Best Sales Jobs Available Now and Forever

It has always been the case that, for middle class folks, the best and quickest way to become comfortable financially is to be a great salesman for an excellent product or service. That hasn't changed.

Lee Iaccoca, Ross Perot, and Henry Ford became rich and famous because they recognized that to be a salesman is the same thing as to be a leader.

Most people who are out of work are out of work because they are afraid to rely on themselves in terms of leading others to products and services they actually desperately need.

In this time of economic hardship, millions are staying home because they are shy, when there are perfectly good jobs available in sales, prestigious jobs with excellent incomes going unfilled because people refuse to internalize the principle that learning to sell is just another way of learning to lead.

Our committee of 50 persons (15 of them salespersons) has put together ten jobs that are available immediately to any qualified applicant, with examples of how to apply.

The next time you look at your check book, or your spouse complains about the level of family earnings or you have to borrow, just look at this list, and apply to one of them.

They ALL can be done part time until they start paying their way, and NONE of them cost much to get started.

All you need is courage, a good command of the English language, common sense, and a WILLINGNESS to learn to lead. (Even the English language requirement can be negotiated, if English is your second language.)

In every case, there are folks already working at these jobs making in excess of $200,000 per year, EVERY year.

The line, "I don't like to act like a salesmen." is the same as saying, "I don't like to act like a leader."

The Top Ten
1 Mutual Fund Representative

Dozens of funds continually look for ambitious individuals wanting to earn a good living. Some of these firms link with annuity companies. Vanguard is one of the best. Two licenses normally required for the mutual fund/annuity combination position.

2 College Recruiter

These jobs are open to the public, some even if you haven't graduated from the College or University you wish to represent. For example, Linda Christas College (www. lindachristas. org) has its Ambassador Program. Linda Christas provides all support materials and training free of charge, and they are a real pleasure to work with. One of the fabulous 50 who put together this list is an Ambassador and she informs us that the College is growing by leaps. License not required. Integrity and an appreciation for education is essential, however. Many other colleges struggling to keep enrollments high also looking for great people.

3 Vehicle Sales

The day when vehicle sales were unprofessional are over. Today, whether we are talking about power boats, airplanes or automobiles, there are thousands of jobs available nationally for someone who can sell these beautiful vehicles. Our community's Harley Davidson outlet is one of the best places to work on the planet, and the money is terrific. However, one must not be afraid to lead.

4 Business Consultant Sales

It is common for a successful business consultant to earn more than $200,000 per year. These jobs are available to everyone. However, the older individual is often selected, since in order to consult convincingly, one must have earned that right.

5 Stock and Bond Representatives

After the shedding of 200,000 representatives, the field is once again beginning to percolate. Your local banks have programs for these kinds of individuals. With the proper attitude, one can find oneself with a great income. Licenses required.

6 Pharmaceutical Representatives

All the drug companies are always on the lookout for great sales talent. Most physicians depend on pharmaceutical representatives to give them the latest scoop relative to ongoing research, and, of course, the samples left with physicians encourage the writing of prescriptions for the medicines involved.

7 Life/Health/Business Insurance Sales

For more than a century, life and health insurance sales positions have started many a business career. Not only is life and health insurance one of the biggest sales areas in the world, working with business owners to insure their livelihoods is also extremely rewarding.

Insurance sales was a very stressful job for me.. only works (like most sales jobs) if you believe in your product

8 Sales Engineers

From Pratt Whitney to Lockheed Martin, and McDonnell Douglas, the best jobs in the place go to engineers who can sell, and who can keep clients happy. When travel is required, it is normally first class. No license required. But, a solid engineering background plus an in-shop apprenticeship frequently essential.

9 Toy Representatives

Most Toy outlets have an ability to pay well for persons who generate sales.
For example, has an ongoing need for BRICKSPEAK sales representatives. Those who are audiophiles, and who love toys, and enjoy working with pleasant folks with high standards will enjoy this kind of sales position. There are also other opportunities within the toy industry limited only by your imagination. Many Toy Representatives will work for several outlets at once. It is never too late to be really young at heart.

10 Pre-Need Sales

Many of the finest mortuaries in the world also have positions available always.

Some persons, of course, do not like the "environment" which often surrounds the desks of Pre-need sales personnel. However, with the Internet, more and more positions can be structured so that your only appearance at the cemetery is when you have a prospective client.

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