Top 10 League of Legends OP Champions

The Top Ten League of Legends OP Champions

1 Darius

Easy ganking combo E+Q+W+R OWNED!

Ultra OP Champion. Combo : E + Q + W + R = You Has Slain An ENEMY!

Just try to stop this dude! So op, can destroy everything since early game, I saw him fighting 1v3 and diving too, he won.

Mega OP Camp
Triple killing without problems

2 Master Yi

In late game, Yi can face the whole opposition alone and get a pentakill and also recover his health just in a minute!

Every game, I see him always ending up the most kills.. That is why he is recommended

Armor penetration and true damage oh dear god the amount of damage!

I don't consider myself very good at league but when I play as Yi I wreck so I guess that justifies him as #1 most OP champion. - SidDuhSloth

3 Katarina


Katarina if played correctly can literally 1v5 the enemy team thanks to her resets.

What the katarina should be in top 10

Katarina is a very strong champion because it is very easy to play is good at the beginning of the game and in a late game and takes a lot of damage

4 Akali

Catches all enemies that are fleeing

Akali has one of the biggest burst in the game and this is almost impossible to escape when she want to kill you but almost none play her in this meta cause tanks are really op in this one.

Once she reaches level 6 you can't rune away from her, and her burst damage. Also has an annoying stealty spell - ThugStylez

Just hit the skill 1 and ultimate you get owned

5 Jax

Jax is the God of league of legends they made it slow and very weak at the beginning and the item to make him strong are the most expensive so is hard to equip him at the same rate than other champ, but they made like this to makes things even. just imagine a Jax Strong since the beginning would be fair.

Getting elo never was so easy. - Skyon

Jax has much power but also life

Jax can make 4000dmg with 1000 ap, One Hit kill :-/ but its best.

6 Teemo

Love him, he we me first champ to master, buuut as patches go on, he kinda falls off early mid game.

Are you kidding? Mushroom field! You got the whole map covered

Staking poison with blind dart will leave opponents reeling for mercy they can't run if poisoned mushrooms slow are invisible and has great time more than three can be used high speed damage and OP stakes if an opponent trips on more than one mushroom it's over thus he is overpowered.

The shrooms... seems enough to me

7 Leblanc

I love all of the counter play when you face a leblanc mid, besides staying under tower I don't think you are safe

Trolling was never made easier until LeBlanc came along. Her passive saves your life. Her Q silinces so youll definitely fell that you have power. Her E slow and roots them in place. And her W is legendary. It allows you to flash around. Basically, a secondary flash. And with her R, Mimic, she can use the ability again.

She is the most overpowered laugh out loud character with her amazing burst.

My opinion shes the best mage laugh out loud ever had

8 Fiora

Definitely top 10 IF PLAYED CORRECTLY.. Only top matchups I struggle with is lee sin, darius, and wukong.. Other than them, if I can get early farm going, a properly played fiora will dominate anybody in 1v1 and team fights with her R

In my opinion is the most OP champion

Strongest AD carry especially her Q E W Q R combo is OP I've taken 45- 1 with her. She should be somewhere in the top 10

Any champ being able to do over 30% total damage as true damage is just outright broken.

9 Yasuo

Has mobility, damage, disable AND fuggin wall as survivo to boot. Oh, and can't really be poked that much thanks to passive. Balanced much?

He is the best champion ever played in league of legends

At first, he's hard to play. But, when you master Yasuo, he is the strongest and most powerful champion.

If you get the correct build, you will eventually become a problem and will be unstoppable.

10 Kassadin

He we super duper OP before nerf and now he's basic. But you know some ones op when they get banned every game and need there abilitys changed just so they won't be op any more

If you can build him and play him right, Kassadin can cut through anyone. Penta kill nation, even after his nerf. Still gets banned, I wonder why? Because if you play him right he is the Gankadin assassin master.



The Contenders

11 Tryndamere

Late game no one stands a chance against you. He is one of my favorite guys along with poppy I play them all the time.

I am a Tryndamere main and he is the most overpowered champion I have played. If you don't believe me, go watch Jay Sea on youtube. If you want to climb elo fast and carry games, this guy is the BEST! The key to playing him is watch his rage. If his rage is full, then you have a TON of damage and crit every time. (Also Q if you're gonna die). This guy farms like crazy, especially if you get Zeal, boots, and then shiv in that order. Good luck summoner because you're now a challenger level player.

