Top 10 Worst Black Friday Incidents

Black Friday's coming up, and I couldn't be more concerned. The past Black Fridays have been terrible and have had their fair shares of ridiculously stupid incidents. A lot of incidents lead to death, injuries, and even employees get in the mess. It's really ridiculous we have to go so wild over worthless deals you could find anywhere.

So with that said, here are some of Black Fridays worst catastrophes.
The Top Ten
1 Toys "R" Us Gunfight

Two women were fistfighting for who knows what in Toys "R" Us, and two men accompanying them pulled guns and began shooting, eventually shooting each other. Neither women were harmed by the shots.

Incident happened near me. Nothing to do with shopping or toys, other than on that crowded day two rival gangbangers spotted each other in the Toys R Us. Both died, good riddance.

2 Walmart Employee Trampled to Death

Considering this is arguably one of, if not, the only Black Friday incident that actually resulted in one's death due to the selfishness and greediness of inconsiderate consumers, I think it goes without saying that this item should be numero uno on this list ASAP.

In 2008, a Walmart employee was killed by a stampede of customers. This death led Walmart to do a major overhaul in their sales.

I heard about this, and it really is funny how ignorant people are to someone dying over some low prices!

3 Woman Miscarries in Walmart

My heart truly goes out to this poor woman. Nothing is worse than this. This woman's life has now changed for ever, and all because of greedy bargain-hunters. So so pointless and tragic.

In Walmart, customers were stampeding to the door, and one woman was knocked down and kicked around, resulting in a miscarriage.

How is pepper spraying people worse than being miscarried by a bunch of costumers?

4 Shopper Crashes Car

After shopping with his family, a sleep deprived father crammed his four daughters in the back of his car (only fit for three). He drove out and crashed his car, killing two of his daughters.

I can only ask one question...: Was that father rightfully arrested for putting all of his daughters at danger and killing two of them?

That was really bad that happened that a shopper crashes a car

5 Woman Pepper Sprays Customers

Pepper spray is PAINFUL. You might not think so, but just watch reactions of people getting pepper spray in their faces. It's much worse than you'd imagine. I would never spray people with such a painful substance over some stupid bargains.

Pepper spray once got set off in our classrooms and we had to evacuate. Believe me, pepper spray is awful and you should only use it for emergencies. Not because you want something you could easily order online.

In 2011, a woman at Walmart waited for some items to be unveiled, and when they were, she pepper sprayed all the customers in her way.

6 Police Tackle Shoplifting Grandpa

Police officers at Walmart tackled a grandfather who was caught allegedly stealing games for his grandson. He was out cold, and later arrested.

This is horrible that the police tackled this grandpa. I saw another comment saying he was just protecting it. Irresponsible...

The truth is, the guy put his grandson's game in his belt to protect it from being stolen, however police thought that the man was shoplifting and therefore, the guy got arrested

7 Shopper Mugged and Shot Outside Walmart

Three cousins left a Walmart only for them to be stopped by two strange men. The men tried mugging the cousins, and one of them was shot. Luckily, he survived, and the men were arrested.

That is sad that happened hopefully it never happens again in the future

8 Customer Stabs Marine

At a Best Buy store, a customer who was trying to steal a computer was stopped by a marine. In a hurry the customer sliced the marine in the back. The marine fortunately survived.

9 Westland Mall Shooting
10 Man Caught with Weapons in Walmart

A woman alerted the police in Walmart she believed a man there had a weapon. The police found he was loaded with knives and guns.

The Contenders
11 Laptop Fight in Walmart

Lol these walmart employees are crazy. I hear and see that walmart attracts the wierdest people. Some are weird, gross and just downright creepy. My mom has told me about stuff like that. I was going to go to walmart yesterday but I heard it was crazy. Anyway those employees were or still are probably on drugs. Who throws laptops at complete strangers. Oh I know a couple of low life dilanquet who has nothing better to do.

In 2005, employees threw laptops at customers, and they began fighting over them. One customer even attacked a security guard who they thought was a customer.

12 Pregnant Woman Trampled
13 Racist Catfight

Saw this at Target once a few years back. A black woman was harassed by another woman and called her racist slurs. The two began slapping and tugging at each other until they were finally pulled apart.

14 Mall Stampede in Southern California

In 2006, 10 people were injured in Southern California after being knocked down by a stampede.

15 Target Argument Gets Brutally Violent
16 TV Fight in Walmart
17 Old Man Gets Stabbed
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