Top 10 Worst Professions to Do Naked

I'm not going to tell you how the idea of this list came about but needless to say, it sparked a lot of interest and humorous conversation. So... if you have any of your own to add, feel free to do so or vote for an existing item
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1 Teacher

That would be pretty bad and messed up, especially if minors were in the classroom.

2 Firefighter
3 Cop

The cops would be breaking the law if they did that. Ironic.

4 Athlete

In the original Olympic Games in Greece, all the athletes competed naked.

5 Pro Wrestler
6 Lion Tamer
7 Chef

If it's in a public restaurant or in a building where there is a kitchen, then yes, that's the worst nude profession you can do. Let me tell you, not many people can perform professions nakedly because the law forbids working naked for privacy reasons and to avoid shaming others who might be disgusted by it. So no, being a chef nakedly in public food stores or restaurants is not wise at all.

However, if you are a chef and are willing to practice your cooking skills at home, it's not much of a problem. Homes are a source of your freedom and privacy. You can be naked there if you want.

Why does this list make me feel pervy?

8 Priest

In due time, I know exactly what jokes will litter this entry.

9 Beekeeper

This definitely wouldn't be fun. You'd get a bunch of bee stings all over your body.

10 Lawyer

Just imagine a lawyer walking into a courtroom naked. If a lawyer worked naked, they probably wouldn't have any clients.

The Contenders
11 Gynaecologist
12 Jockey
13 Yoga Instructor
14 Doctor
15 Soldier
16 Newsreader
17 Judge
18 Window Cleaner
19 Clothes Store Employee
20 Band Member
21 Taxi Driver
22 Model
23 Weather Reporter

"A heavy warm front in the north of the region today could cause turbulence in the Midlands, spreading rapidly to one main Southern area, resulting in a sudden jet-stream caused by high temperatures. A cold shower is predicted for later in the day. Much of the same is forecast for tomorrow - if we're very lucky."

I'm sure that standing in extreme wind, snow, or rain would not be a fun experience. And on top of that, you'd be live on TV, so anyone watching the weather would see you.

24 Singer

Not very unusual, haha - GG Allin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jim Morrison, and some female pop singers were naked or almost naked at live shows.

25 Motorcycle Racer

It will be totally drafty for the riders, though. But they have to be careful on the corners.

Plus, no helmet, which counts as clothing, or any protection really.

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