When full build, could do tons of damage but he need someone to block for him and he could be in the back killing all of them.

Spin to Win - Even if you feed at first, with split pushing you can carry the game!

12 Swain

Really good W E Q R combo

Overpowerd Heal, Good Damage, Aoe Damage, Tanky,...
Nothing more to say.

13 Mordekaiser

Another shield twitch chat

First off, he may use his health to cast spells, but he regains some of the damage dealt as a shield! Also, he can beat you with a mace while you're getting shredded by his w and hit with his e, and then he follows up with an r and then he uses your soul to go and kill one of your allies!

MORDEKAISER IS AWSOMME. with most champs you always have 1 spell you don't use. wel mordekaisers spells are all awsomme. And the metal puns are great

14 Heimerdonger

If your smart with how you place your turrets and make good use of your grenade and missles, with a good build you will be able to 1v3 or even 1v4 if you have his ultimate and your "zone" set up, overall, very OP

Its heimerdinger dumbass

This guy is my main champ. I also play fiddle and Kat, but you can make this 1 champ seem like an entire team if played right.

Best mid lane Heimer can keep 2 attackers at bay, blitz is his biggest nemesis since he moves his turrets but played correctly you can counter him.

15 Frozen Malphite

Why is this here?

It's a joke, now roll with it,

You guys are legends

He will freeze you, and smash you, and kill you...

16 Xin

His Q Ability it's OP when the game starts, so you can feed yourself and win the game! I recommend him a lot, I already made 42/6 with him (: His combo attacks are: E W Q and when the enemy is in the air use R

Should totally be the first champion in this list. He owns every stage of the game, might have some struggles the first 10 minutes, but after you levelled up the right skills, you can do amazing banks even at lv 3-4. Your life steal is just so op, add that with attack speed and you will be able to take literally everyone, from the most tanky champs to the most technical and damaging ones.

Best Jungle Ever

Killing him is just like killing yourself. But This guy has a nice dance! Haha

17 Graves

This Bearded Fellow Is Capable Of Dealin Out A Lot Of Damage Thanks To His Variety Of Powerful Ranged Attacks, Making Him One Of The Offensive Threats In Any Team.

He got me like a pentakill with that op long ranged gun.

18 Annie

Step 1: Smash your dead cat on the keyboard = Profit

Very simple to play, deals a lot of damage and has stuns.

She has high damage and can destroy you if your too close to her

Beaten by a little girl! Hah!

19 Miss Fortune

Hottest champ in the game

Miss correctly build can do a lot of damage to the opponents, even to a large group she can half their HP making easier to kill them in a team frontal confrontation.

I don't like Miss Fortune because she don't make very much damage

My favorite upgraded correctly she's op

20 Zed

He is probably the strongest mid champ at the moment. He can burst any adc down in a few hits and spells and because of low cooldowns he can still do tons of damage even if he hasnt got his ult.

He's really op. Can take two champs down right after the other with both full health. Depending on which kind. I was Jinx with a Lux. We only brought him down to a quarter health before we died. (he was also building tank. )

For me Zed is currently the best champ for mid. Can easily harass enemy champs with first skill and his attack damage is high early game thanks to his second skill.

Zed, once you get to know how to play him, is a really good champion. I wouldn't say he is OP. But I would say he is in a good spot right now to 1v1 anyone in the whole game. Use armor pen runes!

21 Veigar

E + W + Q + R = kill.
With 400 + ap

Stun and delete someone from the game.

If he gets enough stacks, He instantly becomes a mage that can easily 1v4 at half health, I know this from experience.

I think Veigar is so good late game. With one other teammate, ganks take less than a second, and in team fights, he can focus on an enemy, and make it a 4v5, then 3v5, then 2v5.

22 Thresh

If you can land grabs and get farmed, you can easily change the tide in any fight, be it solo or a teamfight. You can make it so that the enemy has almost no escape, and even if they do, they have to waste health, mana and summoner spells to get away from you, long story short, op.

Not the best, if you know how to play with it, you can always destroy minions, turret or other enemies, good in attack and defense. When creating the cage, the enemy will certainly have to come out and when it comes out gets loss and gets slower and then Tresh attack and if you can not beat the enemy ignite the torch next to a teammate and one tap on it and get near Tresh face to face with the enemy, ready sal down.

