Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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1 It Hurts - 2NE1

Nice production and costume of 2NE1 girls. I think the video inspired from Rapunzel, cause DARA look like Rapunzel here and the three girls are singing in the roof top. Amazing.

They way they sang brings out the feeling meant in the lyrics of this song. From the first time until now, this has been the saddest song I have ever heard throughout these years

I like the meaning of the song. The pain of heartbreak.. This song always make me cry..

2 Lonely - 2NE1

I love the words to this song. The beat is slow and can be played with a guitar, but is still so easy to listen to and fall in love with. Almost everyone loves this song because of how 2NE1 sang it and how it sounds.

I fell in love with this song the minute I heard it. Regardless of rhythms or lyrics, I still live it. This song is recommendable so I chose this song.

Although, I'm not really interested in 2NE1's oeuvre, I think this song is really amazing and touching without being too sad.

3 Missing You - 2NE1

This is a very sad song, very nice, especially their harmonious accents. Bom's voice can make us cry. Very nice song. When it was released Missing You of 2ne1 topped 5 seoul music charts.

This song is the best among with It Hurts and Lonely too.. Wait! 2NE1's songs is in TOP 3! Who's BlackJack here? Look! 2NE1 Jjang!

Very unique mysterious Instrumental adding Boms unique belting, CL's fiery rasp, Minzys smooth tone, Dara's sweet lines and Lydia Parks Amazing backing vocals.

4 It's You - Super Junior

Even until now, this is one the best SJ (or kpop) songs with so complicated feels to contain.. Mind you listening to their music, watching the video, feeling the beats, knowing the meaning, treasuring the dances, and falling in love with their LIVE versions. It's YOU

For me this is one of Super Junior's best songs going from line division to the music and lyrics, and their vocals.

The song lyric is so sad it's alove by one side, who spend his time and life for his lover even she with another man.

5 Blue - Bigbang

Blue is from Big Bang's most recent mini album. I love this song so much and it describes all of the hard times Big Bang went through in 2011 when they nearly broke up. Their mini album, Alive has such a great meaning with amazing songs that won them so many awards!

Blue definitely. Because it showcases the hard times that BigBang, especially GD and Daesung, went through in 2011. They really did a good job, after all that happened. It's a really touching song.

I'm fall in love with this song. The chorus is always destroy my head.

6 Fiction - Beast

The music, the beat, the lyrics, the execution... All so melancholic but so beautiful at the same time. After listening to Fiction I don't feel like listening to any other song. That's how beautiful it is.

How they delivered the song made it more painful they are so great singing with so much feels.

I really feel like after listening to this song so many times there is no forgetting it! I still cry to it till now

7 Lies - Big Bang

They have perfect chemistry and that MV was totally genius.
The song has a great meaning too, and the reason I got into KPOP was because of them. Even the newspapers say that BIGBANG is one of the best bands there is, and to be honest I totally agree.

Lies is a very nice song. Perfect.

It make me cry

8 In My Dream - Super Junior KRY

This is my favorite heartbreaking song of KRY. I could feel the emotion. When I listen to it, it's like we are sharing the pain.

The song is amazing! KRY really sings the song with so much emotion and passion in their voices!

9 Miracles In December - EXO

This song brought me to tears, I didn't understood what they said. But I could feel something. The music video is beautiful, and it's one of my favorite songs now.

This song was a pain in the heart. The meaning was super moving. Their voices were perfect for the song and the MV was just too superb. I can't even watch this full without crying.

Seriously, the first time I heard this I cried so hard that my eyes are swollen. They are so Beautiful! I fell inlove with D. O, Baekhyun and Chen voice. Exo all the way!

10 I Need U - BTS

When I first hear this song, I thought "Where was the happy Bangtan I knew? " At that time I only liked Bangtan. Not as an ARMY but just "like" their music. But I seriously cried while watching the ORIGINAL MV. The lyrics are sad, the beat is good, their acting is awesome. The theories are just making it even sadder. And suddenly it connects to the other MVs. Which makes me even sadder.

The song itself is one of the best songs I have ever listen to before. A twist with hip-hop ish type rhythm. Lyrics are truly heart-breaking and very nice to listen to, even when you are happy. Music video is really cool because of the plot, the roles are played really well and overall is just amazing.

This was what started the best moment in life trilogy, it's seriously so heartbreaking once you get to know the story behind the music video, it really gives you a different perspective at how you view a heartbreak.

