Top 10 Reasons Why GoGuardian Sucks

If you don't know what this is, GoGuardian is basically a spyware extension that schools put onto student's computers and allow schools to block most websites, including school appropriate ones. Hell, even websites like Quora and TheTopTens are blocked by GoGuardian at my school, which forces me to log in under the much less restrictive guest mode. Feel free to add anything I didn't already list here.
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1 It spies on students

Dude, what the heck? This was a problem, but at least we used a different system similar to GoGuardian. It wasn't really effective, so kids (including me) could play Among Us in the classroom and even Roblox at home. It's nuts kids don't get to do whatever they want.

But you should feel lucky. In most schools, they monitor kids without the computer. So, we should be grateful we can at least log off if we want to.

Dude, that violates, like, the Fourth Amendment, I think? But it's even worse when it happens at home. The blocking of Cool Math is just terrible! My kids, who go to Campbell Middle School, told me that the school blocked Cool Math!

2 It blocks school appropriate websites

The people at GoGuardian do not update what they block, meaning they don't ever change what they allow you to look at.

They obviously do this to make students angrier, and that decision is the opposite of helpful.

At my school, GoGuardian will sometimes block school-appropriate websites that teachers want you to use. For instance, my 9th-grade computer applications teacher once told us to go to, but it was blocked for no reason.

3 It blocks many YouTube videos that aren't even inappropriate

These are the schools that want kids to be educated without the need for worldly things. It's so sad that they won't allow kids to do what they want.

GoGuardian makes YouTube videos inaccessible to students for trivial reasons like, "This video is blocked because it belongs in the category 'People & Blogs'." This is so annoying.

I can understand blocking videos that are actually inappropriate, but why in the world does it block certain song lyric videos while allowing others of the exact same song? It's stupid and extremely annoying.

4 It blocks most game websites

Bro, most games aren't even inappropriate. I had to go to this website called "Blooket" because my teacher hosted a game. GoGuardian blocked me! At lunch, I asked my principal about this, and the principal said it was inappropriate. I don't get it. That game isn't inappropriate!

With GoGuardian, I can't do anything I like. I wanted to watch a panda cam, and it blocked me! Seriously, what have pandas ever done?

Sure, it might be useful during class hours, but it still blocks websites during recess and while you're at home.

5 You can't remove it from your computer

I think that if someone is typing something to their friend or family during a free period or at home, it might be something private that they don't want their teacher to see. Students want their privacy and should be able to turn off GoGuardian if they don't want their teacher in their business.

GoGuardian is one of the worst things that humans could possibly invent. It probably also explains why school Chromebooks are so slow.

They say that they only give you the most updated versions of everything they offer, but it still takes up a lot of storage.

6 It violates the 4th Amendment

Privacy is the number one thing every person wants online. If a teacher sees you log into a personal website, it could leak all of your personal information.

I cannot simply imagine what loopholes they used to legalize this software. It can be used for things that are most likely not even legal, not to mention the lack of privacy that has to violate some serious rules.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. No warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I don't think that GoGuardian complies with the 4th Amendment. It basically spies on whatever you do.

7 It blocks most proxies

If you're thinking of getting around GoGuardian with a proxy, there's a 99.9% chance that the proxy you're using is blocked. This makes it much harder to bypass the extreme restrictions.

For me, some proxies are still available, but I think in other districts, it does block proxies.

Hmm. Yep. Protecting safety, all right. But how come they get to use YouTube and stuff? Not fair.

8 It lets teachers close tabs

I haven't had this problem, but from what I've read, some schools allow teachers to close tabs on students' computers for no good reason whatsoever. As if simply being spied on wasn't bad enough.

This is just something annoying, but not too bad because I used a website with the leave site popup, so teachers couldn't close it.

It's so annoying. I was just trying to go on Coolmath Games, then my teacher closed the tab.

