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41 Bloodsuckers
42 P2

Not scary but a good movie - JaysTop10List

43 Monster a Go-Go
44 Inside
45 Freddy vs. Jason
46 [Rec]

Just imagine... A Spanish Quarantine... Dun dun dun! - fireinside96

47 The Midnight Meat Train
48 Return of the Killer Tomatoes

A lot more stupid than the first tomatoes movie! I don't see nothing scart about it! Where's the blood and gore in this one-cent-a-penny movie?

I'm surprised it had money for a sequel

49 The Sixth Sense

I never got scared during the movie.

50 Leprechaun

I don't hate the movie, but I still have to say that for a horror movie, it's really not scary.

51 June Cabin
52 Dark Water
53 Bride of Chucky
54 Misery
55 Sharknado

IMDB says it's a horror movie. - Nirocart

This Isn't a horror movie.

What the heck? Is this a horror movie? I just see it as a stupid excuse to combine two deadly things (e.g. Sharks and tornados) together, and make a movie out of it

56 Zombeavers
57 Cannibal
58 Basket Case
59 Death Of A Ghost Hunter
60 Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest
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