Top Ten Worst Things About Job Hunting

Some of y'all are gonna be doing this real soon, I guarantee it. It still can be arduous.
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1 Waiting for several days after applying and then getting the message you were not chosen

It's sort of spitting in someone's face when you were not chosen to move on to the job, but worse when you find out that you weren't hired days or even weeks afterwards. Some places don't even bother with a response back.

2 The overall length of applying for a job

I hate it when people say that there's so many jobs out there and jobs are looking for workers all the time, yet 70% of those jobs don't even want you.

Can take up to one hour. Even more if you have to take long assessments which don't really do much to help.

I watched my dad make job resumes once, they were so time consuming

3 Having to input work history for your job application

In my case I have over 7 previous jobs I've been into.

4 When the hiring manager decides to close the job position

This makes me think that they completely wasted their opportunity. Why advertise it if you decide later on not to hire anyone? Please hire at least someone.

5 When your parents pressure you to get a job

They love their money, but want to pressure people who want to have fun to NOT have fun.

6 When an entry-level job apparently requires "experience"

This should be higher, but most entry-level jobs do the appropriate thing and actually train you. There are some immediate red flags though when they tell you you need experience in something that you are TRYING to get experience on.

How do you get experience?

7 Having to include "professional references" in your job application

Because for whatever reason, references are needed and hiring managers need their names, occupations, and contact information, which is honestly a bit invasive. The default to choose would be previous managers, but what if those previous managers aren't working there anymore?

8 When you find out some easy-to-apply jobs don't pay you
9 When a high-paying job requires a security clearance and/or years-worth experience

Allow me to explain this one. Some of those that are consistently in demand of new employees seem to have good pay, but at the same time require someone with over 5-6 years of experience in a certain field as well as a security clearance. While natural-born citizens tend to have the ability to attain a security clearance and respect their government, some hiring managers are looking for those with "active" clearances.

Now let's go ahead and look at what's wrong here. 5 to 6 years of experience in something is pretty cool for those that have been working at a place for that long, but you'd think that the person who has had that much experience is already happy at the place that they got that experience. And if someone has an active clearance already, they too are happy enough to even get that clearance in the first place AND the position they got hired into.

So in the end, these particular jobs are usually left hanging on the advertisements forever, almost entirely ...more

10 When you have to take job assessments
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11 When you're discriminated against if you have a criminal record

Makes it harder. Maybe they deserve it to be harder but that still doesn't make it any less frustrating,

12 Waiting indefinitely for a response and not getting one

Haven't had a lot of personal experience with this one but gotta imagine it's way worse than getting a no after a couple days. At least then you get to move on.

13 Having to add COVID-19 information

Given that we are still in pandemic mode and that every employer is taking precautions this one being another hurdle to jump over is bound to show up soon enough.

14 When they say they pay a lot and they pay so little
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