9 It blocks websites even if you're at your own house

One time in school, someone was drawing Beyblades, those spinning things, and Pokémon and anime. But then the teacher clicked off his tab. He was annoyed, so whenever he was in school, he would use his home login. But even then, there would be websites that say cool math but have all sorts of games at your fingertips. The school shut it down one day, and he was mad!

This stupid extension literally spies on you 24/7. One time, I went to Roblox at like 2:00 AM, and GoGuardian was still on. Seriously? That's just stupid.

Come on. I understand at school, but doing it at home is ridiculous. We should have freedom.

10 The logo sucks

It's a boring logo, and it reminds you that it's there and that someone is likely watching you.

It isn't even bad, but it just reminds you that you are being watched constantly.

The logo is just terrible. I see it all the time.

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11 It can spy on your home computer if you sign in to your school account at home

One time, I signed in to my school account on my home computer, and GoGuardian said that it was setting itself up on my computer. When I removed my school account from Chrome on my home computer, it seemingly disappeared. I hope the school isn't going to restrict me from playing video games when I'm at home and not on my school account.

12 It lets teachers disable your browsing

I hate it when teachers freeze my screen by disabling my browsing. It makes me want to flip them off!

13 It sees your search history

When I was in school, teachers were removing my websites last year. This is why GoGuardian should be deleted. Imagine getting your history deleted by teachers for no reason.

14 It blocks school appropriate games

I tried to play a game on Cool Math Games, but it gave me that evil screen. I also couldn't play Poki (though that one's understandable), or even Wordle parodies!

15 It can see through your webcam

Bro, oh my God, that smashes the Fourth Amendment to pieces with a sledgehammer!

Wait, what? Oh my God, I'm so scared. I didn't know this.

This should be number one because hackers could take advantage of this and see your school or home.

16 it blocks helpful websites

I was trying to use Complex Sentence Generator (so I can make my sentences sound smarter), but it blocked it right when I was checking up on it. GoGuardian sucks!

This is annoying because it means your administrator won't let you use schoolwork help websites. Even your teachers force you to use these, and you find out they've been blocked for no reason.

Why? Literally, I was using a website for my assignment, but then I saw that stupid screen again.

17 It tracks your location

Illegal. It is quite literally illegal. I didn't even know this until I read this, and now I am in fear.

It tracks your location? Google said that is a clear breach of the law!

18 It lets teachers see what you are doing even at home

Annoying, but my teachers only do it when they need to. Really, I'd rather be mad at my teacher for using this than at GoGuardian for making it.

This idea isn't a tragedy, but overall it kind of sucks. I can't even do anything on my computer when I'm home sick, or else my teacher will realize I'm not doing my schoolwork and get mad. They don't understand why you can't work at all when you aren't feeling well. I really think you deserve to play a game or do stuff on it after a long day of hard work.

If teachers do this, this might be the most annoying thing for 100% of gamers.

19 Teachers can lock you out of your computer

This is the most annoying out of them all on my list because it can prevent you from playing games, watching YouTube, etc.

This happened to me once. I was banging on my keyboard and I got locked out.

This was in second grade. I was seven.

Never had this happen, thankfully. I still think it depends on the teacher and less on GoGuardian for making it.

20 It can take screenshots

Once, my teacher took a screenshot of me playing a game that I was using for only a minute because I finished my work. She put it on the screen for the whole class and claimed I was on it all class.

I don't really know how to say this, but this stinks when you're getting on a game for ten seconds or so just to bookmark it. Your teacher takes a screenshot and gets mad at you for no reason because they have false proof. Or when you get an inappropriate Google search result, they will probably think you're looking at inappropriate stuff on purpose and take a shot of it.

21 Teachers can see what tab is open at all times
22 It will block things because they are categorized as ''Unknown''

Even if it's categorized as unknown, what's the issue? It's still okay to use the website!

23 It blocks educational videos
24 It still works when you use out of school mode
25 It sometimes blocks school websites
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