd be better off not buying and saving your money.
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1 Banana Slicer

This tool was designed to spare its user from the "tedious" chore of slicing bananas with a knife. Let's be honest, most people don't eat bananas all that often, and when they do, they only peel the top and eat it like that. The banana slicer is just one of those tools that will take up space in your kitchen drawers.

The only time anybody would ever slice a banana is if they put it in their cereal. And does anybody really actually do that? Or for a baby, in which case giving them a whole or half banana is also a perfectly fine option.
Cutting a banana with a knife, even on that extremely rare occasion whwn you would want to if ever, it requires literally no effort in the first place.

No one eats sliced bananas that often anyways. Is it that much trouble to get out a knife and slice it up in like a couple minutes?

I never cut my bananas. I've seen my mom cut bananas in slices for a recipe, but really, you just need a knife.

2 Strawberry Huller

If you are really refusing to eat an edible part of the food that does not change the taste in any way either, you can simply eat the strawberry and not eat the green part. Hopefully, it was because you will be making tea for reproductive health with the green part. There is literally no tool necessecary whatsoever. Just eat the strawberry and remove the green part while eating. Even easier then eating a hypothetical apple that had no core, but not also eating the apple stem. That apple stem would actually be much harder to "eat around" then a strawberry leaf is to separate from the strawberry.

The strawberry huller might seem like a good idea at first, but most people don't know that a swivel peeler, a tool everyone has in their kitchen, can already be used for hulling strawberries. There's a reason the tip of a swivel peeler is pointy... and it can do exactly what the straberry huller does.

If you're so lazy that you can't bother to pull the leaves off yourself, all I can say is, go get a life.

That huller seems like it wastes a part of the strawberry that could be eaten instead.

3 Butter Dispenser

Now yes, trying to spread cold butter with just a knife can be an annoying challenge, but there are many other kitchen tools you can use instead of this butter dispenser, which would just take too much space from your fridge. A swivel peeler will give you're the exact same result.

The intention is to help people who can't spread their toast...

See my comment above

4 Toaster with Egg Cooker

You read that right, a toaster equipped with an egg cooker. Not only does this device take more space than a regular toaster, it is not useful for families as you can only cook one egg at a time, unless you have the deluxe version with four bread slots and two egg slots. People who have used the egg cooker have also said there are inconsistensies in cooking temperatures. Just use a conventional toaster and stovetop to cook your morning breakfast.

Doesn't look practical whatsoever. I can understand how the person who made this might of thought it would be, but you're better off cooking your eggs in a pan.

You need 1 egg to cook so it just a waste of time.

5 Pizza Scissors

A pizza wheel is much more convenient. To use pizza scissors you have to LIFT part of the pizza up, genius! No one wants to do that; you risk ruining a perfectly good pizza.

There have been so many gadgets over the years that people thought were going to become standard household items but never really took of. As for this one cutting pizza with scissors isn't a bad idea but you don't need a special pair for it any scissors will do.

Wow. Seriously, who in the hell buys pizza scissors instead of a pizza wheel? And let's say you lost you pizza wheel or it's broken, you can just use a regular pair of scissors! And people who shop online will likely prefer the pizza wheel over this.

Pizza wheels, knives, etc. Many tools can be used to cut a pizza. REGULAR scissors can be used to cut a pizza. Why do we need scissors specifically designed to cut pizza?

6 Tuna Squish

The Tuna Squish gadget helps to remove water from canned tuna and avoid smelling like tuna from touching the water. You only need to press down on the tuna using the lid, then remove the cover and throw it away. It's not rocket science. Plus this gadget is ugly and takes up a lot of space.

Simply drink the water.

7 Pickle Fork

Yes, a pickle fork is a thing. It's use is to avoid putting your fingers in the jar, but why you can't just use a regular fork to get a pickle out of a jar is beyond me.

Ever heard of something called a fork, which you should probably already have in your house?

There's this magical tool that can do the exact same thing. It's called a fork!

8 Hands-Free Bag Holder

These adjustable arms clip onto your storage bag and keep them upright so you can fill your bags easily. Many bags are made with flat bottoms, so you can set the bag on the counter while filling it with food. If you are worried about making a mess, open the bag and roll the top over itself, creating a cleaner fill. Holding the bag with one hand while filling it is easy.

9 Herb Scissors

These scissors easily cut herbs using five blades or more, depending on the brand of herb scissors you purchase. The multi-blades allow for precise small cuts of herbs at a fast pace. To their credit, these scissors do their job very well, but like the other items on this list, there are already tools you can use that will do the same job. Just use a chopping board and a knife or regular scissors.

This looks cool however.

10 Bear Paws Meat Shredders

I have to give it to these tools, they do their intented jobs well, a quick look at any YouTube video on these bear paws will show you that. However, if you use the BBQ occasionally, you are better off saving money and just using forks which will do the job very well provided that your meat is soft enough.

Might be practical if the meat is too large.

I don't know why, but I love these things just by looking at them lol. Maybe it's because they look more like cool weapons than a cooking tool.

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11 Asparagus Steamer

Why not a steamer for everything else, too?! Why just ASPARAGUS? This is a useless gadget, yet it's one that will take up more than its fair share of space in the cabinet.

This is not useless! It is very important! I'm offended at its inclusion! (Obvious sarcasm)

12 Nachosaurus

What the heck is this? Dinosaur-shaped nacho holder? That's so weird and useless.

Looks fun tho.

13 Popcorn Machine

A microwave can do the machine's job just fine. Even an oven could do better.

14 Quesadilla Maker

Looks very cool tho.

15 Taco Proper

Just hold the taco in one hand and put in whatever you want with the other hand.

16 Corn Kerneler

A jagged kitchen knife does a good job at removing corn from the cob. And you only have to wash the knife afterwards, not this big contraption.

17 Asparagus Peeler

I didn't know peeling your asparagus was a thing until I found this item. Completely useless tool, all you have to do is use a knife to remove the stems. And then if you're worried about the asparagus being too hard, well no worries, just boil it or use a regular peeler.

18 Bread Maker

I'm sure you'd be able to get the bread cooked just fine with a swivel peeler.

Just use a toaster

19 Rotating Pizza Oven
20 Oven Mitts

If you have ever tried to remove something larger then a "frozen toddler meal" from an oven using one or two of these "gloves", you will know that it is completely impossible and you will immediately need to go back to regular por holders since oven mitts are literally specifically designed to prevent you from being able to hold anything, especially a pan that came from an oven.

I don't agree with this at all. I use oven mitts almost every day, for pans in the oven and pots on the stove. I have no trouble using them. I also use pot holders, but mostly as a base on which to place hot pots or plates.

Why? It's for safety.

21 Slap Chop

A great meme though.

Well, its main commercial/infomercial definitely is one of THE best ones of all time

22 Ice Cream Maker
23 Lemon Squeezer

Just use a strainer then squeeze it and done.

24 Bogeyman Egg Separator

Not only is this kitchen tool useless, but let's be real here, nobody is going to be using this because it is gross and will cut your appetite just by looking at it.

There are many ways to separate egg yolks from egg whites. You can use egg shells to remove. This is useless and the face is looks creepy.

25 Dog Dicer
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