Top 10 Reasons Why GoGuardian Sucks

If you don't know what this is, GoGuardian is basically a spyware extension that schools put onto student's computers and allow schools to block most websites, including school appropriate ones. Hell, even websites like Quora and TheTopTens are blocked by GoGuardian at my school, which forces me to log in under the much less restrictive guest mode. Feel free to add anything I didn't already list here.
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1 It spies on students

GoGuardian is a spyware tools that some schools (including mine) use to spy on their students, which is technically an invasion of privacy.

I definitely can't lie about that. The teachers can spy on what I'm up to as long as I'm doing it on my school account.

Exactly I Hate GoGuardian because it is a stupid extension!

That happens to me and I think it's creepypasta!

2 It blocks school appropriate websites

like, I needed to use a website of gameplay for a video game for an assignment once, and it was BLOCKED by GOGUARDIAN. my teacher couldn't do anything about it!

At my school, GoGuardian will sometimes block school appropriate websites that teachers want you to use. For instance, my 9th grade computer applications teacher once told us to go to, but it was blocked for no reason.

People on GoGuardian do not update what they block - meaning they don't ever change what they let you look at.

They obviously do this to make students angrier and that decision is the opposite of helpful.

3 It blocks many YouTube videos that aren't even inappropriate

Goguardian just makes youtube videos inaccessible to students for stupid reasons like "This video is blocked because it belongs in the category "People & Blogs"." That is just so annoying.

I can understand blocking videos that are actually inappropriate, but why the hell does it block certain song lyric videos while allowing others of the exact same song? It's stupid and extremely annoying.

I agree with all of this

Some educational videos that teachers put on modules are blocked

4 It blocks most game websites

With GoGuardian, I can't do anything I like. I wanted to watch a panda cam, and it blocked me! Seriously, what have pandas ever done?

Sure, it might be useful during class hours, but it still does that during recess and while you're at home.

Most websites with games on them (including Newgrounds) on the internet are blocked because of this stupid extension.

5 You can't remove it from your computer

They say that they only give you the most updated versions of everything they give you, but it still takes up lots of storage.

You can't remove it from the computer because it sadly won't let you uninstall it, which is stupid. I swear the schools and school districts that use GoGuardian are pure evil.

I tried to remove it once after watching a YouTube tutorial when I was in 8th grade during the spring 2020 lockdown, but I ended up breaking the computer in the process as I was unable to log in to the developer mode.

GoGuardian had forced people to not remove it from their devices, GoGuardian shall not exist.

Just really annoying

6 It violates the 4th Amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I don't think that GoGuardian complies with the 4th Amendment - it basically spies on whatever you do.

I agree because this is my personal computer. They can't spy on my computer. Know what? They shouldn't spy on kids because it is down right wrong. Also after school, they are STILL being spied on!

The 4th amendment grants the right to privacy, but yet schools stupidly violate the privacy of students by spying on literally everything they do online. I don't think there's anything creepier than knowing the fact that someone is spying on you even when you're in your own home.

True! Your privacy doesn't need to be exposed.

7 It blocks most proxies

If you're thinking of getting around GoGuardian with a proxy, there's a 99.9% chance that the proxy you're using is blocked, which makes it much harder to get around the extreme restrictions.

For me, some proxies are still available to me, but I think in other districts, it does block proxies.

It can also block some search engines.

8 It lets teachers close tabs

I haven't had this problem, but from what I've read, some schools allow teachers to close tabs on student's computers for no good reason whatsoever. As if simply just getting spied on wasn't bad enough.

I don't know how I can say before goguardian comes because I say *quack* about goguardian.

All my school appropriate tabs are closed so I can not search anything

9 It blocks websites even if you're at your own house

This stupid extension literally spies you 24/7. One time I went to roblox at like 2:00 AM and GoGuardian is still on. Seriously? That's just stupid.

While I was not in the classroom half the websites I tried did not work.

When opening up my school chromebook at home, it still restricts websites.

10 The logo sucks

It's a boring logo and it reminds you it's there and that someone is likely watching you.

Really it sucks.

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11 It can spy on your home computer if you sign in to your school account at home

One time I signed in on my school account on my home computer, and GoGuardian said that it's setting itself up on my computer. When I remove my school account from Chrome on my home computer, it seemingly disappeared. I hope the school isn't going to restrict me from video games when I'm at home NOT on my school account.

12 It lets teachers disable your browsing

That is supremely stupid.

13 it blocks helpful websites

I was trying to use Complex Sentence Generator (so I can make my sentences sound smarter), but he just blocked it right when I was checking up on it. Goguardian SUCKS!

This is annoying because it means your administrator wont let you use schoolwork help websites. Even your TEACHERS force you to use these and you find out they got blocked for no reason

All of these are so true

14 It sees your search history
15 It blocks school appropriate games

I tried to play a game on Cool Math Games, but it gave me that evil screen. I also couldn't play Poki, (though that one's understandable) or even Wordle parodies!

16 It lets teachers see what you are doing even at home

This idea isn't a tragedy, but overall it kinda sucks. I can't even do anything on my computer when I'm home sick or else my teacher will realize I'm not doing my schoolwork and get mad because they don't understand why you can't work at all when you aren't feeling well. I really think you deserve to play a game or do stuff on it after a log day of hardwork

17 It will block things because they are categorized as ''Unknown''
18 It can see through your webcam

Wait what? Omg omg, I'm so scared. I didn't know this...

19 It tracks your location

Use a VPN at home, or else ...

20 Teachers can lock you out of your computer

It is so annoying!

21 It still works when you use out of school mode
22 It can take screenshots

I don't really now how to say this, but this stinks when your getting on a game for ten seconds or so just to bookmark it and your teacher taes a screenshot and gets mad at you for no reason because they have false proof. Or when you get an inapropriate google search result they will probably think your looking at inapropriate stuff on purpose and take a shot of it

23 Teachers can see what tab is open at all times
24 It blocks educational videos
25 It sometimes blocks school websites
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