Top Ten Kinetic Abilities


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1 Omnikinesis

Yes I know that's why I always choose Omnikinesis it's really cool and since I was four we played with kinetic abilities and I was only one who choose Omnikinesis as my kinetic power

Omnikinesis - Manipulate anything. - Bonghost

Is anyone else confused by all of these terms? - Songsta41

I like Hydrokinesis, but still, this can manipulate anything...

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2 Telekinesis

Telekinesis - Mentally manipulate matter. - Bonghost

3 Kinetikinesis

Kinetikinesis - Manipulate kinetic energy - Bonghost


4 Haemokinesis

Haemokinesis - manipulate blood - Bonghost

5 Electrokinesis

Electrokinesis - Manipulate electricity. - Bonghost

6 Atmoskinesis

Atmoskinesis - Manipulate the four elements. - Bonghost

7 Hydrokinesis

Hydrokinesis - Manipulate water - Bonghost

8 Unikinesis

Unikinesis - Control the universe and everything in it - Bonghost

9 Elementumkinesis

Elementumkinesis - Manipulate the elements - Bonghost

The elemants are a powerful thing! You'd be able to help so much with that abilitiy!

10 Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis - Manipulate fire. - Bonghost

Stars are essentially big balls of fire, a perfect reason for why this should be at the top of this list - GamingGodPrime

The Contenders

11 Psammokinesis

Psammokinesis - Manipulate sand particles - Bonghost

12 Mystokinesis

Mystokinesis - Use Magic - Bonghost

13 Terrakinesis

Ability to munipulate earth

14 Telumkinesis

Telumkinesis- manipulate weapons
totally awesome. come at someone with a gun, think, gun doesn't work, make a spear, impale, TA-DA.

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