Top Ten Reasons to Like Nicki Minaj

So many people in America swear that Onika Tanya Maraj is the absolutely most worst rapper in history. I'm pretty neutral, but here are reasons to give this woman a chance despite what personality and appearance she may have on the outside.
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1 She is a Female Rapper

Not many female MC's in the game right now. I mean, sure you have Dej Loaf, Remy Ma, Chanel West Coast, Angel Haze etc. but Iggy and Chanel are unoriginal plus Nicki is doing the best right now compared to others. We're lucky to have our share of woman rappers in the game anyway, especially some with a net-worth of $45 million+

Also people who hate on her for her sexual songs? They're literally her goofing around. Can females goof around about sexuality or nah?

2 She is More of a Good Influence Than You Think

When she was in Queens, she had just came out of her old nail salon off the block and had been bombarded with plenty of Elementary Schoolers and fans and old friends. Autographs, pictures and hugs were given away willingly from her. She had made a neighborhood happy, she had got in the backseat of her limousine with the window still open and shared her goodbyes. The last thing she had told them all was "stay in school! I love you guys! " She shed a tear as they pulled off.

She tells woman to follow their dreams and don't let men bring them down.

3 She Has a Good Figure

This is a stupid reason to like someone also her figure is fake since she has butt and breast implants. Women like her are one of the reasons most girls think they need plastic surgery to look beautiful when they don't.

To the fist comment, that is lies. She has a fat transfer for her butt and he boobs are real. Go back and do correct research.

Hourglass figures are very attractive.

4 She Improved Over Time

Well there's obviously something amazing about her if she became famous and gained millions so obviously she did.

Doubt it, stupid hoe compared to anaconda (her newest song) is an angel while anaconda is satan.

She never had any dignity in the first place.

5 She Doesn't Forget Where She Came From

A lower middle-class girl who was born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Queens, New York. She started at nothing, now she technically rules her own empire. She was a normal broke person just like the rest of us and one day strived to become successful one day. Too much money and power can result in some unintelligent life choices, like plastic surgery. "Moving back to the East Coast and knowing I can just drive up to my mothers house and brothers house... That would really do something for me." She had revisited her neighborhood in Queens on "My Time Again." Documentary.

6 She's Really Good at Rapping

All you need to do when rapping is talk at a certain pace and that is easy

7 She is Like Every Other Woman

"I see myself holding my baby, breast feeding my baby and making my husband happy." Isn't this just what the average life that every other woman in the world has? Isn't this the American dream for most women here? At least people now know that she is not some alien from outer space who is "60% silicon, 40% human" like most unopen minded people claim. She is a woman.

As much as I'm trying, I can't see any professional woman I know, who would take nicki's place in her anaconda music video.

8 She is Beautiful Inside and Out

Body changes are a choice. And this is a choice she had made so many years ago, and she is still proud of it and not ashamed at all. Every woman want's to modify their body at some point in her life. But on the inside, she is very inspirational and spiritual. She is really a strong 32 year old woman with a warm heart filled with lots of emotions. She sheds tears that only a Barb could love. (if you don't know what I mean, watch My Time Again that is what all the details are based off of).

She loves. That's all that needs to be said. She is a inspirational character and has a background story that inspires all. She is Sooo good

9 She Has Nice Big Butt
10 She is Responsible

Ariana Grande and Jessie J had began performing their "Bang, Bang" song some time after Anaconda at the 2014 VMAs. Black sheets were held around Nicki from guards and such, and was slowly in the process of outfit switching. The black dress she was meant to perform in was too revealing and was not put on correctly in time by her designer Rushka. Her cue had arrived in the song on stage, so Nicki was like "screw it," and had held the dress together with her hands and went on with her verse. Fans were roaring, even if they thought she was some "slut who malfunctioned on purpose". No. She did what she had to do. She went on and did her performance and still blamed herself for it after even though it was not her fault. "How much of a failure am I. I ruined Jessie J's performance."

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11 She Has Good Lyrics

Her Lyrics are like poetry and have so much meaaning and she is such a good artist.

12 She Loves Her Barbz

She treats her fans like close friends. On Twitter she had asked her fans if they would like the Anaconda video to drop that very night or the day after, and hilarious replies had Nicki saying things like, "Oh my god. My fans have an attitude." She gets so much energy from her fans during performances for example, her so called "wardrobe malfunction" where even though she was struggling to hold her poorly made dress together, her fans still loved her and cheered for her courage and perservearance.

13 She's Funny

I've actually found her to be a pretty funny person in general!

She's such a funny person, I absolutely love her.

14 She is Hot
15 She Inspires Her Fans to Go to School

Nicki tells her fans to get an education and be independent, especially her female fans.

You always want an inspirational singer.

16 She is Loving

Many people may know her with pink wigs or always twerking but truth is she is a kind loving person she loves her fans friends and family. Her art has since to it you just have to listen to it give it a chance

17 She Has Beautiful Eyes
18 She is a Good Friend

She is also hysterically funny. She shared her old life as a waitress at the Red Lobster which was brought up by a question about their lunch schedule for the day. She described how her and her co-workers had to "steal the bread when they could" since they had to work for 12 hours a day with no great tips. Her choreographer and background dancer had all shared a laugh and shared their old restaurant occupations and Nicki had gave them dap as if they were the coolest jobs ever. She loves all her friends.

19 She is Caring Toward Her Fans
20 She is Very Beautiful and Sexy
21 She Encourages People Too Stay in School
22 She Paid for Her Fans' Education

A fan on Twitter asked Nicki Minaj whether she would help pay off her student loans, and suddenly Nicki stepped up to help around 30 of her fans. She's also starting a college fund for them. Does your fave do that?

23 She is Super Deep
24 She is a Songwriter
25 She is Kind
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