Top Ten Kinetic Abilities

The Top Ten Kinetic Abilities

1 Omnikinesis

Bro, I love this ability. It is a great thing to use in a story for a plot twist

Yes I know that's why I always choose Omnikinesis it's really cool and since I was four we played with kinetic abilities and I was only one who choose Omnikinesis as my kinetic power

Omnikinesis - Manipulate anything. - Bonghost

Is anyone else confused by all of these terms? - Songsta41

2 Telekinesis

The Old Term for Psychokinesis from 2013 ending at 2019-2020 which the Term became Psychokinesis...

Telekinesis - Mentally manipulate matter. - Bonghost

Control anything with your mine

3 Kinetikinesis

Kinetikinesis - Manipulate kinetic energy - Bonghost


4 Haemokinesis

So let's say your sick right, and you got haemokinesis. You can dame cure yourself, or be mean and kill someone. BECAUSE YOU CAN CONTROL BLOOD

On of the most powerful and dangerous kinetic abilities; gives you control over every being that has blood!
You can heal and cure illnesses, or you can kill someone with stroke or similar.

It also gives you ability to control beings - like pupets, because their blood is in every muscle - so you can move them.

Haemokinesis - manipulate blood - Bonghost

5 Electrokinesis

You can heal and KILL people instantly. Sure you can summon lightning, shoot it, make shockwaves, but you can KILL people instantly

Electrokinesis - Manipulate electricity. - Bonghost

If you have ek then you also have controls over atoms which means you could heal people and kill them instantly

You can summon lightning, shoot lightning, make shockwaves and maybe even make an emp. Most useful Kinesis that isn’t way to op

6 Atmoskinesis

Atmoskinesis - Manipulate the four elements. - Bonghost

7 Hydrokinesis

Hydrokinesis - Manipulate water - Bonghost

8 Unikinesis

The universe and everything in it...? Ok... Way too God damn op... Daaamn

Unikinesis - Control the universe and everything in it - Bonghost

9 Pyrokinesis

Also a great one to use in a story for a plot twist. I was always obsessed with this one, cause I love Fire.

Pyrokinesis - Manipulate fire. - Bonghost

Stars are essentially big balls of fire, a perfect reason for why this should be at the top of this list - GamingGodPrime

10 Mystokinesis

Mystokinesis - Use Magic - Bonghost

The Newcomers

? Heliokinesis

The Contenders

11 Elementumkinesis

Elementumkinesis - Manipulate the elements - Bonghost

Now you are captain planet

The elemants are a powerful thing! You'd be able to help so much with that abilitiy!

12 Psammokinesis

Psammokinesis - Manipulate sand particles - Bonghost

13 Fragokinesis

because you can create a supernova explosion because of you making explosions

Fragokinesis you could create God explosion like a super Nova, or nuclear bomb, or even the yellowstone volcano. This kinetic power should be number 1

Can create explosions and control the explosion

way to op destroy the universe in a explosion

14 Photokinesis
15 Telumkinesis

Telumkinesis- manipulate weapons
totally awesome. come at someone with a gun, think, gun doesn't work, make a spear, impale, TA-DA.

16 Seismokinesis

Because of Quake from Marvel

17 Chronokinesis

I can be like the people in JOJO Bizarre Adventure

It's the ability to control time itself

If people knew what this was or if it was listed as 'Time Manipulation', this would be in the top two. - ParasN2000

18 Terrakinesis

Ability to munipulate earth

19 Audiokinesis

Sound minipulation

Can also use sound to travel and obviously hurt people’s ears

20 Pathokinesis

Can manipulate people’s emotions from electronics and crowds

21 Biokinesis

Basically it's the ability to manipulate your own DNA to take what ever shape you want for your body. In other words you're the creature from the movie the thing from another world.


22 Psychokinesis

It's the ability to control peoples mind. You can also read some ones mind and cause people to see illusions

You can know what people are thinking

23 Chlorokinesis

Control over plants and plant toxins which also grant toxikenisis

24 Ergokinesis

Everything has energy in it

Ergokinesis is the manuiplation of all energy forms be careful very really very powerful

25 Cryokinesis

Create and manipulate ice

26 Geokinesis

It's the ability to control the earth. Like rocks, sand, mud and you could create earthquakes.

Still captain planet

27 Hyalokinesis

The power to control glass

28 Anthropokinesis

The power to manipulate humans

29 Ferrokinesis

The ability to manipulate metal.

30 Magnetokinesis

Magnetism minipulation

31 Kenokinesis

Vacuum manipulation

32 Aerokinesis

It's the ability to the control air like creating tornados. you can also fly at high altitudes and live.

33 Umbrakinesis

Th ability to manipulate shadows.

34 Necrokinesis
35 Amokinesis
36 Astrokinesis
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