Best The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Dungeons

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1 Snowpeak Ruins

This ones isolated location and unique concept make it stand out. Add in the amazing twist boss, and you've got a great dungeon.

It was definitely fun but I hated the part with the ice puzzles.

Best dungeon ever

2 Arbiters Grounds

Arbiter's Grounds has the best atmosphere in any Zelda dungeon I have ever played. Great aesthetics, good music and creepy vibes make me feel I'm really somewhere, not just some level designed as a challenge for the player, but I am in a place that is part of the Zelda Universe. It breaks the blocky feel of other Zelda dungeons.

Totally loved this one. So creepy, and awesome. I especially liked the item you got (I forget the name of it but it's like the spinny wheel thing) and the awesome boss (that I also forget the name of. What kind of Legend of Zelda fan am I? )

This ones has one of the best atmospheres of them all. A mysterious desert prison, tucked away in the back of a huge desert, containing a mirror that has strange powers. Ooh, spooky.

It's basically the Forest Temple (OoT) but better and sand themed instead of forest themed.

3 City in the Sky

This is the best Wind dungeon in off all of the zelda games I have played or seen. Best boss in twilight princess and best boss of most zelda games

My least favorite dungeon in the game, but the boss is fantastic! (9th doctor, anybody? ) anyways, I also loved that you could always see Argorok flying above you.

When I hear great Zelda dungeons, this comes to my mind. I would give up my kid to play this over and over and over. O-Kay? Its great.

4 Goron Mines

This one was just fun. You wrestle a Goron to gain entry, use your nifty iron boots to go onto walls and ceilings, and get an awesome item. Nice.

One of my favourite mini bosses ever.

5 Temple of Time

Good, lonely atmosphere. The dominion rod was great, and the weight puzzles were cool. Plus, the boss is very creepy-crawly.

6 Palace of Twilight

Ahh... Not really the best temple in the game but it had the best boss fight in a Zelda game.

7 Lakebed Temple

Confusing, but nice. I love how you get in with the bomb. The aesthetic Is also awesome.

8 Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle takes the toughest enemies, Mini-Bosses and puzzles in the game, and tops it with not one, but FOUR back-to-back boss battles. It's kind of a big deal.

This dungeon is different than other dungeon because when I first entered the dungeon its has no music,and only rain sfx,and I think that's make it special.

My favourite because of the lead up to the number 1 final boss in a Zelda game.

9 Forest Temple

A good introduction to the game. The monkeys give it a unique gimmick.

10 Cave of Ordeals

Ah... Is this even a dungeon?

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11 Cave of Shadows
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