Amazing skills, OP passive, good support good tank...

Thresh is supp and might I say amazing at it but he's definitely not op.

23 Jinx

When she is level 6, there is a little chance to escape her with low health... When you get an assist, you can kill everyone with her speed boost.

Its Jinx. that's enough why she is the most op champion in LoL

No words is just Jinx

Can destroy groups waves of minions in seconds, and use its basic attack to drain turrets health, while using the W to push back enemy champions.

24 Sion

I believe that Sion has incredible tanking skills, especially if you build well. His Q can strike multiple enemies within range, which can destroy minions, thus opening a path for someone who is in the same lane as him.

He is a very good tank and initiator, build correctly you can deal and take massive amounts of damage.

You can just type in google search "best sion" and you will find 98% win-rate Sion main.

Sion is good for anytime in the game this is because of his death ability

25 Warwick

No rengar is stronger

Me as warwick can 1v1 rengar end game easy. Warwick teamed with ravenous hydra, bloodthirster, blade of ruined king, sunfirecape, infinite edge and trinity force and you'll be able to 1v1 almost anyone.

He have a nice Ultimate

Because I never lose when I used warwick

26 Killer

Op. He will penetrate you to death

He kills


very nice

27 Aurelion Sol

No one knows how to lay against him

U need skill but he's great

Best champ ever.

Try To Make Bigger Starsurge

28 Diana

When she is level 6, she has a really perfect combo. If the enemy is katarina, it is so easy to kill her

She is just OP at level 6, if you say that she isn't good, you don't know anything about this game. With a good build, you'll destroy every champ, even Malphite!

Naturally destroys champions

I'm a noob but when I play Diana I always carry team

29 Kha'Zix

So op, he can just leap out of bush, spam abilities get the kill and ult away. Plus he can evolve witch makes him more badass

1 shot any non tank out of true invisibility under tower. "Oh you're just isolated, his isolation range is tiny, just step away from your team in a team fight and you are gone.

In almost every game gets firstblood, and if he gangs You and You're paper, you're dead.

I main him jg and its just awesome.

30 Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The w attack is so op when you got low life you can't kill him

For the win most op player I kicked fakers add with this champ

Best of the best

Best chamo ever

31 Shen

When used correctly his R (Ultimate) can basically save anyone's life and change a fight drastically, or he can just use it as a Teleport just because he can!

Was playing ranked, 3 of my teammates died I thought we would lose there, suddenly my shen has a quadra alone and finishes the game

Shen is sooo OP. I am a Shen main, and I know firsthand that his E is one of the best dashes/CC in the whole game, and his Q deals percentage health alongside his AD. His W blocks out auto-attacks completely, and his R is just so useful for ganks or just to save a team member's life. 10/10 OP.

DUUDES, JUST TRY HIM. He's strong if you get the right build, (and tanky too) just simply E on them and they will attack you, (taunt) this man is a true tank and can 1v1.. Uh, almost everyone? Combo: E - Q - W and when they run, do the combo again.

32 Rammus

This champ kills you by making you hitting him... His taunt lasts forever and the wont fall late game - ThugStylez

OP best fighter!
All you need to win every single game is get item passives like Thornmail or Sunfire Cap.
Bonus magic resistance and armor which transforms into bonus damage thanks to his passive?

Rammus I'm my opinion have one of the most powerful ganks in the game


33 Ashe

She damages other enemies so easily, and if you're good at her, you can win pretty much every match easily.

Destroys everything

Late game is best

So overpowered. Can win bot lane in laning phase and strong from the beginning

34 Twisted Fate

I personaly like to play a lot with twisted fate because of all the options you have at your disposal, he is an extremly versatile character when it comes to agresive or defensive gameplay.altough he is too dependent on the use of hi abilities from my point of view

He's the mid game god. Late game you wont feel powerful but more tactical if you know what your doing

I played him once and I did good


35 Fizz

Most OP Champ in the Game! He dodges everything with his E, has extreme burst and a DOT... and he is not even hard to play!

Fizz isn't OP in the least... you need to know when to attack when to walk away and when to run... that's all it takes, you mission is to bait out his Hop, when his DOT is active run and kite... bait the hop then flash away from hisult then Squish that super squishy champ.