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11 In Heaven - JYJ

The lyrics are SO deep. Jaejoong (JYJ) composed this song himself because he was so sad that his friend committed suicide. It gives me goosebumps every single time.

The meaning behind this song was too much for me, and in this day and age it will hit a bit too close to home for a lot of people.

It's beautiful. Emotional and heartfelt, filled with stories and souls enough for every fan to keep their faith.

12 Haru Haru - Big Bang

Honestly this should be first. Not even a vip and I cry every time I listen to it. The lyrics are beautiful and not normally superficial.

Deep painful feelings behind those amazing rapping parts. The lyrics kill, the rhythm addicts, and the MV seems frustrating.

It's such a beautiful song. The lyrics and music combined make it so sad, yet still so beautiful.

13 Let Me Be the One - SS501

Seriously a perfect song. Makes you really want to find the one...

My favorite song forever

14 Please Don't - K.Will

I'm a huge suju and bigbang fan, but this song beats them all! You can just feel how he broken he is in the way he sings, and the music video is heartbreaking, I cried when I saw it the first time, still do! Love it, love the music, love his voice, love the mv! LOVE IT!

The music video plus his strong high vocals made me cry. When I was feeling sad and I always listened to this song. I think it should be number one though too.

His vocals are so soulful and his high notes are amazingly heartwrenching IT'S REALLY SAD. Not only that, the MV also tackles something Korea isn't very keen on, which is very brave of him.

15 Butterfly - BTS

This song tells that they don't want to lose someone. Like if they let go of "someone" 's hand, "someone" will fly away and break. Like "someone" 's there but for some reason, they can't reach it. Just like a butterfly.

I love you BTS.
Thank-you for your perfect music.

One of the best songs by bts. the kind of song youd want to listen for relaxation and peace

16 Quasimodo - Shinee

I was surprised that Quasimodo wasn't here, the song breaks my heart every time I listen to it. Come on Shawols! Vote for your wonderful boys!

It always makes me cry inside... It always breaks me... Those voices... I just can feel the pain every time I listen to it

I love SHINee musics and this one is just calm but a little sad
I love it!

17 Why Did I Fall In Love With You? - DBSK

This is so... Aagh... If You are looking for a sad Song And video that can make You cry... This is te one. I Always cry listening And Watching Andadjfdjdj *cries*

The best really. Most played on my itunes library.

It's Japanese, but the song is so heart-breaking.

18 Promise - Exo

Beautiful lyrics written by members and very meaningful, it's rare they express their feelings through songs but this one was pure, raw emotion, especially the rap. I cried when I heard this song and still tear up. They sound desperate even, it gives me flashbacks to when all of them were so upset by losing members

The Korean version is a love letter to EXO-Ls and the Chinese version is a love letter to the former members. Makes me want to cry every time!

It's just literally a promise. Really touched my heart when I first heard it because it reminded me of all the hard times exo had faced in 2014

19 Please - Kim Hyun Jung

Honestly, I like this song more than "Break down", I think Kim hyun jung proved that he is really talent by this song!

20 It's All Lies - B.A.P

Beautifully well written and perfect execution of the vocals. Clap clap clap.

I love B.A.P I hope they continue to make more music!

Their voices sound so beautiful in this song and the lyrics are so beautiful and well written

21 Dear Mom - Girls Generation (SNSD)

Saddest Kpop song especially seeing the members emotions while singing

This song is super sad but its beautiful because this is for our mother

This song has a lot of Emotional moment about mom and SNSD Members

22 Downpour - I.O.I

The fact that this was released before the group's disbandment makes me tear up already. Woozi is really a talented song-writer knowing he made a million of people cry with this song.

It's a song that you must cry to... avoiding tears while listening to it is almost impossible

I cried it was so sadd! especially the live version when they were all tearing up..

23 Someday - U-KISS

This song is so meaningful and has one of the best sad rhythms. I Love this song. It's just incredibly sad and the best!
U-Kiss FIGHTING forever!
I'm a Kiss Me and always remain as one!

It's one of the BeSt you kiss song I've ever heard of.. It captures my heart with their beautiful voices. I love you kiss!

This song can make you better. You should hear and feel it by your heart well.

24 Can You Smile? - Infinite

This Song Is really touching. And Sunggyu's Voice in this song is beautiful and the raps are amazing too this song is a really sad song. Sad and beautiful one great sonf

It's really touch my feeling...

I really loved this song

25 If You - Big Bang

I almost cried

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