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1 Politician

It's very hard to trust them these days, because many of them say stuff to get elected, and then do the exact opposite of their promises. The reputation of the champagne socialists makes it hard for people to trust the honest ones.

I wouldn't mind if I heard the truth, just once would be enough.

Corrupt politicians and lawyers are the lowest filth!

2 Lawyer

They are the bottom feeding scum of the earth. Their goal and only goal is to get your money out of your bank account into theirs. Then leave you in debt as much as they can. They pretend they are your best friend but when it is all said and done if you called them a week later they don't even know your name. Forgot this. Tell you something one day and as time goes by they lie and say they never said that. They are all show in the court room but are actually friends probably laughing at there clients while playing golf or at lunch on how much money they got. Think about it what is a judge? Former lawyer. What are our law makers and politicians? Former lawyers. What a racket they got going huh? Last but not least they are all scum bags and how they can sleep at night with what they do to people is beyond me. They are just cold blooded humans with no shame. I was thinking about becoming a lawyer but the only problem is I am warm blooded and a person that cares.

3 Estate Agent

Money sucking parasites, milk the people for every last dollar, have fabricated the housing crisis for their financial gain. Destroys suburbs through gentrification and ensuring that only the wealthy and wealthy investors are the "property class".

Someone with nothing to sell and buying nothing, who tries to insert themselves between those who do, and take them for as much money as they can.
Greedy uneducated individuals who collect a fee for managing a property by treating all tenants like scum, disregarding the rights of tenants or their own obligations on behalf of the property owner.

4 Police Officer

Asses treating people poorly. Abuse of power and lack of consideration on a regular basis. They need to get a real job instead of trying to order people around.

When someone is going to kick your butt who you gonna call. someone who does'nt know you and is willing to fight for you. and stop someone from taking your stuff. don't want a ticket OBEY THE LAW! Police don't write the laws just enforce them.

What?!? Do you know what the world would be like without police?

5 Banker

Bankers never learned how to create wealth themselves. Instead, bankers decided to create a service that slowly siphons off the wealth of others.

6 Traffic Warden

Not only do consumers hate them; but they must hate their job as well. Any job that requires them to walk/drive all day in any weather condition giving the "cherry on top" for "worst day ever" for many has truly got to suck!

Vultures waiting for expired parking meters. The worst are the ones that get away with hand writing their times and actually back-timing their readings.

They're pathetic wastes of oxygen and should get real jobs. I'd love to hit one with my car.

7 Social Worker

Opinionated, argumentative, disrespectful force their opinion ahead of medical professionals. Often highly narcissistic and form strong negative opinions of strangers.

Social workers are evil, Malicious and vindictive. They are the modern day witch-hunters. They base their cases on heresay and lies. They are self-appointed gods but the fires of hell surely await them when they leave this mortal coil.

Revolting baby snatchers, eviscerate families, get paid to destroy lives. Dirty, corrupt, uncaring dregs of humanity.

8 Spammer

Being forced unwanted trash into your eyesight or mailbox and leaving you with the responsibility of disposing it has got to be the most aggravating thing ever.

9 Teacher

Every teacher I know hates their job, complains about the wages, insists that they have so much less time off than everyone assumes, and are just in general miserable people.

Ever talk to a teacher? All they can talk about is being a teacher and not being paid well as if it were a surprise when they got the job.

High criticism/ Expectations higher than parenting/ low pay/ constant changes/ horrible discipline, poor classroom behavior/ little support/ poor training/ unrealistic expectations/ save the world /scapegoat blame for not being able to improve the impossible/ unappreciated

10 Telemarketer

I feel sorry for them and sometimes I indulge them so they don't get discouraged but mostly I tell them leave me alone and hang up.

At least a dozen calls a day. Interrupting your day to try and talk you into something you don't want or worse to commit a fraud against you. Scum of the earth.

I have to admit-these guys are pretty annoying sometimes.

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11 Dentist

Greedy, overpaid, legal physical extortionist, no social morals etc.. Republican rank and file supporters. Wealthy scumbags. Need someone besides insurance co. and crooked politicians to police these parasitic money lovers.

12 Journalist

They say they are fair and balanced but that's a lie
No way to tell an entire story in 90 seconds
They slant every story they do and anchors will sometimes add their personal comments which is a no-no
So called investigative usually has minimal research but they will only use what fits there slant.
How can you ask someone facing criminal charges for a on camera comment knowing anything said can be used against that person and call that fair
T.V. reporter's are spineless scum

Journalist lives don't matter. They are filthy, degenerate, lying, low-IQ scumbags who should be subjected to extreme physical violence.

13 Stock Trader

Provide nothing to the world and make a profit off of it.

Greedy people gambling away my retirement funds.

Come on your not talking about the small trader working to support their familys, you speaking of the 1%

14 Car Salesman

Trying to make a living like anybody else, but lying comes natural, compassion is unheard of, and customers are 'targets' and 'chumps'. There's bound to be a special place in hell for this class of crooks...

They are often dishonest liars who pretend to be decent people.

15 Tax Collector

I think the Beatles proved a good point with their song "Taxman"

16 Lobbyist

There are way too many reasons that American's hate lobbyists to list, but feel free to add yours.

Ruining this country and corrupting government.

17 Engineer

TOO MANY OF THEM. I swear, if we riled up every engineer especially ones in the middle east, the Indian subcontinent, and China we would have enough to populate Mars!

Arrogant and anal SOBs, some of them. They are as bad as auditors!

18 Doctor

They don't have time to care about your health. It's all about billing insurance, getting a prescription pill for every ailment, and charging co-pays.

They scam you money. You pay hundred of dollars to get a check up and then they tell you that you are fine. The medical field is too corrupt and expensive

19 Psychiatrist

Money-sucking parasites. They act like they know more about your life than you do.

20 Recruiter
21 Bailiff

This should be first, surely? Who could do such a job? How do these people sleep at night, knowing the suffering they've just caused someone or even a whole family unit? Disgraceful!

Miserable scum of the earth even worse than politicians, journalists, traffic wardens and lawyers. There was a programme on T.V. a few nights ago about how a bailiff felt suicidal - the poor little thing

He works for the fuzz. Nuthin more needs to be said.

22 Repo Man A gimmick character portrayed by Barry Darsow in WWE, Repo Man was a heel character who repossessed items from other wrestlers and audience members. Dressed in a costume resembling a burglar, Repo Man was a comical yet sinister figure in early 1990s professional wrestling.
23 Nurse

Often fat, stupid, patronising & dangerously and criminally negligent.

Hey, if it wasn't for our nurses, our doctors would always be busy and never help us

24 TV Reporter
25 Priest

Victims have entered the chat. They aren't all bad, some priests are actually pretty decent people. Those religions that don't allow their priests to have sex or marry on the other hand...

This should reflect the hpocritical T.V. evangelists. They take hard working people's money as seed donations and then build their mansions and empires with the lost soul's money...scum all of them

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