Why is this champ not even in the top 5 most op

Best AP Carry, best combo, Fizz delete enemy carries easily

36 Ahri

so true I hit some people with charm then press random I'm a nood, she is my starter

She can charm and then WHAMMY!

I don't understand why she is only 47 th she is really op.

Amazing wave clear, high damage, high life steal with passive and masteries, amazing at ganking, great mobility, a high damage skill shot that makes the target come towards your ball of true damage on return. how is this champ not higher on the list

37 Garen

After the recent 5.16 patch he's been OP

40th place? He sucks...

He is the best champ in league

Garen is better than 40 as a lot pof his attacks are op

38 Jhin

The damage output is MASSIVE!

His name is jhin so he is op

Secy with those attacks and that ultimate


39 Illaoi

She can destroy Uranus with her tentacles!

...apparently against a champ like Pantheon, she can turret dive at level 3 and SOMEHOW make it out alive without consequences

Can literally explode an entire team

She's the best the tenticle heal her so she can 1v5 and win!

40 Aatrox

His w with high life steal, never die.

Godly with speed and bloodthirsty and revive armor

Aatrox is op. His passive is super and his ulti too. I also like the first attack because you can jump over walls! Cool

Aatrox plus attack speed = op

41 Lee Sin

If you can play Lee Sin to the extent, then you deserve to be in either Challenger or Diamond. Effectively using Lee Sin is extremely difficult, and even though a lot of people use him they can't use him effectively, which makes him end up here, in 32. PEOPLE THAT SUCK CANNOT USE LEE, SO STOP TRYING. He is by far the most OP champ in the game if you can use him right and use his passive.

Very good at early gangs

He is not op he is strong but not "over powered" when you learn the matchup's you will realize this

Only op with a expert.

42 Vayne

This wall looks great. Look a Vayne. This wall looks even better close up and my head hurts

Dodge, stun, mobility and TRUE damage - not even a bit op.

Weak early game, item dependent

Most skill capped hero

43 Morgana

IF you can master a good combo with Q+R+W+E(shield on self) and is quite a good support.

She is very hard to counter, has a shield that blocks all cc and an ulti that can stun an entire team - ThugStylez

If she goes support and q the adc that means that the adc gonna die

44 Faker

Probably the best Korean world star

Very bad player

The most OP champ in league of legends.

Can't juke out Faker. Once you meet him, unless it's a 5-man ult, do not engage no matter what.

45 Cho'Gath

Feast on your opponents and silence them when they try and get back at you, there is no way you can lose

I am level 7 on cho... I'm so sorry

Om nom nom nom


46 Talon

"King of the mid" if you buy the right items you can make a lots of dmg with Q and ulti. You make ashe down with 2-3 hits if you ll level 18.
Talons ulti: it can be used for escape or for attack. By attack you must activate the ulti and attack one champion.. The champ has left the half of his live. He is a very good champ if you use him right.

I saw him behind me, I had full health but screen instantly gone grey, sent a support ticket to riot about this bug and then a friend told me what has happened.

In my opinion the talon is a very strong champion and op but it is a pity that many do not think like me because they find it difficult to play with him.

Best mid and late game ever

47 Ralph

Ralph is the most busted champion in the game, he sees his mum in the shower and wants to smash his sister

Is this the porn star

Ralph is good his retardness is very useful actually his name is ralph wiggum

Lmaooo who the hell is ralph

48 Fiddlesticks

This kid is op please put me in challenger

Just life steal

Last time, I was got Quadra kills when I play fiddlesticks

I rarely see good Fiddlesticks players, but I assure you, this champ is the EMBODIMENT of OP especially when you have a teammate with great AOE or multi-target CC. The problem is, FS seems compatible with any AP items so players tend to just equip anything with AP, which is wrong. Consider all AP items as SITUATIONAL. With good ITEM BUILD and WELL-TIMED ultimate, FS is indeed an OP champion, but not the kind of MINDLESS-CLICKING-TYPE of OPness. - ecsz

49 Nasus

Is the best, in the end game infinite of stacks.

Nasus should be at least at the top 5s.

Should be higher


50 Amumu

A kick ass little mummy with spunk

The best ever I think

You wanna die

Every time he cries, the enemy team cries... too

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